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  1. C740301_A

    Capper, Robino & Galandrino, Capsule Applicator, FENIX 9000

    Stock Number: C740301

    Robino & Galandrino (R&G) automatic double head rotary monoblock capsule applicator, model number FENIX 9000, complete with inclined feed elevator for capsules, measures 24" wide x 60" long, with 1.5" spacing for the capsules, belt is top driven. New in 2007. Serial number 0FX03074280. Very good condition. Includes (7) sets of change parts. Capacity ranges from 2,000 - 6,000 BPH, depending on type of capsules. In use until April 2016.
  2. C740302_A

    Caser, Drop Packer, Hartness, Flex 835, Wine Bottles,

    Stock Number: C740302

    Hartness model 835 drop case packer, previously running 6-pack and 12-pack cases of wine bottles, includes (6) sets of change parts. Flex model 835, serial number 83-140. Set up as 2-lane or 4-lane feed, depending on which cases are being packed. Very good condition. In use until April 2016.
  3. C739417_A

    Caser, Former, Erector, Packer, Altair, Mdl OCME Altair 60,

    Stock Number: C739417

    Altair Ocme Case Former/Divider Inserter, model Altair 60. Unit is capable of forming boxes boxing 750 ML and 1.5 liter bottles at a capacity of up to 60 cycles/minute. Includes Mettler Toledo Checkweigher, model CS 3600 GI. Unit is a high speed checkweigher. Complete with Allen Bradley touch-screen controls and a Nordson Pro Blue glue system. Unit has five (5) feed stations for dividers. Bottle infeed with oscillating plates measures 5" wide. Includes stainless steel Arrowhead Corporation conveyor measuring 18" wide as well as mild steel discharge roller conveyor measuring 25' long with a 90 degree turn. Also includes Slautte Back KB20 glue applicator. Unit new in 2009. Excellent condition.
  4. C739429_A

    Caser, Packer, Hartness, GlobalPack 3500, 70 CPM,

    Stock Number: C739429

    Hartness International high speed continuous rotary case packer, Model "GLOBALPACK 3500," 6 station with 24 plastic packing fingers for each station. Previously used to pack cases of wine at approximately 70 cases/min. With digital touch screen and Allen-Bradley PLC control box, change parts and all interconnecting conveyors. Excellent condition.
  5. C739430_A

    Caser, Picker, Hartness, GlobalPick 3500, 70 CPM, (2)

    Stock Number: C739430

    (2) Hartness International high speed continuous rotary case picker, Model "GLOBALPICK 3500," 6 station with 24 plastic picking fingers for each station. Previously used to pick wine bottles after depalletizer at a capacity of approximately 70 case/min. Electricals - 3/60 Hz 240/460V, 60/30-amp min. With digital touch screen and Allen-Bradley PLC control box, conveyors, etc. Excellent condition.
  6. A738974_A

    Centrifuge, Decanter, Alfa Laval, UVNX 314, S/st, Tricanter

    Stock Number: A738974

    Alfa Laval UVNX 314 Tricanter centrifuge, decanter, model number UVNX 314 B-11/8820.4000.16, Stainless steel contacts, 353mm interior drum diameter, rated for 3250 RPM. Max sludge capacity of 3.4 kg/dm. This was converted to a Tricanter in order to run on olive oil. Offered complete with 22.5 HP main drive and 9.4 HP back drive. Includes unused VFD's for main drive and back drive. Were running on 480 volt, but can be used with 230 volt. Unit has been damaged in a fire.
  7. A739726_A

    Centrifuge, Decanter, Westfalia, SDA-360, 100 HP,

    Stock Number: A739726

    Westfalia Model SDA-360 decanter centrifuge with all wetted parts being stainless steel. Unit was equipped with approximately 100 HP main drive, rated for 230/460V. Complete with back drive. Mounted on stand. Previously used at fruit processing facility.
  8. S736732

    Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, IMMA, S/st, Portable,

    Stock Number: S736732

    Centrifuge, auto desludger, manufactured by IMMA type media emilia (Italian), all wetted parts being stainless steel, complete with main drive. Mounted on wheels with pull handle. Previously used in wine application. Driven by 5.8 kW, 60Hz motor, rated for 220V @ 21.8 amps, 380V @ 12.63 amps. Good condition.
  9. C738899

    Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, Westfalia, Mdl SA 14-06-076, S/st

    Stock Number: C738899

    Westfalia SA-14 disc clarifier centrifuge, Model# SA-14-06-076, stainless steel contacts, complete with drive, controls, timer, etc. Driven by 10 HP motor. Previously used in edible oil processing facility. Last running 2.5 - 5 GPM with 2.5% solids (capable of running higher capacity). Centrifuge was rebuilt a couple years ago and only used for 200 hours. Offered with complete set of tools. Very good condition.
  10. A735871_A

    Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, Westfalia, SA 80-06-0177, S/st

    Stock Number: A735871

    Westfalia centrifuge, Model SA 80-06-177, stainless steel, with 60 HP V-belt drive, piping, controls, tools, and rotary brush stainer. New 1974, serviced seasonally on grape juice and only run six weeks per year for 18 hours per day.
  11. S739360_A

    Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, Westfalia, SA-14-06-076, 10 HP

    Stock Number: S739360

    Westfalia model SA14-06-076 stainless steel automatic desludging disc type centrifuge. Clarifier design. 7560 Bowl RPM. Stainless steel wetted parts. Driven by 10 HP, 208 Volt, 1740 RPM, 3/60Hz motor. On skid with isolators. Offered with controls. Previously used at Winery.
  12. S732942

    Centrifuge, Disc, Auto, Westfalia, SAMR 5036, S/st

    Stock Number: S732942

    Westfalia automatic desluding centrifuge, model SAMR 5036, sanitary stainless steel contact parts. Bowl rated for 6500 RPM and has a sludge holding space of 1.6 gal. Last running grape juice in a winery. Includes the bowl, clutch, housing, frame, some tools, piping, valves, gauges, etc. Also includes Westfalia model bs 85 rotary brush strainer. Missing the motor, gears, spindle assembly, disc stack, distributor and piston. Previously driven by 20 HP main drive thru fluid clutch (includes clutch).
  13. A739727_A

    Centrifuge, Disc, IMMA, S/st, Wine Clarifier (2)

    Stock Number: A739727

    (2) IMMA disc stack centrifuge, Centrifuge, all wetted parts constructed of stainless steel, complete with main drive, approx. 20 HP, includes pre-screener. Previously used at fruit juice processing facility.
  14. C739896_A

    Compressor, Air, 5 HP, Quincy, Mdl OT-5, Reciprocating,

    Stock Number: C739896

    Quincy OT-5 reciprocating 5 HP air compressor, Model MQT5ST5HP. Compressor is driven by 5 HP, 1735 RPM, 230/460V motor, compressor rated for 1050 RPM. Compressor is mounted on top of 80 gallon receiver tank, rated for 200 PSI.
  15. C739422_A

    Conveyor, Spiral, 5 Turns, 16" Wide, Ryson, Case Conveyor

    Stock Number: C739422

    Spiral case conveyor, manufactured by Ryson, type 1300-400-A1. Spiral measures 5'9" diameter with five (5) turns, Belt measures 16" wide with 6" high sidewalls. Direction is Up, clockwise, rated for 160 FPM, infeed is at 3'2" high, outfeed is 14'9" high. Complete with 5 HP top mounted drive. Previously used at major wine processing and packaging facility. New in 2008. Very good condition.
  16. C739421_A

    Conveyor, Spiral, 7 Turns, 16", Ryson, Case Conveyor, (2)

    Stock Number: C739421

    (2) Spiral case conveyor, manufactured by Ryson. Unit measures 5'6" diameter with seven (7) turns. Belt measures 16" wide with 6" high sidewalls. Previously used at major wine processing and packaging facility to convey wine boxes. New in 2008. Very good condition.
  17. A738935_A

    Destemmer, Armbruster, S/st, Type AWS 15-25,

    Stock Number: A738935

    Armbruster Type AWS 15-25 Destemmer, complete with stainless steel feed conveyor, rotating drum with perforations, internal paddles within drum, associated drives, etc. Unit appears to be unused.
  18. C738405_A

    Destemmer, Bucher, Mdl D-50, S/st,

    Stock Number: C738405

    Destemmer, manufactured by Bucher, Delta, Model# E-50, stainless steel contact parts, stainless steel cover, complete with drive thru V-belt assembly. Unitized on frame. in good working condition when removed from service.
  19. C738406_A

    Destemmer, Bucher, Model E5, S/st,

    Stock Number: C738406

    Destemmer, manufactured by Bucher, Model E5, stainless steel contact parts, stainless steel cover, complete with drive. In good working condition when removed from service.
  20. S738915_A

    Destemmer, CMA, S/st, Type Lugana 1, Crusher, Wine

    Stock Number: S738915

    CMA Lugana 1 destemmer with crusher, all stainless steel construction. Includes 23" x 45" x 10" deep feed hopper with 4-1/2" diameter bottom mounted screw conveyor. Product discharges through 7" x 7" opening into destemmer section, measuring 12" diameter X 36" long with round countersunk holes and beater shafts with rubber shoes. Grapes drop through holes and into (2) 4" X 22" long rubber crushing rollers. Includes bottom mounted stainless steel screw conveyor and 3-1/2" diameter side bottom tri-clamp outlet. Machine number R122. New in 2002. Good condition.
  21. S739988_A

    Destemmer, Demoisy, S/st, 16" x 14", Grape Crusher

    Stock Number: S739988

    Demoisy grape crusher destemmer, stainless steel. Unit includes small hopper leading to 16" x 14" crushing section with manually adjustable spacing of rubber cones. Cones driven by 7.5 kw, 230/460 volt motor thru gearbox with manual variable speed control. Unit includes 18" diameter x 60" long destemmer section with rotating cage and beater bar shafts with rubber shoes, driven by 1.50 HP, 230/460 volt motor thru gearbox with manual variable speed control. Unit is mounted on carbon steel base with casters.
  22. C738070_A

    Destemmer, Demoisy, S/st, Type EP7, With Hopper,

    Stock Number: C738070

    Destemmer, manufactured by Demoisy, Model# EP 7, stainless steel contacts, crushing section measures 16" diameter x 48" long, stainless steel paddles on common shaft with rubber tips installed, drum includes 1" diameter perforations. Complete with stainless steel feed hopper, leading to rubber rollers to break skin open. Includes (2) flexible hoses that connected to must pump. Serial number 7023. Very good condition.
  23. S739723_A

    Destemmer, Valley Foundry, S/st, 30" x 72", Auger Disch,

    Stock Number: A739723

    Valley Foundry destemmer, all stainless steel construction, drum measures 30" diameter x 72" long with 1" diameter perforations. Drum is driven by approximately 10 HP motor thru v-belt assembly. Destemmer includes approx. 6" diameter bottom mounted screw to convey grapes. Very good condition.
  24. A739420_A

    Detector, Label, INEX, Model Gemini 3D, 325 BPM, (2)

    Stock Number: A739420

    (2) Emhart Glass / INEX high speed label inspection machine, model Gemini 3D. Designed to be used on 1.5L and 750mL wine bottles and spec'd for up to 4" diameter and 13" high bottles. Rated for 325 BPM on 1.5L bottles and 300 BPM on 750mL bottles. New in 2011. Units are unused and still in manufacturer's crate. Has capability to add cap inspection, but currently only set up for labels.
  25. C739904 (1)

    Dryer, Rotary, 4' X 48', C/st, Internal Paddles

    Stock Number: C739904

    Rotary dryer, 4' - 5' diameter X 48' overall length, includes 4' diameter x 24' section, plus 5' diameter X 24' section. Both sections are continuous and include internal paddles. Product is fed through screw conveyor to 10" diameter pipe feed with cyclone. Includes approximately 20 HP blower and 30" diameter cyclone at discharge end. Dryer is less burner. Fair condition.
  26. C740303_A

    Dumper, Bin, Tote, S/st, Sierra Mfg, Hydraulic, (2)

    Stock Number: C740303

    (2) Sierra Manufacturing tote/bin dumpers, all stainless steel construction. Includes hydraulic rams on each side of receiving area. Accommodates bins up to 50" wide x 44" deep and includes 52" high side wall with tapered ends. Dumps at approximately 36" off ground. Frame includes forklift slots to move dumper.
  27. S738763_A

    Filler, Bottle, 8 head, Rotary, Seitz, Corker, Vacuum,

    Stock Number: S738763

    Seitz Tirax wine bottle filler and corker. Includes 8-head rotary filler with 1/2" diameter fill nozzles, (1) sample port, stainless steel collection tank above fill nozzles, fill hoses and vacuum overflow hoses, stainless steel piping, etc. Filler leads to single head corker with hopper. Corker includes Rietschle Model CLFKB 16 vacuum pump, rated for 150 PSI, to pull vacuum prior to inserting cork into bottles. Set up as left-to-right machine. Includes frame for conveyor (less belting and drive). Seitz serial number 12187. Good condition.
  28. S736845

    Filling Line, Bottle, Seitz 12 Head, 750 mL Wine, 60 BPM

    Stock Number: S736845

    Complete glass bottling line for 750 mL wine bottles, last run at 60 bottles per minute. System includes Seitz 12 head filler, model FFU12, Bertolaso automatic corker, model Gloria 106 with Zeta 105 Bertolaso spinner and Cavagnino & Gatti front and back labeler. Connecting conveyor and some electricals. Filler, corker, labeler.
  29. A738957

    Filling Line, Bottle, Wine, 750 mL, 200 BPM, Change Parts

    Stock Number: A738957

    Complete wine bottle filling line, set up to run 750 ml bottles (five sets of change parts available), rated for 200 bottles/minute. Complete with equipment from case unloader to case packer. Includes inclined conveyor for empty glasses to unloader, ABC Packaging case unloader with large conveyor for empty boxes, US Bottlers sparger/vacuum cleaner, Colbert 36-head rotary filler, Bertaloso 6-head corker with auto feed hopper, Robino & Galandrino auto foil & poly applicator, Bertaloso 16-head foil & poly spinner, Akron Spartan auto case packer and ABC case hot gluer and sealer. Has been maintained since out of service. Good condition.
  30. C740299_A

    Filling Line, Wine, Rinser, Sparger, Filler, Corker, GAI

    Stock Number: C740299

    GAI model 6005A Monobloc rinser, twister, sparger, filler, leveler and corker. System includes 24-head rotary rinser with twister, once bottles are upright, fed to 6-head rotary sparger. Bottles then conveyed to 28-head rotary bottle filler, 6-head leveler and finally to 6-head rotary corker. Complete with digital controls. Machine number VL1000. New in 1999. Monobloc system is all stainless steel and looks to be in very good condition. In use until April 2016.
  31. C739113_A

    Filter, P&F, 16" x 16", S/st, HK, Wine Filter,

    Stock Number: C739113

    HK pad filter, complete with (29) 16" x 16" stainless steel, perforated plates, 2-eye closed delivery, with divider block. Includes pressure gauge at feed end. Previously used at wine processing facility.
  32. A738936_A

    Filter, P&F, 24" x 24", PPL, Recessed, Velo, Unused

    Stock Number: A738936

    Velo Lees Filter, includes approximately (30) 24" x 24" polypropylene recessed plates. Velo model number 630 X 630, rated for 13 bar, 60 deg. C. Complete with end mounted piston product pump with receiver tank, hydraulic closure with hydraulic power pack and controls. Unitized on common base with casters. Appears unused and in very good condition.
  33. S739455 (1)

    Filter, P&F, 32" X 32", PPL, Sperry, 639 SF, 16 CF,

    Stock Number: S739455

    Sperry plate & frame filter press, Size 800mm, type AHOP, 100 PSI max pressure. Rated for approximately 650 sq. ft. surface area and 16 cu. ft. of cake capacity. Set up with 3-1/2" diameter center feed, (4) 2-1/2" diameter closed delivery corner ports and PVC piping. Filter complete with (2) Head Plate and approximately (60) 32" x 32" polypropylene CGR plates with 1/4" recess and AHOP power unit with pressure gauges. Also includes chain driven plate shifter, hydraulic ram for plate closure, Dayton blower for pneumatic blow back and (2) underneath collection bins with forklift slots. Previously used at food processing facility. Serial# X60907. Very good condition.
  34. A738934_A

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 1 Sq m, Velo, DE filter,

    Stock Number: A738934

    Velo DE filter, approximately 1 square meter surface area, includes vertical tank with (16) horizontal leaves, stainless steel construction. Good condition.
  35. S739987_A

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 30 SF, S/st, Velo, Mdl 0056, VTVL

    Stock Number: S739987

    Velo DE filter, previously used on wine. Approximately 3 sq. mt., stainless steel pressure leaf filter, model 0056. Unit has 1.50 kw 3 phase 60 hz Lowara pump, (1) 1" bottom outlet; (2) 8" x 31" screens; (2) 11-1/2" x 31" screens; (2) 14" x 31" screen. Serial number B43.
  36. A739739_A

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 33 SF, S/st, Sparkler, Mdl 33S11

    Stock Number: A739739

    Sparkler Model 33S11 Pressure leaf filter, vertical tank with horizontal leaves. Includes 304 stainless steel tank and leaves. Rated for 100 PSI @ 350 deg. F. Previously used at fruit juice processing facility.
  37. S737134

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 330 SF, S/st, 75 PSI, Coppersmith,

    Stock Number: S737134

    Pressure leaf filter, approx. 330 sq. ft. surface area, horizontal tank, vertical leaves, stainless steel construction, manufactured by Toronto Coppersmith Ltd. , ID# 5. 301,666, Serial number 4761, CRN - E6436. 1, ASME code, UW12C. Complete with (22) 30" x 36" stainless steel leaves, 3-1/2" spacing between leaves. Includes hydraullically operated door with locking mechanism and associated hydraulic power pack. Complete with small hydraulic drive to expose leaves outside of vessel. Appears to be in good condition.
  38. C740298_A

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 35 Sq m, Velo, VTHL, DE Filter,

    Stock Number: C740298

    Velo DE Filter, type 35, 35 square meter, serial number 0038A10, vertical tank with horizontal leaves. Includes precoat mix tank, measuring 32" diameter X 28" deep. Filter vessel measures 48" diameter X 44" deep, 24" diameter bottom discharge, top swinging door, vibratory mechanism on side of filter body. Also includes centrifugal pump. Previously used at winery. Good condition.
  39. C740297_A

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 4.5 Sq m, Velo, VTHL, DE Filter,

    Stock Number: C740297

    Velo DE Filter, type FOR. 4.5, 4.5 square meter, serial number 0057 OR 70, vertical tank with horizontal leaves. Includes precoat mix tank, measuring 12" diameter X 20" deep. Filter vessel measures 18" diameter X 32" deep. Also include small cartridge filter and centrifugal pump with 1.5" in/out. Last in use approximately 3 years ago. Good condition.
  40. S738765_A

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 5 Sq m, S/st, Della Toffola, DE

    Stock Number: S738765

    Della Toffola 5 square meter DE filter, stainless steel construction, automatically discharged filter. Includes 24" diameter x 40" high vertical tank with rotating horizontal leaves, pre-coat mix tank, Tecnicapompe sanitary centrifugal pump and controls. Pump is Tecnicapompe model ZCP100L, 2" diameter inlet/outlet, driven by 7.5 kW motor. Filter is offered complete with drives for mix tank, rotating leaves and pump. All unitized on common stainless steel frame with caster. Previously used at wine processing facility. Good condition.
  41. C740282_A

    Filter, Rotary, Vac, 6' x 10', S/st, Padovan, TAYLO 15

    Stock Number: C740282

    Padovan rotary vacuum drum filter, model TAYLO 15, all stainless steel construction and includes drum, drives, precoat mix tank, pumps, piping, take away conveyor, etc. Drum measures approximately 6' diameter X 10' face, driven by 1.5 HP, 230/460V drive. Also includes 11 kW vacuum pump with 3" in/out. Take away conveyor measure 12" wide and runs along length of drum, with incline section to approx. 5' high. Precoat mix tank measures 48" x 48" and includes agitation. Pressure tank measures 24" diameter X 48" deep, dished top & bottom. 3" diameter pipe along bottom of trough with (6) 1.5" openings. New in 2006.
  42. S739719_A

    Labeler, C&G, Parts Machine, Front & Back, Glue, Wine Bottle,

    Stock Number: S739719

    C&G rotary wine labelers. Includes 10-head and 6-head rotary labelers, set up for front & back glue labeler, previously used to label wine bottles Manufactured by Cavagnino & Gatti. Includes various spare parts, glue system, control box and more. Offered as lot. Parts machines.
  43. A738913_A

    Labeler, C&G, 6-Head, Front & Back, Cold Glue, Wine Bottle

    Stock Number: A738913

    C&G 6-head front & back cold glue labeler, previously used to label wine bottles, includes conveyor (less belting). Manufactured by Cavagnino & Gatti. Offered with control box.
  44. A738914_A

    Labeler, Krones, Universella, Front & Back, Cold Glue, Wine

    Stock Number: A738914

    Krones Universella front & back cold glue labeler, machine type 723 15-6-4, includes 15 bottle plates, previously used to label wine bottles. Offered with infeed and outfeed conveyors, control box and some spare parts. Labeler was in good working condition when removed from service.
  45. C740300_A

    Labeler, Krones, Universella, Front & Back, Glue, Wine Bottles

    Stock Number: C740300

    Krones Universella front & back labeler for wine bottles, includes independent glue applicators for front & back labels. Includes (7) sets of change parts. Currently set up for 4" x 4" front label and 2.5" x 3" back labels. Manufacturer number K723F43. Rated for 460V, 60Hz. Enclosure protection class - NEMA 12. New in 2007 and in very good condition. All modern controls. In use until April 2016.
  46. A740015_A

    Mixer, Agitator, 15 HP, 1770 RPM, Aerator

    Stock Number: A740015

    Aerator, includes float and new prop. 15 hp motor made by U.S. Electrical Motors, 3 phase, rewound for 460 V only, 1770 RPM. Includes new bearings and new cone bushing. Last used in a waste water pond at a winery.
  47. C593728

    Press, Belt, Pcp, 2.5 Meter, S/st, Wine, Mdl 2500/91

    Stock Number: C593728

    PCP (proipafisa) belt press, Model 2500/91, 2.5 meter belt width. All wetted parts are sanitary stainless steel. The press is equipped with Waukesha infeed pump with a 15 HP vari-speed drive, hydraulic belt tentioning and roll adjustment with hydraulic drive and power pack. Stainless steel juice drip pans and electrical controls. Unit was last pressing 10 TPH grapes but can handle up to 25 TPH, depending on product. New 1991. Serial number 91.02. 360. Excellent condition. Can be used for wastewater treatment.
  48. S736815

    Press, Bladder, Willmes, Mdl UP4000, 4000 Liter, Wine Press,

    Stock Number: S736815

    Willmes UP 4000 bladder press, Universal Press, model UP4000, stainless steel construction, 4000 liter loading capacity (40 hecto liters). Complete with fully automatic programable controls, axial fed, and has (4) vertical juice drainage screens with 26.9 sq. ft. of area. Includes stainless steel drainage pan, take away auger for press solids, stainless steel shields. Driven 2 HP gear head motor on the pressing drum. Good condition.
  49. S738712_A

    Press, Bladder, Willmes, Mdl UP4000, Wine, 4000 Liter,

    Stock Number: S738712

    Bladder press, Willmes Universal Press, Model UP4000, stainless steel construction, 4000 liter loading capacity (40 hecto liters). Complete with fully automatic programmable controls, axial fed, and has (4) vertical juice drainage screens with 26.9 sq. ft. of area. Includes S/st drainage pan, take away auger for press solids, S/st shields. Driven 2 HP gear head motor on the pressing drum.
  50. A739937_A

    Press, Membrane, Diemme, Mdl Tecnova Velvet XZ, 1500 L,

    Stock Number: A739937

    Diemme Tecnova Velvet XZ slotted/open membrane press. All stainless steel construction. Unit has a loading capacity of 1,500 Liters. Complete with fully programmable control panel and axial feed. Includes Inox drain tank with high slotted surface as well as removable juice collecting pan. Unit purchased new in 2012; used very sparingly for one season at winery. Like new condition.

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