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  1. C734512

    Mill, Hammer, 200 HP, West Salem, Pallet Recycling,

    Stock Number: C734512

    Hammer mill, West Salem Machinery, Model# 2852BH, carbon steel, driven by 200 HP, 1165 RPM, 460V, 3/60hz motor, rotor measures 28" diameter X 52" face. Serial# 138990. Also includes feed roll with 1-1/2" high welded teeth, on 6" spacing, driven by 10 HP motor thru gearbox. There are (2) hammer styles mounted on common shaft, including a rounded hammer with center hole and teeth with hardened tips. Part of pallet recycling plant & also incudes pallet feeder with dual chain conveyor, vibratory feeder & inclined oscillating table. Pallet feeder Model# 412, serial# 7192. Inclined oscillating table,Model# 48HD, serial# 164291.
  2. C732538_A

    Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 36" X 36",Type B-3, Slag,

    Stock Number: C732538

    Hammer mill, 36" diameter x 36" wide grinding chamber, manufactured by Jeffrey, type B-3. 6" diameter shaft with couplings, unit is less motor, will take from 100 to 250 HP. Previously used milling aluminum slag. Serial number 5481.
  3. S738277_A

    Mill, Hammer, Jacobson, 8TN-11, C/st, 200 HP

    Stock Number: S738277

    Jacobson model 8TN-11 row hammer mill with 200 HP drive. Unit has 8" x 36" infeed and 24" x 38" discharge. Mounted on carbon steel frame, mill is complete with 1 HP feeder and model R810, type A, size 16 magnetic separator, main drive is 3560 RPM, 230/460V, feeder drive is 1 HP, 208-230/460V, 1750 RPM to gearbox. Unit less hammers, last used grinding grains for dry pet food processing. Serial number S36749.
  4. C478330

    Mill, Hammer, 30" X 12", C/st, 75 HP,

    Stock Number: Z478330

    Hammermill, 30" diameter x 12" wide chamber, carbon steel with swing type hammers, inlet and outlet are on top of grinding chamber and measure 5" x 16". Driven by 75 HP 220/440V motor. Not unitized. Has no nameplate.
  5. S478580

    Mill, Hammer, 30 HP, C/st, 24" X 10",

    Stock Number: S478580

    Hammer mill, carbon steel product contact parts, driven by 30 HP main motor drive. Unit features 12" x 14" feed hopper. Mill chamber measures 24" diameter x 10" wide. Unit features four sets of 2 fixed slugger hammers with 1" diameter carbon steel screen. Unit has 10" x 15" discharge. Mill is unitized on stand with V-belt drive.
  6. A739738 (1)

    Mill, Hammer, Prater, 24", Mdl 28498, S/st & C/st, 25 HP

    Stock Number: A739738

    Prater Model 28498 Hammer mill, includes 24" diameter stainless steel milling chamber and mild steel swinging hammer assembly. Hammers are driven by 25 HP motor. Previously used at fruit processing facility.
  7. Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 20" X 24", C/st, 2 Roller Type,

    Mill, Hammer, Jeffrey, 20" X 24", C/st, 2 Roller Type,

    Stock Number: Z475060

    Jeffrey hammer mill/lump breaker. Unit features twin rolls, the first with 20" x 24" solid roll, 2nd roller 24" diameter hammer mill rotor. Hammers on second roll measures 1-1/2" thick x 3-1/2" wide x 10-1/2" long. Unit designed to have the two rolls rotating towards each other. Unit enclosed in a 24" x 48" carbon steel housing with angle iron flange top and bottom. Independent drive shafts are approx 1-3/4" diameter last used in mining operation, offered less drive.
  8. S738227_A

    Mill, Hammer, Prater, Size# 67H5R, C/st, Blue Streak,

    Stock Number: S738227

    Prater hammer mill, Blue Streak Pulverizer, size 67H5R, carbon steel construction, inlet measures 7" x 7", 5" diameter outlet. Includes spare screens and extra rotor. Offered with associated dust collector. Previously used at dry ingredient food processing plant. Unit driven by 40 HP, 230/460V, 3550 RPM drive. Serial number 25598.
  9. S738437_A

    Mill, Hammer, 20" x 12", C/st, 20 HP, Better Built,

    Stock Number: S738437

    Hammer mill manufactured by Better Built by Bliss Industries. Chamber measures 20" diameter x 12" wide, 16" x 12" center bottom discharge. Hammers driven by 20 HP, 230/460V, 3500 RPM motor. Includes rotary feeder, driven by 1/2 HP gearhead drive, has 8" x 7-1/2" inlet.
  10. S735102

    Mill, Hammer, 18" Dia., C/st, 60 HP

    Stock Number: S735102

    Mill, high speed rotary wheel with (36) replaceable hammers, carbon steel, 18" diameter milling chamber, 4" diameter feed opening with bolt lock. Includes (3) sets of screens with 1/8" perforations. Product discharges out of chute with 4" diameter outlet, 19" off ground. Driven by 60 HP, 230/460V, 3556 RPM through V-belt drive.
  11. C739185_A

    Mill, Hammer, 18" Dia., S/st, 20 HP, Food Grade

    Stock Number: C739185

    Stainless steel hammer mill, 18" diameter grinding chamber with fixed hammers. Each hammer is a 1/4" thick. Unit has 15 rows with 1-1/2" spacing between hammers. Includes screen with 1/16" perforations. Complete with access door on each side of mill. Unit has an 8" diameter feed and a 16" x 10" discharge. Driven by 20 HP, 1765 RPM, 230/460 V motor. No nameplate. Last used in a food operation.
  12. Z478551

    Mill, Hammer, Prater, Blue Streak, B-9AC, C/st, 60 HP,

    Stock Number: Z478551

    Prater hammermill, Blue Streak, Model B-9AC, carbon steel, 60 HP motor, 1775 RPM, explosion proof. Oad: 8' x 4'10" x 5'10", wt. 4,000 lbs.
  13. Mill, Hammer, Queen City, 12" X 18", S/st, Fixed Hammers,

    Mill, Hammer, Queen City, 12" X 18", S/st, Fixed Hammers,

    Stock Number: Z478325

    Queen City hammermill, stainless steel, 12" x 18", fixed hammers, 4" wide x 3/8" thick, split end type, stainless steel hopper, 30" high x 18" wide x 18" diameter x 12" wide rotor, 30 HP, 3600 RPM, 220/440V synchronous motor.
  14. C739516

    Mill, Hammer, Pulva, Size B, 20 HP

    Stock Number: C739516

    Hammer Mill, manufactured by Pulva Corp., Size B, Serial number FS9822. Complete with 20 HP, 220/440 volt motor, on stands. Good condition.
  15. A739024_A

    Mill, Hammer, Schutte Buffalo, 15 HP, 8" x 16"

    Stock Number: A739024

    Hammer Mill, manufactured by Schutte Buffalo, model number W-16-L. Unit driven by 15 HP, 1765 RPM motor. Inlet measures 8" x 16", discharge measures 17" x 22". Includes 1/4" and 1/2" mesh screens. Good condition.

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