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  1. Peeler, Lyco, Mdl 600, S/st, Abrasive Rollers
    Stock Number: A740887
    Location: Midwest

    Lyco peeler, model number 600, all stainless steel contacts. Unit includes abrasive rollers. Unit is mounted on stainless steel stands. Includes controls. Previously u...

  2. Peeler, Magnuson, Mdl HC, Magnuscrubber,
    Stock Number: S581151
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Magnuson model HC Magnuscrubber with rubber disc rolls, lube system, and all covers/guards. Unit is missing one motor. Otherwise, the unit is in very good condition....

  3. Peeler, Magnuson, Mdl HK Washer, 20" X 9.5', 7.5 HP,
    Stock Number: C740606
    Location: Washington

    Magnuson Model HK Washer Scrubber/Peeler/Washer, previously used on potatoes. Includes approx. (20) 4" diameter brush rollers, turning inside 20" diameter X 9-1/2' lon...

  4. Peeler, Odenberg, 36" X 36", C/st, 3 HP, Steam,
    Stock Number: C739327
    Location: Dubois, ID

    Odenberg Steam Peeler, carbon steel vessel. Vessel measures 36" diameter X 36" straight side with 24" cone. Driven by 3HP motor through gearbox and chain and sprocket.

  5. Peeler, Pease, Apple, 4-Station, 3/4 HP,
    Stock Number: S741019
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Apple peeler/corer, manufactured by Pease. Unit is a 4-station peeler. Each station includes corer and slicing blade. Driven by 3/4 HP, 115-208/230V motor.

  6. Peeler, Ron Bichel, S/st, Abrasive, 28" x 70", Screw,
    Stock Number: S740994
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Stainless steel peeler, manufactured by Ron Bichel Co. Peeling chamber measures 70" long X 28" wide. Includes eight (8) abrasive rollers measuring 7" diameter X 70" lo...

  7. Peeler, Scrubber, Lyco, (9) Rollers, Hydraulic, 15 HP
    Stock Number: A740688
    Location: California

    Peeler/scrubber with nine (9) rollers, manufactured by Lyco. Equipment is hydraulically driven and includes 15 HP hydraulic powerpack. Previously used to peel pumpkins...

7 Item(s)