Water Treatment

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  1. Filter, P&F, 10", S/st, Sartorius, Ultrafiltration,
    Stock Number: S736200
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Sartorius plate & frame filter, 10" diameter frames, 1" thick, all stainless steel contacts. Frames include (10) openings to feed products thru plates, set up to ac...

  2. Filter, P&F, 12" Dia., Brass, Ertel,
    Stock Number: Z377150
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Filter press, 12" diameter, brass construction, manufactured by Ertel. Unit has five plates, 5/16" thick and 2 frames, 1" thick. Filter has two-eye delivery, screw ...

  3. Filter, P&F, 15" x 15", 316 S/st, Horm Filters
    Stock Number: S738210
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Filter, plate and frame, manufactured by Horm Filters. Unit is 316 stainless steel, portable, 1" inlet, 1/2" outlet. Unit has 26 plates measuring 15" x 15" x 1/2" thic...

  4. Filter, P&F, 18" X 18", CI, Skeleton, Sperry,
    Stock Number: Z376587
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Filter, plate & frame, 18" x 18", c/s, Sperry, frame only, 4-eye closed delivery, manual close, serial number 64314 type 47.

  5. Filter, P&F, 18' X 18", PPL, 3 Plates, Shriver
    Stock Number: C735820
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Filter press, Shriver/Eimco, recessed plate, 18" wide plates, polypropylene plates with approx 1/2" recess, includes (3) plates with one having dual sided recess, M...

  6. Filter, P&F, 24" x 24", S/st, 36 Plates, 264 SF,
    Stock Number: C738243
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Plate & frame filter press, stainless steel plates, manufactured by John C Carlson Ltd. Unit is 264 sq.ft. surface area, with 6 cu.ft. cake capacity. Has 36 plates ...

  7. Filter, P&F, 24" X 24", S/st, Sperry,
    Stock Number: Z375855
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Filter, plate & frame, Sperry, 24" x 24", 304 stainless steel, 9-1" thick plates and 10-1" thick frames, 2-eye closed delivery ratchet, hydraulic closure, on stand, ...

  8. Filter, P&F, 30" X 30", PPL, Ontrac, 28 Plates, Recessed,
    Stock Number: S732960
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Plate & frame filter press, rated for approximately 175 sq. ft. of surface area, approximately 7 cu. ft. of cake capacity, complete with (28) 30" x 30" x 2-1/2" thic...

  9. Filter, P&F, 31.5" X 31.5", PPL, 26 Chamber, Hoesch,
    Stock Number: S375610
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Hoesch recessed plate filter, 31-1/2", with (26) 2" polypropylene recessed plates, center fed, four-eye closed delivery, automatic plate shifting, dual ram automatic...

  10. Filter, P&F, 32" X 32", PPL, Sperry, 639 SF, 16 CF,
    Stock Number: S739455
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Sperry plate & frame filter press, Size 800mm, type AHOP, 100 PSI max pressure. Rated for approximately 650 sq. ft. surface area and 16 cu. ft. of cake capacity. Set u...

  11. Filter, P&F, 36" x 36", C/st, Womach, Vert, 54 SF, 4.5CF
    Stock Number: C730341
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Filter, plate & frame, vertical tower, 36" x 36", Womach, carbon steel contact parts with 6 recessed plates. Unit is vertical tower designed for replaceable paper as...

  12. Filter, P&F, 36" X 36", PPL, Durco, (16) Plates, Recessed,
    Stock Number: S736309
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Filter press, manufactured by Durco, model SOE 27587, includes (16) plates, 36" x 36" polypropylene recessed plates, including head & tail plates, 4-eye closed deli...

  13. Filter, P&F, 36" X 36", PPL, Valley, 45 P, 46 F, 640 SF,
    Stock Number: S737316
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Valley polypropylene plate and frame filter press, complete with 45 plates and 46 frames. Unit has 640 sq. ft. surface area and 27 cubic foot cake capacity. Unit is ...

  14. Filter, P&F, 48" X 48", PPL, 36 Plates, Recessed, (3)
    Stock Number: C730788
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    (3) Plate & frame filter press, manufactured by Shriver, 48" x 48" recessed plates, polypropylene construction, approximately (36) plates, 6" diameter center eye fee...

  15. Filter, P&F, 48" X 48", PPL, Shriver,
    Stock Number: S374342
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Shriver recessed plate filter press with (20) 48" x 48", 3" thick polypropylene chambers, 5/8" deep recess. 3" diameter corner eyes, 5" diameter center feed. Unit is...

  16. Filter, P&F, Frame Only, S/st, Schenk, Portable, (2)
    Stock Number: S738246
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (2) Schenk plate & frame filter, stainless steel. Unit is frame only, less plates & frames. Portable.

  17. Filter, Sand, Parkson, 7' X 14', FRP, Dynasand,
    Stock Number: S733678
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Sand filter, Parkson "Dynasand," model 38 sq. ft., fiberglass construction, tank measures 7' diameter x 14' straight side, complete with upper & lower sand distribu...

  18. Mixer, Agitator, Mixmor, GA-4, (2)
    Stock Number: S736506
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (2) MixMor model GA-4 clamp on agitator drive, less mix shaft. Unit features gearhead drive with pneumatic drive for vari-speed control and possible XP use. Unit req...

  19. Motor, 825 HP, Ideal Electric, 4160V, 395 RPM, (2)
    Stock Number: C735329
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    (2) Motor, 825 HP, 4160 Volt, vertical, manufactured by Ideal Electric Company, serial# 304552, frame# V11325, polyphase induction motor, rated for 395 RPM, 106 AMPS...

  20. Press, Belt, Eimco, 16" Wide, S/st, Expressor,
    Stock Number: C735818
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Belt press, 16" wide x 10' long, Eimco "expressor" press, stainless steel frame, hydraulically driven, serial # 82250-01B. Includes scraper blade connection on end, ...

  21. Press, Belt, Komline-Sanderson, 2 Meter, S/st, Mdl GMD-2-0,
    Stock Number: S593750
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Komline Sanderson Unimat belt filter press, model GMD-2/0. This unit is a complete, 2 meter wide, stainless steel product contact part belt press. Unit features pne...

  22. Press, Belt, Pcp, 2.5 Meter, S/st, Wine, Mdl 2500/91
    Stock Number: C593728
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    PCP (proipafisa) belt press, Model 2500/91, 2.5 meter belt width. All wetted parts are sanitary stainless steel. The press is equipped with Waukesha infeed pump with...

  23. Press, Belt, Pneumapress, 9 SF, Titanium, Mdl 8T-2 2
    Stock Number: C594000
    Location: Kentucky

    Pneumapress belt filter press, Model 8T-2 2, 9 sq.ft. surface area, consists of titanium upper and lower plate which hydraulically presses onto a traveling belt. Upper...

  24. Pump, Centrif., 0.75 HP, S/st, 1 X 2, Goulds
    Stock Number: C736376
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Pump, centrifugal, Goulds, size 1x2-6, 3" impeller diameter, stainless steel contacts, 2" in, 1" out. Driven by 3/4 HP, 115/208/230Volt, 1725 RPM, 3/60 Hz motor. Un...

  25. Pump, Centrif., 5 HP, S/st, 1 X 2, Goulds
    Stock Number: C736375
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Pump, centrifugal, Goulds, size 1x2-6, 5-9/16" impeller diameter, stainless steel contacts, 2" in, 1" out. Driven by 5 HP, 208-230/460V, 3450 RPM, 3/60 Hz motor. Uni...

  26. Pump, Meter, 1/2 HP, Milton Roy, Mdl EFR, (2),
    Stock Number: C736377
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    (2) Pump, control volume pump, manufactured by Milton Roy, "series mroy metering pump", Model # EFR113A73, serial # 208213-4, rated for 1.6 gallons per hour @ 100 PS...

  27. Tank, 1,000 Gallon, PET, 5' X 9', CB/DT, Poly Cal Plastics,
    Stock Number: S733666
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Tank, approximately 1,000 gallon capacity, constructed of polyethylene, measures 5' diameter x 7' straight side, vertical, dished top, concave bottom. Includes top m...

  28. Tank, 1,100 Gallon, S/st, 56" X 98", FT/CB,
    Stock Number: S740831
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Wastewater recuperation/thickener tank, approximately 1,100 gallon capacity, 304 stainless steel construction. Tank measures 56" diameter X 98" straight side with 57" ...

  29. Tank, 1,600 Gallon, FRP, 5.5' X 5.5' X 7', Rect, Agit, OT/FB
    Stock Number: S733724
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Tank, 1,600 gallon, constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), 1" thick FRP, inner lining material is Atlac 382. Rectanugular design, includes (7) stiffenin...

  30. Tank, 4,400 Gallon, S/st, 99" X 98", FT/CB,
    Stock Number: S740834
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Wastewater recuperation tank, approximately 4,400 gallon capacity, 304 stainless steel construction. Last used as thickening/clarifying tank. Tank measures 99" diamete...

  31. Tank, 5,400 Gallon, S/st, Agit, 92" X 128", FT/CB,
    Stock Number: S740835
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Stainless steel wastewater recuperation tank, approximately 5,400 gallon capacity. Last used as a thickening/clarifying tank. Tank measures 92" diameter X 128" straigh...

  32. Tank, 800 Gallon, FRP, 4' X 4' X 7', Rect, OT/FB, Agit,
    Stock Number: S733722
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Tank, 800 gallon, constructed of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), 1" thick FRP, inner lining material is Atlac 382. Rectanugular design, includes (7) stiffening ...

32 Item(s)