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  1. S735095

    Mixer, Planetary, Ross, 100 Gallon, C/st, Mdl 361-100

    Stock Number: S735095

    Ross mixer, model #361-100, 36" diameter x 36" deep tank, approximately 100 gallon capacity, carbon steel, jacketed with 2-1/4" jacket connections, complete with agitation with (3) sets of 2-blade paddles on 2" diameter center shaft. Has (4) horizontal baffles located in between paddles. Agitator drive by 10 HP, 190/330 volt, 1475 RPM, 50Hz motor through Delroyd gear reducer with 14-2/3:1 ratio. 2" diameter side bottom outlet with manual ball value. Includes leg extensions. Serial number 65163. Good condition.
  2. S736731

    Mixer, Planetary, Fillworth, 7 Gallon, 316L S/st, Jkt, 2 Can Sys,

    Stock Number: S736731

    Fillworth planetary mixer, system with 30 liter (7 gallon) capacity mix cans includes mixing station & mix can unloading station. Mixing system is 316L stainless contact parts with 2 mix cans rated full vacuum & jacketed for 40 PSI. System is rated for vacuum internal operation, complete with 7. 5 HP hydraulic drive for slow speed anchor sweep agitator and incorporated mixer; 5 HP electric drive with frequency converter on high speed dispersion mixer. System includes integral Busch R50010B vacuum pump, associated hydraulic system with 5 HP drive & oil cooler and complete control panel. Mixer system is mounted on stainless steel table top cabinet with controls and ancillary equipment.
  3. S736458

    Mixer, Dispersion, 3 HP, Premier, S/st, Jkt, Vac, Planetary, 5 Gal,

    Stock Number: S736458

    Premier model CSD/V-3/2 Prem-a-Mix disperser, with 5 gallon working capacity. Unit features all stainless steel contact parts complete with 15 PSI jacketed bowl rated for 29" vacuum internal. Unit features 4" diameter hi-visc blade rated 1100 to 6000 RPM with 3 HP motor drive and low speed sweep scraper agitation rated 50 to 380 RPM with 2 HP drive. Mixer is complete with air over hydraulic lift cylinder. Motor drives are 230/460V, 3-phase exp, class I group D. Mixer is not ASME code rated. Serial number CSD/V-3/2-90892B-95-0014, built 1996.
  4. S736390_A

    Mixer, Planetary, Ross, LDM-2 Unloader Only, S/st, Hydraulic

    Stock Number: S736390

    Ross planetary mixer can unloader, model DS-2 for unloading 2 gallon batch mix cans from LDM-2 style mixer. Unit has all stainless contact parts with 9" diameter piston and 6-1/2" stroke. Designed to use plunger to press material out of ross change mix bowls. Unit is hydraulically actuated and includes 1 HP 230/460V Rexroth powerpack with manual control for activation. Excellent condition, mounted on portable table, Serial number 101638B.
  5. C731492_A

    Mixer, Dispersion, 2 HP, Myers, S/st, Jkt, Mdl HL-500, Planetary

    Stock Number: C731492

    Myers dispersion mixer, Model HL-500, stainless steel, jacketed for 14.9 PSI. Unit is 5 gallon capacity, pot measures 9" diameter x 12" deep, has manual hand crank, double motion scraper blade, auger style mixer. Mixer has 1 HP hydraulic drive on scraper, 2 HP drive on auger. Numerous top inlets, 2 site glass @ 3", dog locking cover. Unit was manufactured in February 1988, serial number 500-2-1-152.
  6. S737994_A

    Mixer, Planetary, Ross, 2 Gallon, PVM-2, Jkt, Vac, Agit

    Stock Number: S737994

    Ross planetary mixer, Model PVM-2, 2 gallon capacity, stainless steel contacts, jacketed can, vacuum capable, triple motion agitation. Includes all drives and controls, unitized on stand with casters. Good condition.
  7. S738175_A

    Mixer, Planetary, Ross, 2 Gallon, S/st, Jkt, Vac

    Stock Number: S738175

    Ross PVM-2 planetary mixer, 2 gallon, model PVM-2, jacketed and rated for full vacuum, cans measure 12" diameter x 8" deep, includes (2) stainless steel cans, (one can is jacketed and one is not). Top head of can includes two sight glasses and vacuum pressure gauge. Mixer is set up for hydraulic lift to remove blades from mixing can. Internal blades include an internal scraper blade and emulsifier blade. Serial number 58045. Mixer appears to be in excellent condition.
  8. S739864_A

    Mixer, Planetary, Ross, S/st, Double, LDM2, 2 Gallon, 1.5 HP

    Stock Number: S739864

    Ross Double Planetary Vacuum Mixer, Model LDM2, 2 gallon holding capacity, stainless steel bowl, 1.5 H.P. 1800 rpm,explosion proof variable speed drive, 115/230 volts, 25:1 orbital speed, 72 stirrer RPM, vacuum cover, complete, Serial No. 34014.
  9. S739975_A

    Mixer, Planetary, Ross, 2 Gallon, LDM-2, Double, S/st

    Stock Number: S739975

    Ross double planetary vacuum mixer, model LDM-2, 2 gallon capacity, stainless steel. Unit is 1.5 hp, 1800 rpm explosion proof variable speed drive, 115/230 volt, Stirrer rpm of 72, vacuum cover. Complete. Serial number 34014.
  10. S739832_A

    Mixer, Planetary, Ross, LDM-1, 1 Gallon, Double, S/st

    Stock Number: S739832

    Ross double planetary mixer model LDM-1, 304 stainless steel 1 gallon working capacity, 4-1/2" wide stirrers, driven by 1 hp, 3/60/115/230 volt, 1725 rpm Sterling speed trol vari speed gear motor, less bowl. Serial number 50927.

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