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  1. C527355

    Mixer, Banbury, 800 HP, #11, 18" Dia Ram, 12" Ext. Throat,

    Stock Number: C527355

    Mixer, Banbury, #11, 18" diameter ram, 12" extended throat, 800 HP, 2300Volt, 710 RPM mtr thru Farrell reducer, back rotor 47 RPM, front rotor 42 RPM, approx 6000 hrs use, complete w/electricals.
  2. Mixer, Cheese, 5 CF, S/st, Kraft, Pear Shaped, Agit,

    Mixer, Cheese, 5 CF, S/st, Kraft, Pear Shaped, Agit,

    Stock Number: S527450

    Kraft cheese mixer, stainless steel, 5 cu. ft. Pear shaped, 21" diameter on top with (2) piece stainless steel cover, 24" diameter hemispherical bottom. With horizontal side entering whisk blade type agitator 12" diameter x 20" long. Driven by approx. 10 HP motor @ 300 RPM whisk speed. Cover has (2) 1-1/2" flanges, (1) 1" flange. 2" diameter center bottom outlet. Mixer is mounted on stand 48" long x 26" high x 27" wide. Mixer also has a CIP ball and some spares strapped to the side. Serial number C-51.
  3. S534420

    Mixer, Continuous, Extruder, Baker Perkins, MP, 5", 316 S/st

    Stock Number: S534420

    Mixer, Baker Perkins, model MP, multi purpose, twin screw, 5" diameter screws x 36" long, with all edges of wetted parts being type 316 stainless steel, the remainder is carbon steel. The units are jacketed for 150 PSI @ 338 degrees, equipped with 15 HP motor to Reeves vari-speed drive with a final output of 63.3 RPM up to 190 RPM. Serial number 53783 (9/64). Spare parts include mixing screws, lobes, shafts, and bearings. Good condition.
  4. C733326_A

    Mixer, Eirich, Type DE29/M2930, Rotating Pan Type,

    Stock Number: C733326

    Eirich rotating pan mixer, type D29/M2930. Volume 4000 Liters (140 cubic feet). Complete with main motor, 2-plow motors, 2-hi speed mixers with motor, stainless steel top pan cover, bottom dump. Oad: 9' wide x 9'6" high x 15' long. New 1981, serial number 22418. Last used to mix magnesium oxide powder.
  5. S734729

    Mixer, Hi-intensity, Henschel, 1 Gallon, S/st, Mdl FM10lB

    Stock Number: S734729

    Thyssen Henschel high intensity batch mixer, model FM-10LB with 1 gallon capacity. Unit has all stainless steel contact parts with jacket for cooling. Mixer has hinged cover and is complete mounted on stand withmotor drive. Drive is 2 speed, 230V, 1.3/2. 6 kW, 870/1730 RPM, complete with controls, safety disconnects. Manufactured new in 1982. Very good condition.
  6. Z534861_A

    Mixer, Oakes, 8MA-5A, 316 S/st, 5 HP,

    Stock Number: Z534861

    Mixer, Oakes, Model 8MV-5A, serial number 195. Type 316 stainless steel, with 5 HP vari drive, 2" flanged connections, 2 injection ports on inlet side of rotor and 2 on outlet side. Last used on cellulose fibers in celanese research & development facility.
  7. Z534860

    Mixer, Oakes, 8MV-5A, 316 S/st, 5 HP, Vari-speed, 2",

    Stock Number: Z534860

    Mixer, Oakes, Model 8MV-5A, 316 stainless steel, 5 HP U.S. Vari drive, 2" flanged connections, 2 injection ports on inlet side of rotor & 2 on outlet side.
  8. Mixer, Dough, Bowl, 28" Dia, W&P, CC-130, C/st,

    Mixer, Dough, Bowl, 28" Dia, W&P, CC-130, C/st,

    Stock Number: S538860

    Werner & Pfleiderer planetary mixer, model CC-130. Mixer is complete with automatic head lift, mixing timers and 460 volt electrical disconnect. Overall 28" diameter. Unit offered less mixing tubs.
  9. Mixer, Pug, 4' x 5-1/2', Twin Shaft, Twin Drive

    Mixer, Pug, 4' x 5-1/2', Twin Shaft, Twin Drive

    Stock Number: S539645

    Mixer, pug, twin shaft, 4' x 5-1/2' mix chamber, independent twin shaft design for independent drives. Unit is carbon steel contact parts. Less drive motors, suitable for up to 25 HP each shaft.
  10. Mixer, Rotary, 9" x 16", S/st, Internal Lifters

    Mixer, Rotary, 9" x 16", S/st, Internal Lifters

    Stock Number: S547595

    Mixer, rotary tumble drum style, stainless steel, 9" x 16" with internal lifters. Unit driven by fractional HP chain sprocket drive, mounted on carbon steel frame. Unit has 2" diameter product feed, 6" diameter overflow discharge.
  11. C731350

    Mixer, Rotary, Consep, S/st, Column Lift/blender,

    Stock Number: C731350

    Column lift blender, manufactured by Consep, Model ER5885, serial number 1976-01, includes (1) 5 cu.ft. Double cone mixing bin and (1) approx. 8 cu.ft. bin, all including butterfly valve and blanking plates. This unit is capable of receiving, locking, lifting and blending material and rotating at 0 to 20 RPM at 10 ft. Per minute lifting speed. This system is pharmaceutical grade 316 stainless steel and in like new condition. Complete lists of specifications available upon request.
  12. Mixer, Rubber, 125 HP, Chem Chang, C/st

    Mixer, Rubber, 125 HP, Chem Chang, C/st

    Stock Number: S731825

    Mixer, Chem Chang, rubber type, carbon steel. Unit complete with hydraulic feed ram, 6" diameter feed opening with pneumatic valve, side manway, hydraulic ram drives discharge opening. Unit is 125 HP 220V, 1170 RPM thru heavy duty gearbox. New in 1984, serial number BM-35-4.
  13. Z527350_A

    Mixer, Rubber, 7.5 HP, Stewart Bolling, Lab Size,

    Stock Number: Z527350

    Mixer, rubber, Stewart Bolling, lab size, ram feed, 7-1/2 HP variable drive, hand tilt discharge, unitized, w/all electricals.
  14. C554640

    Mixer, Single Arm, 500 G, C/st, 25 HP, Jkt,

    Stock Number: C554640

    Mixer, single arm, 500 gallon capacity, paddle type, carbon steel. Unit has 25 HP gearhead drive, 220/440V, mixer is 6' long x 4' wide x 4' deep with water jacket, center bottom discharge.
  15. Mixer, Tumble, S/st, Groen, 1/2 HP, Mdl DT-60, Dished Ends

    Mixer, Tumble, S/st, Groen, 1/2 HP, Mdl DT-60, Dished Ends

    Stock Number: C731986

    Mixer, vacuum tumble, manufactured by Groen, Model DT-60, mfg 1988. Max working pressure is 25 PSI @ 300 deg. F, approx. 32" diameter x 52 long with dished ends. Unit driven by 1/2 HP, 230/460V, 1725 RPM motor. Frame number FB56C; 1.1-2. 2 AMP. Unit appears in good condition.
  16. Mixer, Hi-Intensity, Cosmic, 200 Ltr, S/st, Jkt, Turbo,

    Mixer, Hi-Intensity, Cosmic, 200 Ltr, S/st, Jkt, Turbo,

    Stock Number: C732431

    Cosmic Engineering high intensity mixer, 200 liter capacity with stainless steel contact parts. Bowl measures 26" diameter x 22" deep with flush mounted side discharge and is jacketed for cooling. Unit is complete with 30/40 HP, 2 speed drive, 230V. Manufactured new 1996. Unit is in very good condition, mounted on stand with electrics and control panel. Serial number 9133.
  17. S734531

    Mixer, Vertical, Vacuum, S/st, Jkt, Cone, Extruder,

    Stock Number: S734531

    Vertical cone mixer, lab size, stainless steel construction, includes (2) vertically mounted sigma style dispersion blades, mounted in cone shaped mixing chamber. Blades extrude product through discharge at bottom of cone. Chamber is jacketed and vacuum rated with top sight glass. Blades are driven by 1/2 HP Reeves vari-drive, size III-IV1M-18, rated for 2160 max RPM and 216 min RPM. Appears to be capable of running inert gas blanket. Very good condition.
  18. Mixer, Zig Zag, 350#/CF, S/st, PK,

    Mixer, Zig Zag, 350#/CF, S/st, PK,

    Stock Number: Z559660

    Mixer, zig zag, Patterson-Kelley, 350 lbs. Per cu.ft. density, stainless steel, with stand, feed and discharge hoppers, no motors.
  19. S737680

    Mixer, Pug Mill, Jeffrey, Twin Shaft, 50 HP

    Stock Number: S737680

    Jeffrey pug mill, twin shaft mixer, trough measures 48" wide x 10' long x 39" deep. Complete with (2) 24" diameter paddle type arms with removable paddles. Internals are abrasion resistant coated. Unit is driven with a 50 HP, 1770 RPM, 230/460V motor thru hydraulic drive and 4" wide gears on each shaft. End bottom discharge with slide gate, mounted on I-beam legs. Unit has a detachable bottom for maintenance and hard surfacing. Condition very good.
  20. L737890_A

    Mixer, Turbulizer, Con-vey Systems, S/st, Jkt, 125 HP, (2)

    Stock Number: L737890

    (2) Continuous paddle mixer, apporximately 100 CF capacity, jacketed chamber, measures 4' diameter x 9' long, stainless steel chamber with stainless steel paddles. Includes (4) rows of paddles, (26) paddles total, 10" x 5" x 1-3/4" thick. paddles are fixed to 6" diameter Cored center shaft for heating, mild steel shaft. Driven by 125 HP, 1785 RPM, 230/460 volt, 3/60 hz motor thru v-belt drive. Includes rotary steam joint & hydraulic ram to open/close front section of mixing chamber. Manufactured by con-vey systems. Previously mixing wood fiber and resin together. Paddles rotate in counter clockwise rotation. Most paddles are at 40-45 degree angle to convey product towards end, end paddles are turned to 0-10 degree to push material out back on right hand side of blender. In good working condition when taken out of service.
  21. C738038_A

    Mixer, Hi-intensity, Henschel, S/st, Jkt, 150 PSI, 50/25 HP,

    Stock Number: C738038

    Mixer, hi-intensity, Henschel, mild steel shell, stanless steel lined, driven by 50/25 HP, 1740/870 RPM, 59/40 amps , 3/60hz motor. Rated for max 150 PSI steam. Serial number 63A4007. Previously used at rubber processing facility.
  22. S738522_A

    Mixer, Pin, 50" X 13', C/st, Feeco, Jkt, 100 HP,

    Stock Number: S738522

    Feeco pin mixer, turbulizer, agglomerator, 50" wide x 160" long, carbon steel construction, jacketed on bottom, fed by 24" diameter Rotary airlock valve, driven by approx. 5 HP motor. Mixer is fed from cyclone of flash dryer, mixer is driven by approx. 100 HP, 575 volt, 3/60 Hz motor thru Falk gear reducer, 1750 in/100 RPM out. Top includes (2) liquid inlets. End bottom discharge thru chute. Last used ot process 15.5 tons per hour on phosphate rock, specific gravity 3.3. Serial number DM19983403. Previously used at phosphate minerals processing facility.
  23. D738439

    Mixer, Liquifier, 200 Gallon, Breddo, S/st, Jkt, 40 HP,

    Stock Number: D738439

    Breddo Likwifier, 200 gallon capacity, Model LDT-200, all stainless steel construction. Measures 44" x 44" x 75" deep, tank is jacketed. Dome top with manway, (2) #15 top ports, 2 1/2" #15 outlet. Liquifier blade is driven by new 20 HP direct drive motor, 230/460V, 1745 RPM, 3 phase direct drive motor. Unit is mounted on stainless steel legs with adjustable ball feet.
  24. Mixer, Mixmuller, Simpson, #2GP, 80" Dia, 40 HP,

    Mixer, Mixmuller, Simpson, #2GP, 80" Dia, 40 HP,

    Stock Number: D730556

    Simpsom Mixmuller, Model number 2GP, carbon steel, 80" diameter, 25 cu.ft. capacity, driven by 40 HP motor.
  25. Mixer, Lab, Dissolution System, Distek, Premier 5100

    Mixer, Lab, Dissolution System, Distek, Premier 5100

    Stock Number: C738295

    Lab mixer, Distek dissolution system. Unit is Model Premier 5100, serial number 5150714. Unit includes (7) 1 liter mixing flasks with heating mantles. Unit is 115 volt. Excellent condition.
  26. S738930_A

    Mixer, Liquifier, Waring, S/st, Heavy Duty, 4 Speed

    Stock Number: S738930

    Waring heavy duty liquifier, model 38BL19, features 4 speed and stainless steel carafe.
  27. L739449 (1)

    Mixer, Pug, 6' X 6' X 5', Dual Shaft, C/st, 100 HP, McCarter

    Stock Number: L739449

    McCarter Model B pug mixer, chocolate equipment, conche. Trough measures 6'4" long X 5'8" wide X 4'7" deep, dual shaft pug mill. Includes 8" diameter X 6'4" long mild steel shaft with 16.5" long X 5" wide x 2" thick paddles. Paddles are driven by 100 HP, 220/440V, 1775 RPM, 3/60Hz motor thru heavy duty gearbox. Trough is jacketed and includes (2) 8" diameter outlets, 33" clearance from ground. Previously used at chocolate manufacturing facility. Good condition.
  28. C739535_A

    Mixer, MixMuller, Beardsley & Piper, 12" Dia, 3 HP

    Stock Number: C739535

    Mix-Muller, manufactured by Beardsley & Piper, approximately 12" diameter grinding chamber, their model Special Lab Speed Muller. Complete with 3 HP motor through Reeves vari-drive. Serial number PLSM-132-7906. Condition good.
  29. S739699_A

    Mixer, Dough, Spiral, 200 lb, S/st, Pietro Berto,

    Stock Number: S739699

    Pietro Berto 200-pound spiral mixer, dough mixer. Complete with stainless steel bowl and hook arm. Previously used at dessert manufacturing facility.
  30. A739856_A

    Mixer, Vertical, Hobart, VCM 450, S/st, Scraper,

    Stock Number: A739856

    Hobart VCM 450 mixer, vertical cutter/mixer, 45 liter capacity, stainless steel construction. Equipment has been refurbished, motor rewound and offering in good working condition.
  31. S739911_A

    Mixer, Agitator, Lightnin, S/st, Mdl XJO-87

    Stock Number: S739911

    Lightnin agitator mixer, model XJO-87, 1/4" diameter x 6' long stainless steel shaft, (2) prop. Mixer has not motor nameplate data, motor is flange mounted with approximate 10" square flange. Shaft is worn. Serial number R02404752-01.
  32. S739972_A

    Mixer, Agitator, 0.25 hp, Brawn, S/st

    Stock Number: S739972

    Brawn agitator mixer stainless steel with 5/8" diameter x 4' long shaft, (1) propeller. Unit is 0.25 hp, 230/460 volt, 1725 rpm. Mixer is flange mounted with approx. "square flange".
  33. S739977_A

    Mixer, Agitator, Pneumatic Drive, Lightnin, Clamp, Less Shaft

    Stock Number: S739977

    Lightnin clamp on agitator drive, model XJA-100, less mix shaft. Unit features gearhead drive with pneumatic drive for variable speed control. Unit requires 5/8" diameter agitator shaft, not includes and utilizes compressed air for operation, has 5/8" diameter air inlet. Serial number 506644022301.
  34. S739978_A

    Mixer, Agitator, Pnuematic Drive, Lightnin, Clamp, Less Shaft

    Stock Number: S739978

    Lightnin clamp on agitator drive, model MAR-25, less mix shaft. Unit features gearhead drive with pneumatic drive for vari speed control. Unit requires 1/8" diameter agitator shaft, not included and utilizes compressed air for operation, has 1/2" diameter air inlet. Serial number 6515689.
  35. S740004_A

    Mixer, Agitator, 1/4 HP, GE, Clamp on Style, (2)

    Stock Number: S740004

    (2) General Electric agitator mixer, 1/4 hp, 115/230 volt, 1750 rpm, single phase. Unit is clamp on style with 5/8" diameter shaft x 40" long with 6" diameter propeller.
  36. A740015_A

    Mixer, Agitator, 15 HP, 1770 RPM, Aerator

    Stock Number: A740015

    Aerator, includes float and new prop. 15 hp motor made by U.S. Electrical Motors, 3 phase, rewound for 460 V only, 1770 RPM. Includes new bearings and new cone bushing. Last used in a waste water pond at a winery.
  37. S740062_A

    Mixer, Dispersion, 40 HP, C/st, Dual Shaft,

    Stock Number: S740062

    Used 40 HP dual shaft dispersion mixer, carbon steel contacts, includes (1) 1-3/4" diameter X 36" long shaft with 10" diameter dispersion blade and (1) 2" diameter X 41" long shaft with 3-blade paddle agitator with 18" diameter swing. Agitators are driven by 40 HP main motor. Set to hydraulically raise/lower agitators, up to 58" high. Includes hydraulic pump, driven by 1 HP, 208-230/460V, 1710 RPM, 3/60Hz motor. Offered with manual speed adjustment. Mounted on carbon steel base.
  38. S740142_A

    Mixer, Turbon, S/st, 12" x 24", 1 HP, Scott

    Stock Number: S740142

    Scott turbon mixer, stainless steel, model BIO FLOW, serial number 7658, shaft measures 12" diameter x 24" LONG. Unit is 1 hp 240/120 volt,1 ph/50/60, propeller is 9" diameter x 2-3/4", quick-clamp on, variable speed control from 15 rpm to 190 rpm.
  39. S740146_A

    Mixer, High Shear, Hill, S/st, 3 HP

    Stock Number: S740146

    Hill Mixer Inc high shear rotor / stator mixer. Unit is stainless steel, 3/4" diameter x 32" long shaft with 4-blade rotor. Unit is driven by 3 hp, 230/460 volt, 3490 rpm drive.
  40. S734160

    Mixer, Agitator, Denver #15, R/L,

    Stock Number: S734160

    Agitator, Denver model #15 gear reducer, 14-2/3:1 ratio, serial #06119730001123. No motor, complete with V-belt pulley. Approximately 12' long shaft, 6 blade rubber impeller, approximately 3' diameter.
  41. S734161

    Mixer, Agitator, Denver #8, R/L,

    Stock Number: S734161

    Agitator, Denver #8, gear reducer, name plate number 3347ASS60, no motor, complete with V-belt pully, 12' diameter shaft, 3' diameter 6 blade rubber covered impeller. Condition good.
  42. S532350

    Mixer, Dispersion, Air Driven, Semco, S/st, Mdl S-1378,

    Stock Number: S532350

    Semco disperser, model S-1378 pressure mixer, all stainless steel, serial number 7843, assembly number 228075; 5-quart capacity; air 90 PSI, 20 CFM. Designed for blending two or more liquid or viscous materials into one homogeneous mixture. Cabinet is stainless steel.
  43. S532375_A

    Mixer, Dispersion, Air Driven, S/st, 4 Gallon, (2)

    Stock Number: S532375

    (2) Air driven dispersion mixer, with 4.4 gallon stainless steel covered mix tank, agitated by pneumatic motor, with 3" diameter propeller on a 24" long stainless steel shaft. (3) legs. Flat clamped top, dished bottom. Tank has 10" diameter x 5" straight top section, 8" long taper section, to 6" diameter x 8" straight in bottom section.
  44. S735449

    Mixer, Agitator, Mixmor, S/st, OGA-11,

    Stock Number: S735449

    Agitator, manufactured by MixMor, model OGA-11, pneumatically driven, flange mounted. Includes approximately 1-1/2" diameter shaft x 8' long. Includes 3-blade prop at the bottom and center with stiffening ring. Serial number 48122-1. Appears to be in good condition.
  45. S736506_A

    Mixer, Agitator, Mixmor, GA-4, (2)

    Stock Number: S736506

    (2) MixMor model GA-4 clamp on agitator drive, less mix shaft. Unit features gearhead drive with pneumatic drive for vari-speed control and possible XP use. Unit requires 3/4" diameter agitator shaft, not included and utilizes compressed air for operation, complete with 1/2" diameter air inlet. Unit has been tested and is in working condition, last used in water treatment processing. Serial number: 52884-1 and 52877-2.
  46. C738107_A

    Mixer, Agitator, Lotus, Shaft & Paddles,

    Stock Number: C738107

    Mixer shaft, measures 3" diameter x 13' long, mild steel with rubber coating, includes (3) 24" long paddles with associated hubs. Manufactured by Lotus. Unused and in like new condition.
  47. C738805_A

    Mixer, Agitator, Mixmor, S/st, Clamp on style, Mdl D14

    Stock Number: C738805

    Mixmor Lightnin stainless steel clamp on style agitator, model D14, approximately 1/2 HP. Serial number 4132-5-1. Unit has 5/8" diameter x 42" long shaft (shaft is damaged), propeller is 4" diameter.
  48. Mixer, Sigma, 4 Ounce, S/st, Brabend Instru, 2 HP, Test,

    Mixer, Sigma, 4 Ounce, S/st, Brabend Instru, 2 HP, Test,

    Stock Number: S553827

    Mixer, sigma blade, Brabender Instruments Plasti-Corder sigma blade test mixer, type S-50, bearing Serial number 271511. Unit is driven by 2 HP DC drive, 230/460V, complete with controls. Bowl dimensions are 2" front to back, 3" left to right and 3" deep. Bowl is jacketed for heating or cooling. Test station includes timers and controls to test vicosity and record same on chart recorder, serial number 172507.
  49. S738671_A

    Mixer, Sigma, Brabender, S/st, Farinograph

    Stock Number: S738671

    Brabender Farinograph/Resistograph, type FA-R/2. Unit designed to measure the water absorption of different powders. Includes sigma-type mixing chamber, approximately 1/3 gallon capacity. Designed for 300 gram capacity of powder. Includes printed readout device. Unit driven 1/2 HP, 63/125 RPM, 230 volt, 3/60Hz motor. Serial number 911359.
  50. S739530_A

    Mixer, Agitator, 1/4 HP, Dayton, Clamp on Style

    Stock Number: S739530

    Dayton agitator mixer, 1/4 hp, 115/230 volt, 1750 rpm, single phase. Unit is clamp on style with 5/8" diameter shaft x 24" long with (2) propeller.

Items 1 to 50 of 233 total

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