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  1. S740150_A

    Lab, Refrig, Freezer, Cyro, Forma Scientific

    Stock Number: S740150

    Lab, Forma Scientific Cyro Plus II model 8179 Cryogenic container liquid nitrogen Dewar with controller and stainless steel trays. Chamber size is 20" diameter x 34" deep 120 volt, single phase, manufactured on January 11, 1993, serial number 51737.
  2. S739424_A

    Lab, Refrig, Freezer, So-Lo, Mdl PR50-C, 24" x 12" x 18"

    Stock Number: S739424

    Lab size freezer mfg by So-Lo Environmental Equip, model PR50-C with a chamber size of 24" x 12" x 18" deep, temp range of 50 deg f to 70 deg f. Unit takes 502 freon, is 115 volt, single phase. Has indicator of -180 to 120 deg F, -188 to 50 deg C.
  3. A739783_A

    Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 40" x 58', S/st, Nitrogen, Pork

    Stock Number: A739783

    Stainless steel cryogenic freeze tunnel, manufactured by Martin Baron, Model 1-40-0058-05. Belt measures 40" wide x 58' long. Set up to run on nitrogen and includes refrigeration package. Previously used to flash freeze pork. New in 2005 and in good condition.
  4. A739614_A

    Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 60" x 60', S/st, Ammonia,

    Stock Number: A739614

    Ammonia freeze tunnel, measures 60" wide x 60' long, It is totally enclosed. All of the support equipment is still in place. This consist of one 500 hp Howden twin screw compressor completely rebuilt, one 200 hp AC rotary type compressor, and one 100 hp Fuller rotary. The cooling towers are all in place, as well as the oil cooling pumps, the electrical switch gear in also still hooked up, as well as all ammonia receivers and storage tank.
  5. S740219_A

    Refrig, Freeze Tunnel, 70" x 33', S/st, Praxair, Nitrogen

    Stock Number: A740219

    Praxair freeze tunnel, measures 70" wide X 33' long, Model number JE-U4-2740/SD/BP. All stainless steel construction. Set up for nitrogen. Good condition.
  6. S738925_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Caravel, Mdl SFI212, 7.5 CF

    Stock Number: S738925

    Caravel Scan Frost commercial freezer model SFI-212 with a volume gross of 7.5 cu/ft, runs on R12 refrigerant, is 115 volt, bin size is 21" x 24" x 28".
  7. S738919_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Ice Cream, Cherry Burrel, Vogt, S/st

    Stock Number: S738919

    Cherry Burrell Vogt ice cream freezer, stainless steel. Unit is model V8D continuous freezer, can produce up to 70 gallons per hour, driven by 7.5 hp, 3 phase, 220/440 volt, 1450 RPM drive.
  8. A738357_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Ice Cream, Cherry Burrell, Single Barrel

    Stock Number: A738357

    Ice cream freezer, manufactured by Cherry Burrell, Vogt instant freezer, single barrel, all stainless steel construction, Model# VS200, rated for up to 200 GPH. Set up for ammonia cooling. Good condition.
  9.  S738924_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Ice Cream, Defield, Chest type, Mdl SDF51, (2)

    Stock Number: S738924

    (2) Delfield chest type ice cream freezer, model SDF51, stainless steel, unit is (3) compartment measure 23" x 12" x 26" each is 115 volt, single phase and portable. Freezer was mfg new in 4/2008, serial number 136363M.
  10. S738921_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Ice Cream, Emery Thompson, Mdl 610,

    Stock Number: S738921

    Emery Thompson Ice Cream freezer, Model 610, Type 1, Freezer capacity: 2.50 gallons or 10 quarts per batch, hardener capacity - 40 gallon. Unit manufactured April 1967, has freon refrigerant capacity of 15 pounds. Unit has built-in compressor freezer, bin measures 44" x 22" x 26" and has (2) hinged lids. Serial number 26434.
  11. S738923_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Ice Cream, Excellence, Chest Type,

    Stock Number: S738923

    Excellence chest type ice cream freezer, model EFC0860 with design pressure of 235 High and 140 Low, 115 volt, 125 watts 7.7 cu/ft, runs on R12, bin measures 28" x 20" x 28".
  12. S738922_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Ice Cream, Soft Serve, Saniserv, Mdl 424

    Stock Number: S738922

    Saniserv model 424 40 quart twin soft serve ice cream machine, floor model. Unit mfg new 3/87, is 440 volt, 3 phase, dasher has (2) 1 hp motor and compressor has (2) 4.5 hp, runs on R22 refrigerant is is 15# suction, portable. Serial number 6105045.
  13. Refrig, Freezer, Kelvinator, Mdl 105, 4 Shelves,

    Refrig, Freezer, Kelvinator, Mdl 105, 4 Shelves,

    Stock Number: S643610

    Refrigeration, upright freezer, Kelvinator, Ultra model 105, compartment measures 16" deep x 21" wide x 56" tall. Unit has 4 adjustable shelves, rated to -105 deg. F. Will require service in order to reach the very low temp.
  14. S734422_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Kenmore, 150 Liter, Drop In Type

    Stock Number: S734422

    Kenmore 150 liter drop in type freezer. Unit is model 2539105180, Serial number 5006126780.
  15. C735758_A

    Refrig, Freezer, Spiral, King Air Kurtain, Mdl 2-25, 15, Bel

    Stock Number: C735758

    Cryogenic spiral freezer manufactured by King Air Kurtain, Model 2-25, 10 tier design with 15" wide chain mesh belt, approx. 225 linear feet and 5-1/2" clearance between belts. Unit uses CO2 as freezing medium, complete with Vickers hydraulic drive, 3 HP, TEFC Model 90-p-5v07-1. Unit includes (4) 18" diameter fans internal, has 16" infeed and discharge.
  16. S734912

    Refrig, Freezer, True Mfg, Mdl T-35F, 39-1/2" x 4'8" x 2'

    Stock Number: S734912

    Tru Manufacturing Co. freezer, model T-35F. Unit measures 39-1/2" wide x 4'8" t x 2' deep, has 2 doors, stainless steel frame. Run on 3/4 HP, 120V. High side 332, low side 162. Serial number 1517357.
  17. D736143_

    Refrig, Freezer, Tunnel, Frigoscandia, S/st, 18,000 Lbs/HR,

    Stock Number: D736143

    (2) Frigoscandia fluid bed freezers, Model 180W. Perforated fluid bed with (6) 30 HP fans, 3 minute retention time. Warm water defrost setup. Freezer tunnel only. Last used on berries at 13,000 lbs/hr. Reported to be in very good condition and immediately available.

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