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  1. S734733

    Mill, Attritor, Szegvari, Jkt,

    Stock Number: S734733

    Replacement or spare pressure bowl for Szegvari batch type attritor mill. Unit fits Szegvari size 1S mill and features stainless steel contact parts, jacket for cooling and capability for pressurized service to 15 PSI. Bowl is in excellent condition.
  2. S738240_A

    Mill, Attritor, Szegvari, Mdl 01HD, 1/4 HP,

    Stock Number: S738240

    Szegvari attritor mill, type 01HD, mill includes four (4) stainless steel cans with internal coating; (1) can is 4" diameter X 7" high, (2) cans are 3-1/2" x 6" high, the remaining can is 3" diameter x 5" high. Also complete with (3) agitators for each can size. Unit is driven by a Reeves vari-drive, 1/4 HP, 1140 RPM, 208-230/460V, 3/60Hz motor, explosion proof. Output speed is adjustable from 345 to 1728 RPM. Manufactured by division of Union Process. Serial number 920904. Excellent condition.
  3. C734666 (1)

    Mill, Attritor, Union Process, 3/4 HP, Jkt,

    Stock Number: C734666

    Attritor mill, intermittent type attritor, manufactured by Union Process, size 1S, type B, complete with stainless steel, jacketed tank. Tank measures 5" diameter x 6" deep, includes stainless steel agitator with paddles. Complete with 3/4 HP, DC drive thru gearbox with unltracon "screw drive" vari-speed controls. Previously used to grind ceramic powders. Appears to be in very good condition. Includes spare agitator.
  4. C736095

    Mill, Attritor, Union Process, Mdl Q-100, Jkt,

    Stock Number: C736095

    Attritor mill, manufactured by Union Process, Model# Q-100, complete with stainless steel, jacketed tank. Complete with main 100 HP/33.3 HP, 1750/570 RPM, 131/93 amps, 3/60 Hz, 2-speed drive, through Textron cone drive gear reducer with 10:1 ratio. Serial number 3208-A. Very good condition.
  5. D733556_A

    Mill, Ball, 10' X 10', Kurimoto Iron Works, 370 KW,

    Stock Number: D733556

    Ball mill, 10' diameter (3.05m) x 10' long (3.05m), wet overflow discharge, Serial number M4-371, Manufactured by Kurimoto Iron Works Ltd, 1969. Rated at 1020 ton per day capacity, complete with 370 kw induction motor, 3 phase, 60 cycle, 460 volts, 1190 RPM through SKK Kogyosho Ltd. Gear reducer, 177.5 RPM output. Complete with lubrication system & electrical controls, no balls or liners.
  6. D733555

    Mill, Ball, 10' X 18', Allis Chalmers, 800 HP,

    Stock Number: D733555

    Allis Chalmers ball mill, 10' diameter(3082 mm) x 18' long(5486 mm), wet overflow type, Serial number C2482. Complete with bull gear and pinion drive through speed reducer. Motor no longer available last used 800 HP. No liners. Good condition.
  7. D739642

    Mill, Ball, 10.5' X 15', Allis Chalmers, 800 HP, (2)

    Stock Number: D739642

    (2) Allis-Chalmers/Kobe Steel ball mill, 10.5' diameter (3.23 m) x 15' long (4.57 m), complete with bull gear, ring gear (364 teeth X 2" X 24" face), and pinion drive (29 teeth X 2" X 24" face). New babbit inserts, 800 HP induction motor (885 rpm, 3 ph, 60 Hz), and gear box (4:03:1).
  8. D740105_A

    Mill, Ball, 10.5' x 17', Polysius, 1000 HP, Unused

    Stock Number: D740105

    Unused Polysius Ball Mill, 10.5' x 17'. Comes with 1000 HP G.E. Motor, 1190 RPM, Model 5K84094036501. Last used on limestone at 27 TPH. Includes Electron Corp 36" weigh feeder, model 90-100A, Weir 8-Cyclone cluster model CAVEX 150CVX-6.
  9. D740104_A

    Mill, Ball, 11' x 14', Hardinge-Koppers, No motor

    Stock Number: D740104

    Hardinge-Koppers Ball Mill, 11' x 14', no motor. Includes Mill shell, bull gear, feed and discharge heads with trunnion liners, shell liners, gear covers. Trunnion journals measure 48" diameter x 15" wide.
  10. D740103_A

    Mill, Ball, 11' x 14.5', Dominion, No motor

    Stock Number: D740103

    Dominion Ball Mill, 11' x 14.5', no motor included. Comes with mill shell, bull gear, trunnion, trunnion feed liner, pinion and bearing, gear covers.
  11. D739658

    Mill, Ball, 11'6" X 18', Hardinge, 1,250 HP, (2)

    Stock Number: D739658

    (2) Hardinge ball mill, 11'6" (3.5 m) diameter X 18' (5.5 m) long, cylindrical, 1,250 HP (932 kW) motor, manufactured in 1975, shell speed: 16.9 RPM, rubber liners, gear and pinion ratio: 318/22, countershaft speed: 244.31 RPM, speed reducer size and type: Horsburgh & Scott, 1050P Single Reduction - Parallel, shaft centurion speed reducer and Eaton clutch: ratio 4.789:1, motor HP: 1250 General Electric, 1,185 RPM, 4,000 Volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz.
  12. D739612_A

    Mill, Ball, 12' X 40', Aerofall, 2-Compartment, Cement

    Stock Number: D739612

    Aerofall 12' x 40' Two Compartment Finish Mill, rated for capacity of 60 TPH and/or not less than 80% finer than 30 microns. Driven by 3000 HP, 200 rpm, 4000 V, 423 amp motor.
  13. S738509_A

    Mill, Ball, 13' X 21', Allis Chalmers, 2000 HP, R/L,

    Stock Number: S738509

    Ball mill, 13' diameter x 21' long, Manufactured by Allis Chalmers (Svedala), rubber-lined mill, with Siemens-Allis 2,000 HP, 4000 volt, 200 RPM synchronous motor, Eaton airflex clutch. Includes trommel discharge, ball mill rejects conveyor, lube system, etc. Offered complete with controls. New in 1979. Completely rebuilt in 1998, Serial number C-2485. Previously used at phosphate minerals processing facility. Also available pumps, spare parts, drives, controls to comprise of complete mill system.
  14. D739660

    Mill, Ball, 13.5' X 28', Metso, 8,800 HP, (2)

    Stock Number: D739660

    (2) Metso 13.5' (4.1 m) diameter x 28' (8.53 m) long ball mill, with ABB 2800 HP (2,088 kW), 900 RPM Motors, 3 Ph, 60 Hz, 4000 volts. Unit includes: clutch: Eaton Airflex 42VC1200 (Dual Wide), speed reducer: Falk 3515Z1S (Ratio: 4.571:1), inching drive: Falk with brake, connected to the extended drive motor shaft, bull gear: 254 teeth, pinion gear: 21 teeth (Ratio: 12.09:1), mill speed: 15.92 RPM, % of critical speed: 76%, trunnion bearing size: 66" x 22" (type: Hydrodynamic Sleeve Bearings), trunnion bearing lube system: 700AL-duplex lubrication system, liners are no longer available; previous mill lining: Chrome (Moly metal liners-double wave design), feed arrangement: feed bowl, lined spout feeder, feed trunnion liner with seal assembly, discharge arrangement: discharge trunnion liner, trommel, and discharge housing.
  15. D739657

    Mill, Ball, 14' X 23', Kobe Steel, Allis Chalmers, No Motor

    Stock Number: D739657

    Kobe Steel/Allis Chalmers, 14' (4.2 m) diameter x 23'(7 m) long ball mill. Unit has feed & discharge trunnion Bbaring housing and inserts. Unit is missing pinion gear, pinion shaft, bull gear, lube system and motor. Grinding capacity at previous installation was 120 MT per hour, single compartment (diaphragm type), grinding media capacity was 150 MT, lubrication of main trunnion bearing (babbit type).
  16. D739655

    Mill, Ball, 14'9" X 24'5", Nordberg, 3,485 HP,

    Stock Number: D739655

    Nordberg ball mill, 14' 9" diameter(4.5 m) x 24' 5" long(7.45 m), type CRRK with roller bearings. Size 4.5 m diameter inside shell diameter x 7.450 m flange to flange (7.0m EGL). Fitted with combination of with composite steel-rubber end and shell linings with rubber grate. Equipped with 2600 kW single pinion drive, consisting of 2600 kW wound rotor induction motor driving through speed reducer and flexible couplings to a single pinion, with inching drive. Lube/cooling sets for gearbox, separate grease lube sets for ring gear and roller bearings and seals. All mill instrumentation and electrics included with mill. Feed chute and trommel included. Liners are reusable and included.
  17. Mill, Ball, 18" X 24", Ceramic Lined, 5 HP

    Mill, Ball, 18" X 24", Ceramic Lined, 5 HP

    Stock Number: C740413

    Ball Mill, 18" X 24", ceramic lined, Batch type that tilts for discharge. Inside dimensions: 16" X 18 1/2" long. Complete with 5 HP motor thru V-Belt drive. On casters, has safety cage and gear guard, excellent condition.
  18. D740109_A

    Mill, Ball, 18' x 24', Allis Chalmers, No motor

    Stock Number: D740109

    Allis Chalmers Ball Mill, 18' x 24', Kobe Steel. No motor included. Comes with pinion, bull gear, 2-piece shell, trunnions, bearing inserts, and trunnion journal. Previously used 4100 KW (5574 HP) motor.
  19. S739708_A

    Mill, Ball, 2'3" X 3'2", 3 HP, Porcelain, 90 Gal, 13 CF

    Stock Number: S739708

    Porcelain ball mill, approximately (2'3" X 3'2") 27" diameter x 38" long with internal brick. Unit is approximately 13 cubit feet (90-gallon) capacity, driven by 3 hp, 220/440 volt, 1880 rpm motor, shaft rpm of 100 thru gearbox. Unit has charge/discharge with cover, mounted bearings, is mounted on carbon steel stand. No nameplate data available.
  20. S739710_A

    Mill, Ball, 2'6" X 1'10", 3 HP, Porcelain, 65 Gal, 9 CF,

    Stock Number: S739710

    Process Equipment porcelain ball mill, approximately (2'6" X 1'10") diameter x 22" long with internal brick. Unit is approx. 9 cu/ft (65 gallon) capacity, driven by 3 hp, 220/440 volt, 1740 rpm motor 11.4:1 ratio, thru gearbox. Unit has charge/discharge with cover, has babbitt bearings, is mounted on carbon steel stand.
  21. D740108_A

    Mill, Ball, 21.75' x 43', ANI, 10,000 KW, Double Pinion, Unused

    Stock Number: D740108

    Unused ANI Mineral Processing Ball Mill, 21.75' x 43', double pinion drive includes (2) 5,000 KW motors. Manufactured in 2001. Wet overflow discharge type. Designed to grind material at a dry rate of 325 MTPH. Includes Polycorp rubber liners, lifters, and liner bolts.
  22. D739646_A

    Mill, Ball, 22' X 36'5", Metso, 6,250 HP, Unused, (2)

    Stock Number: D739646

    (2) Unused Metso ball mill, 22' (6.71 m) diameter x 36' 5" (11.13 m) long, 2- GE Dual Pinion Synchronous 6,250 HP (4,650 kw) 50 Hz motors-operating frequency 50 Hz. Mill speed: 12.44 RPM. Maximum volumetric load: 45%. No liners.
  23. C740223_A

    Mill, Ball, 22' X 38', Metso, 10,000 KW, Unused (2)

    Stock Number: C740223

    (2) Ball Mill, 22' X 38', (6.7m X 11.6m), manufactured by Metso in 2007. Each complete with two 5,000 KW motors (13,410 total HP). 10,000 V, 50 Hz. Complete with controls and electricals. Unused and never installed. Rated at 813 tons per hour nominal capacity. Spare parts including motor also available.
  24. D739645

    Mill, Ball, 26' X 40'6", FL Smidth, No Motor, Unused, (2)

    Stock Number: D739645

    (2) Unused FL Smidth ball mill, 26' (7,925 mm) diameter x 40' 6" (12,344 mm) long, designed for 22,000 HP (16,400 kw) wrap around GMD motor [not included]. No liners.
  25. Mill, Ball, 27' x 46', FL Smidth, 20,500 KW, Wet Grind, Unused

    Mill, Ball, 27' x 46', FL Smidth, 20,500 KW, Wet Grind, Unused

    Stock Number: D740107

    Unused FL Smidth Ball Mill, 27' x 46', includes 20.5 MW gearless wrap-around motor drive. Designed for wet grind applications. Includes bronze hydrostatic multi-pad bearings with (4) pads per bearing.
  26. Mill, Ball, 27' X 46', FL Smidth, Unused,

    Mill, Ball, 27' X 46', FL Smidth, Unused,

    Stock Number: D739659

    Unused FL Smidth wet grind overflow ball mill, 27' (8.23 m) diameter x 46' (14.02 m) long. Discharge with 20.5 MW (20,500 kW) gearless wrap around motor drive, 50 Hz, shell inside diameter: 8,230 mm, shell length: 14,021 mm, shell EGL: 13,956 mm, shell plate thickness: 105 mm, trunnion inside diameter: 3,410 mm, trunnion type: demountable for bolting to heads, bearing type: hydrostatic multi-pad (4 pads per bearing), bearing size: 4,060 mm diameter x 900 mm wide, bearing material: bronze, bearing lubrication type: hydrostatic, feed chute: sump tank, removable spout, mounted on truck assembly.
  27. C739037_A

    Mill, Ball, 3' X 24", Hardinge, Conical Mill,

    Stock Number: C739037

    Hardinge 3' x 24" diameter ball mill, conical shape, includes feed hopper, screw feeder, screw takeaway and discharge elevator. Offered complete with hardened steel factory liners. Liners are in good condition. New motor added 1 year ago and was in good running condition when removed from service.
  28. D740102_A

    Mill, Ball, 3' x 3', Vancouver Engineering Works, 7.5 HP

    Stock Number: D740102

    Vancouver Engineering Works Ball Mill, 3' x 3', chain driven. Includes 7.5 HP Hampton motor, model W0881679. Includes steel liners.
  29. D740106_A

    Mill, Ball, 3' x 5', 25 HP


    Stock Number: D740106

    3' x 5' Ball Mill with 25 HP, 900 RPM EOK motor. Grinding compartment measures 30" x 60". Steel liners are in excellent condition. Includes bull gear, pinion gear, pinion shaft, trunnion bearings.
  30. D739009_A

    Mill, Ball, 4' X 8', Denver, 50 HP, Wet Grind,

    Stock Number: D739009

    Denver 4' diameter X 8' long ball mill, driven by 50 HP, 208-220/440 V, 1785 RPM, 3/60 Hz motor with soft start. Previously used at wet grind ball mill. Includes steel liners (new rubber liners available separately).
  31. D740101_D

    Mill, Ball, 5' x 10', Allis Chalmers, 125 HP

    Stock Number: D740101

    Allis Chalmers Ball Mill, 5' x 10', includes 125 HP motor, 870 RPM. Includes drive sheaves, pinions, bull gears, trunnions, start panels, and liners. Excellent condition.
  32. D739654_A

    Mill, Ball, 6' X 8', Metso, 163 HP, (2)

    Stock Number: D739654

    (2) Metso (Allis/Svedala) ball mill, 6' (1.8 m) diameter x 8' (2.5 m) long, 163 HP (1200 kw).
  33. S484980

    Mill, Ball, 8' X 6', Marcy, 250 HP,

    Stock Number: S484980

    Marcy 8' diameter x 6' long ball mill with trunnion feed and discharge. Rubber liners and lifters. Last used in a wet grind application. Previously driven by 250 HP motor thru gear & pinion. Gears good. Lots of wear on (1) of the trunnions. Mill serial number 700. Previously used in silica sands operation
  34. D733559_A

    Mill, Ball, 9' X 15', Kobe-Allis Chalmers, 600 HP,

    Stock Number: D733559

    Ball mill, 9'diameter (2745mm) x 15' long (4570mm), Manufactured by Kobe-Allis. Last used as regrind ball mills in copper circuit, each complete with Yasakawa 450 kw (603 HP) synchronous motors, 3300 volts, 60 cycles. Rate at 35 metric tons per hour capacity.
  35. D739661

    Mill, Ball, 9.6' X 19.4', Metso, 1,005 HP,

    Stock Number: D739661

    Metso EGL wet overlfow regrind ball mill, 9.6' (3.0 m) diameter x 19.4' (5.95 m) long, pinion speed: 169.3 RPM, mill speed: 18.74 RPM, girth gear: 244 teeth (7.5" right hand, hHelix 25 deg. P.A., 2318 Centres, 1.5 D.P.), pinion: 27 teeth, drive motor: Teco 1005 HP (750 kW), 4,160 volts, 1,182 RPM, 4-pole, 60 Hz, wound rotor 6P, LRS: NHP M350 Vapormatic, reducer: H2SH14 (Ratio: 6.98:1), incher: K148-G13254/L80N, main bearing size: 239/750 Antifriction, low speed coupling: Zapex Zin 6, high speed coupling: N-Eupex A440, main bearings lubrication: Tecalemit grease (dual line), feed spout I.D.: 250, trammel: 0.55m I.D. x 1.5m long.
  36. S738884_A

    Mill, Ball, Batch, 3' x 32", Paul O Abbe, 7.5 HP, C/st

    Stock Number: S738884

    Paul O'Abbe ball mill, 32" diameter x 3' long mounted on stand. Unit is carbon steel contacts, jacketed for water cooling, less drive with 24" gear x 3" and 26" diameter x 5" sheave. Unit has 9-1/2" x 8" door. Unit has 9-1/2" x 8" door.
  37. D739650

    Mill, Ball, Batch, 3'9" X 4', Paul O Abbe, No Motor,

    Stock Number: D739650

    Paul O. Abbe Model 4A pebble/paint mill, 3' 9" (1.14 m) x 4' (1.22 m), ceramic lined, batch type mill. Total mill volume: 251 gallons. Mill speed: 27 RPM when 50% full of pebbles or porcelain balls, missing hatch, Pinion gear: 4" wide, 1' center to center tooth, 120 teeth;drive gear has 28 teeth. Previously driven by a 10 HP electric motor.
  38. S738065_A

    Mill, Ball, Batch, 4' X 2'6", Stevenson, 7.5 HP, Porcelain,

    Stock Number: S738065

    Stevenson batch ball mill, 2'6 diameter X 4' long. Unit is porcelain lined, with carbon steel outer skin. Unit has 7.5 HP, 230/460V, 1760 RPM drive inline to gearbox with ratio of 63. Unit is complete with a-frame stand, less charge. Very good condition.
  39. Z485823_A

    Mill, Ball, Batch, 4' X 5', Fiedler, Porcelain,

    Stock Number: Z485823

    Fiedler pebble mill 60" diameter x 48" long (interior dimensions), with running & discharge door, Includes V-belt to pinion & bull gear drive (less motor), Mounted on stand. Outside dimensions - 11' long x 5' wide x 7'6" tall, Tiles look good and are all there. Overall good condition.
  40. Z501500_A

    Mill, Ball, Batch, 4' X 5', Patterson, Porcelain,

    Stock Number: Z501500

    Mill, paint, pebble, Patterson, 4' x 5', porcelain lined, full charge of assorted sized pebbles, draw off valve opposite loading door, mounted on stand. Unit has gearbox, pinion gear/bull gear drive, less motor.
  41. Z501254_A

    Mill, Ball, Batch, 6' X 5', Jkt, Porcelain,

    Stock Number: Z501254

    Mill, paint, pebble, 6' x 5', jacketed, porcelain lined, combination running and discharge door, less stand. Lining needs repair. Less drive motor.
  42. D739656

    Mill, Ball, Metso, Mdl VTM-1500-WB, 1,500 HP, Unused,

    Stock Number: D739656

    Unused Metso ball mill, Model VTM-1500-WB Vertimill Grinding Mill, Screw Speed: 18.9 RPM, Direction of Screw Rotation: Clockwise (Viewed from Top), Speed Reducer Size and Type: Moventas Planetary Gear Reducer, D3PHX180VM, with External Lubrication System, Speed Reducer Nominal Ratio: 51:1, Mill Drive Motor Size & Speed: Weg, 1,500 hp (1,120 kW), 6000V, 50 Hz, 1000 RPM, Drive Motor Power Draw: 100%, Grinding Media: Steel Grinding Balls.
  43. S485829_A

    Mill, Batch, 2'6" X 3'6", Patterson, 5 HP, C/st, Jkt,

    Stock Number: S485829

    Patterson Steel paint mill, 32" diameter X 42" long, with approx 65 gallon working capacity, batch type mill. Mill is jacketed for 14 PSI as cooling jacket. Unit rated 128 gallons total capacity. Unit is complete, mounted on stand. Overall dimensions are 3' wide x 4' long x 42" high. Mill is in good condition with main bull gear in need replacement. Serial number R-387.
  44. D739651

    Mill, Batch, 3' X 6', 15 HP,

    Stock Number: D739651

    Tumbler batch mill, 3' X 6', driven by a Baldor 15 HP, 1765 RPM, 254T frame, 230/460 volts motor with a Dodge Maxum gear reducer model DC84, Output RPM: 108, Ratio 17:1. Includes Spur Cut bull gear with78 teeth and 4" face, 30" wide X 6' long hatch, and smmothe rubber lining. Pinion Gear: 22 teeth, 4" face, approximately 1-1/4" center to center tooth spacing; Electric Stearns break model 10870600GQF.
  45. S734596

    Mill, Cage, 24", 2 Row, (2) 5 HP, C/st,

    Stock Number: S734596

    Cage mill, 24" diameter, carbon steel construction, complete with 5 HP gear drive and discharge chute. Includes 30" diameter x 18" face includes, (2) sets of cages with 3/4" diameter bars, cages are on 1" spacing, includes 7" diameter feed opening with 9" long screw section to feed in milling area. cages are driven by 5 HP, 1730 RPM, 230/460V, 3/60Hz motor through Reliance gear box, through V-belt drive each cage has independent drives. Appears to be in good condition.
  46. S734997

    Mill, Chopper, Commercial, S/st, 3 HP

    Stock Number: S734997

    Commercial chopper mill, stainless steel, 38-1/2" long x 10-1/2" wide, 21" deep, 3 HP 208-230/460V motor, 1750 RPM, 60Hz includes spray bar. Serial number P7969188.
  47. S738239_A

    Mill, Colloid, Fryma, Type MZ-80/A, S/st, 3 HP,

    Stock Number: S738239

    Fryma mill, type MZ-80/A, all stainless steel contacts, 2" inlet & 2-1/2" outlet. Unit is driven by a 2.2kW, 480V, 3460 RPM motor direct connected to milling blade. Unitized on stainless steel portable base with hand-crank hoist. Serial# M16431. Very good condition.
  48. C735720

    Mill, Colloid, Gould, Mdl SD2-0, S/st, 25 HP,

    Stock Number: C735720

    Gould colloid mill. Unit is stainless steel, has 2" inlet/outlet, 25 HP, 230/460V, 3520 RPM drive. Unit is Model SD20, serial number 2734.
  49. C534901 (1)

    Mill, Colloid, Greerco, Mdl W-500-H, S/st, 10 HP,

    Stock Number: C534901

    Colloid mill, inline high shear mixer, stainless steel, manufactured by Greerco Corp., Model # W-500-H, new in 1989. Driven by 10 HP, 3500 RPM, 230/460V vari-speed Reliance XP motor. Last used as an emulsifier in manufacturing of ceramic powders. On base. Less head plate, jacketed stator housing & stator. Good condition. Serial #'s 3203021 & 3203032.
  50. L740394_A

    Mill, Colloid, IKA Works, Mdl DR2000/40, S/st, 150 HP,

    Stock Number: L740394

    Colloid Mill, High shear mixer, DISPAX REACTOR, inline, manufactured by IKA Works, 2000 series, type DR2000/40, stainless steel contacts, 11" diameter milling chamber, 6" diameter inlet, 4" diameter outlet, Model number P012237. Belt driven high-shear mixer, 150 HP, 1785 RPM, 460V, 3/60hz motor. Complete with Flowserve seal reservoir, rated for 960 PSI @ 100 deg. F. Rated for up to 300 GPM (water @ 70 deg. F); 4,290 FPM tip speed; 27,300 s-1 shear rate at each rotor/stator set; 0.03" radial gap. Three stage dispersing machine for micro-emulsions and very fine suspensions. Unitized on common stainless steel base. Serial number 2228-09. Very good condition. Additional information available upon request.

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