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  1. Shredder, 7" X 15", C/st, Hydraulic, Continuous, Conveyor,
    Stock Number: S733233
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Shredder, 7" diameter x 15" face rotor (similar to reel-type mower), carbon steel construction, mounted on 18" wide x 8' long conveyor on stainless steel frame. Shr...

  2. Shredder, Allegheny, 40 HP, Dumper, Conveyor, Baler,
    Stock Number: D741377
    Location: Southeast

    Allegheny Shredder System, model APS 4000. Unit includes shredder feed and discharge conveyor along with C&M Manual Tie Closed Door Baler. Shredder driven by 40 HP mot...

  3. Shredder, Mulcher, 29" X 30", C/st, 3 HP,
    Stock Number: S741092
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Mild steel straw shredder/mulcher, manufactured by Agrimetal. Tub measures 29" diameter X 30" deep with seventeen (17) blades measuring 9" diameter. Includes 30" X 7" ...

  4. Shredder, Wood Shavings, B&C, 3-Head, 5' Box
    Stock Number: A740211
    Location: Midwest

    B&C shredder / shaver, 5' box with Knife Grinder for Shaver knife sharpening 3-head machine. Complete with all associated drives. Hydraulically driven and includes hyd...

4 Item(s)