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  1. Roaster, Coffee, 500 lb., Roaster, Cooler, Afterburner, (2)
    Stock Number: C740814
    Location: California

    (2) Coffee Roasting Systems, manufactured by Jabez Burns, Model "Jubilee Roaster." Previously running 400 lb. batches, rated for a max capacity of approx. 525 lbs. Com...

  2. Roaster, Drum, Rotary, 30" X 48", C/st,
    Stock Number: S741089
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Rotary drum roaster, 30" diameter X 48" long, all carbon steel contacts. Inlet measures 8" X 6", discharge measures 13" X 11". Unit includes gas burner with 2" X 2" X ...

  3. Roaster, Dryer, Rotary, 7' X 36', Gas,
    Stock Number: D736198
    Location: California

    Rotary roaster, measures 7' diameter x 36' long, 7' long cool down section. Previously used to roast peanuts. Reported to be in very good condition.

3 Item(s)