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  1. S734733

    Mill, Attritor, Szegvari, Jkt,

    Stock Number: S734733

    Replacement or spare pressure bowl for Szegvari batch type attritor mill. Unit fits Szegvari size 1S mill and features stainless steel contact parts, jacket for cooling and capability for pressurized service to 15 PSI. Bowl is in excellent condition.
  2. C734666_A

    Mill, Attritor, Union Process, 3/4 HP, Jkt,

    Stock Number: C734666

    Attritor mill, intermittent type attritor, manufactured by Union Process, size 1S, type B, complete with stainless steel, jacketed tank. Tank measures 5" diameter x 6" deep, includes stainless steel agitator with paddles. Complete with 3/4 HP, DC drive thru gearbox with unltracon "screw drive" vari-speed controls. Previously used to grind ceramic powders. Appears to be in very good condition. Includes spare agitator.
  3. S734596

    Mill, Cage, 24", 2 Row, (2) 5 HP, C/st,

    Stock Number: S734596

    Cage mill, 24" diameter, carbon steel construction, complete with 5 HP gear drive and discharge chute. Includes 30" diameter x 18" face includes, (2) sets of cages with 3/4" diameter bars, cages are on 1" spacing, includes 7" diameter feed opening with 9" long screw section to feed in milling area. cages are driven by 5 HP, 1730 RPM, 230/460V, 3/60Hz motor through Reliance gear box, through V-belt drive each cage has independent drives. Appears to be in good condition.
  4. S734997

    Mill, Chopper, Commercial, S/st, 3 HP

    Stock Number: S734997

    Commercial chopper mill, stainless steel, 38-1/2" long x 10-1/2" wide, 21" deep, 3 HP 208-230/460V motor, 1750 RPM, 60Hz includes spray bar. Serial number P7969188.
  5. C534901 (1)

    Mill, Colloid, Greerco, Mdl W-500-H, S/st, 10 HP,

    Stock Number: C534901

    Colloid mill, inline high shear mixer, stainless steel, manufactured by Greerco Corp., Model # W-500-H, new in 1989. Driven by 10 HP, 3500 RPM, 230/460V vari-speed Reliance XP motor. Last used as an emulsifier in manufacturing of ceramic powders. On base. Less head plate, jacketed stator housing & stator. Good condition. Serial #'s 3203021 & 3203032.
  6. S464905_A

    Mill, Colloid, Morehouse, Mdl A-200, 3/4 HP,

    Stock Number: S464905

    Colloid mill, Morehouse Industries, model A-200, serial number 242, with 2" diameter stone, direct connected at top 3/4 HP 3/60Hz, 230/460V/3500 RPM motor. Top may be missing. Incomplete unit.
  7. S734916

    Mill, Colloid, Ystral, S/st, 40 HP,

    Stock Number: S734916

    Ystral GmbH high shear colloid style mill / inline disperser with all stainless steel contact parts. Unit is complete with 30 kW / 40 HP main motor drive, 440V, 3540 RPM direct connected to mill head. Motor is type C30 0005/Conti-TDS-4, manufactured in Germany, Serial number 15664693. Unit features water / product cooled seal and is mounted on portable stainless steel stand. Has 3" in/out nozzles. Unit is in excellent condition.
  8. Z466350

    Mill, Disintegrator, Griffith, Mdl A, S/st, 100 HP,

    Stock Number: Z466350

    Mill, disintegrator, Mince Master, Model A, Griffith, stainless steel, 100 HP, 460V, V-belt drive, 1775 RPM, 2900 RPM shaft, 36" x 30" feed hopper, 4" ACME thread discharge unit, purees product & pumps product out discharge, last run on dog food line.
  9. C730779_A

    Mill, Disintegrator, Rietz, Mdl RD-18-H32, C/st, 150 HP, (3)

    Stock Number: C730779

    (3) Rietz disintegrator mill, Model RD-18-H32, 18" grinding chamber, carbon steel contact parts, complete with 150 HP, 3550 RPM, 460, 3 phase direct connected motor.
  10. C466425

    Mill, Disintegrator, Rietz, Mdl RD-24-D, C/st, 150 HP,

    Stock Number: C466425

    Rietz disintegrator mill, Model RD-24-D, carbon steel contacts with 150 HP 3 phase 60 cycle, 440V, 3550 RPM motor. Serial number 2416.
  11. Mill, Dispersion, Kady, S/st, 30 HP, OC-30, Jkt,

    Mill, Dispersion, Kady, S/st, 30 HP, OC-30, Jkt,

    Stock Number: Z468800

    Kady mill, Model OC-30, serial number 1829, with 60 gallon stainless steel jacketed tank and 30 HP under driven agitator. Mill is mounted on structural steel stand.
  12. Mill, Entoleter, C/st, 10 HP, 220/440, Less Hopper Feed,

    Mill, Entoleter, C/st, 10 HP, 220/440, Less Hopper Feed,

    Stock Number: Z469300

    Mill, Entoleter, carbon steel, 10 HP, 220/440, less hopper feed. Type FTM.
  13. Mill, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 15 HP,

    Mill, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 15 HP,

    Stock Number: S470685

    FitzMill, model DASO-6, unit has horizontal throat feed, single edged knife blades. Complete with 15 HP, 3520 RPM, 3-phase, 60 cycle, 230/460V. On 48" high stand. Serial number 6926.
  14. Mill, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 20 HP, Screw Feeder,

    Mill, Fitz, DASO-6, S/st, 20 HP, Screw Feeder,

    Stock Number: S470680

    Mill, Fitzpatrick model DASO-6, stainless steel, complete with 20 HP motor, screw feeder with 2 HP vari-drive motor, fixed blunt hammers with stelite tips, water-cooled bearings, on stand with discharge hopper and control panel. Serial number RD6-4342.
  15. Mill, Fitz, DKS-12, S/st, 10 HP, Chute Feed,

    Mill, Fitz, DKS-12, S/st, 10 HP, Chute Feed,

    Stock Number: S470674

    FitzMill, model DKS-12, hammermill, manufactured by Fitzpatrick, complete with fixed knife blade hammers, stainless steel construction. Unit is mounted on base with 10 HP V-belt drive, 220/440 volt, 3600 RPM. Mill is 4-piece construction design with Waukesha bronze side plates, stainless steel end plates. Unit needs complete new set of hammers.
  16. Mill, Fitz, F8, S/st, 25 HP,

    Mill, Fitz, F8, S/st, 25 HP,

    Stock Number: Z470682

    Mill, Fitzpatrick Model F8, stainless steel, with carbon steel swing type blades and a 25 HP V-belt drive and is unitized on frame.
  17. Mill, Fitz, F-9, S/st, 30 HP,

    Mill, Fitz, F-9, S/st, 30 HP,

    Stock Number: S470650

    FitzMill, Fitzpatrick model F-9, stainless steel, 16 stair-step fixed hammers, direct connected to 30 HP 220/440 volt, 3/60Hz cycle motor, on frame, water cooled bearings. Serial number F-9/2724.
  18. C730769_A

    Mill, Fitz, H30, C/st, 250 HP, Horizontal Feed Throat , (2),

    Stock Number: C730769

    (2) Mill, Fitzpatrick, Model H-30, series HAQ-30-313, 18" diameter x 30" long rotor, carbon steel contact parts, swinging straight blades, removable grinding chamber wear liners, horizontal feed throat, liquid feed, insulated, driven by Baldor 250 HP, 3550 RPM, 440Volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle motor, on common base.
  19. S735010

    Mill, Fitz, Homoloid, S/st, 3 HP, Mdl J,

    Stock Number: S735010

    Fitz Homoloid mill, model J, stainless steel contacts, swinging hammers driven by 3 HP, 230/460V, 3485 RPM, 3/60Hz motor, mounted on portable base, with start/stop control box.
  20. Mill, Fitz, Homoloid, S/st, 2 HP, Mdl J9, Less Face Plate

    Mill, Fitz, Homoloid, S/st, 2 HP, Mdl J9, Less Face Plate

    Stock Number: S472036

    FitzMill, Homoloid, stainless steel, model J9. Unit has feed opening of 2" x 6", discharge is 8". Unit has Baldor 3 HP 208-230/460V, 3-phase, 3450 RPM motor. Feed has 3 sets of 4 blades, less screens. Less face plate, frame size 1451, Serial number 1163.
  21. Mill, Fitz, KSO-7, S/st, 30 HP, Stairstep Blades,

    Mill, Fitz, KSO-7, S/st, 30 HP, Stairstep Blades,

    Stock Number: S470710

    FitzMill, Fitzpatrick model KSO-7, serial number 6297, with stainless steel stairstep blades and housing. Mill is driven by 30 HP 3/60Hz, 230/460V/1770 RPM motor and V-belt drive giving a rotor speed of approx. 1500 RPM. Mill and drive mounted on a structural steel stand.
  22. S734924

    Mill, Granulator, Colton, Hopper, S/st, 1/2 HP

    Stock Number: S734924

    Colton granulator, includes hopper 14" x 16" inlet, 6" diameter discharge. Unit is stainless steel, 1/2 HP V-belt drive. granulator measures 5" x 18", carbon steel frame, on stand.
  23. H734244_A

    Mill, Lump Breaker, 12" X 12", C/st, 5 HP, Atlantic,

    Stock Number: H734244

    Clinker grinder, lump breaker, grinding chamber measures 12" x 12", includes (13) 5/8" thick fixed steel hammers, mounted on 3-1/2" diameter Shaft. Chamber has slot-type discharge with 3/4" slots. Manufactured by Atlantic Coast Crushers, Inc., Model number 00518EP3E184TC, driven by 5 HP, 208-230/460 volt, 1745 RPM motor thru gear reducer, rotor rated for 180 RPM. Direct connect couplings also available, includes inlet & outlet adapters to give 8" & 12" diameter openings. New in 2002. Unused and in excellent condition.
  24. S479970

    Mill, Hog, Hydro-flaker, C/st, 100 HP,

    Stock Number: S479970

    Hog mill, hydra flaker, unit has 24" diameter x 26" rotating drum with approximately 4" wide knives for shredding frozen block. Unit has 26" x 30" feed chute. Mill is V-belt driven by approx. 100 HP main motor drive. All carbon steel contact parts. Last used shredding frozen meat blocks.
  25. S479979

    Mill, Hog, Mitts & Merrill, C/st, 75 HP, Mdl 13CD,

    Stock Number: S479979

    Mill, Mitts & Merrill, model 13CD, wood hog. Mill has 30" diameter x 13" wide solid rotor with adjustable knives. Requires up to 75 HP.
  26. C734525

    Mill, Hog, West Salem, C/st, 200 HP, Mdl 2852BH,

    Stock Number: C734525

    Hog mill, West Salem Machinery, Model# 2852BH, carbon steel, driven by 200 HP, 1165 RPM, 460V, 3/60hz motor, rotor measures 28" diameter X 52" face. Also includes feed roll with 1-1/2" high welded teeth, on 6" spacing, driven by 10 HP motor thru gearbox. There are (2) hammer styles mounted on common shaft, including a rounded hammer with center hole and teeth with hardened tips. Part of pallet recycling plant & also incudes pallet feeder with dual chain conveyor, vibratory feeder & inclined oscillating table. Serial# for mill 138990. Pallet feeder Model# 412, serial@ 7192. vibratory feeder, nameplate is not legible. Inclined oscillating table,Model# 48HD, serial# 164291.
  27. S516500

    Mill, Impact, Tas, C/st, 350 HP, Mdl 42B, (2)

    Stock Number: S516500

    (2) Vertical shaft impact mill, Theory Application Service (TAS) Model 42B with 350 HP vertical v-belted electric motor drive. Mill has a 42" diameter 5-stage rotor and last used to mill coal to 200 mesh for kiln feed at the rate of 6 TPH in a cement plant. Drawings available.
  28. S735140

    Mill, Jars, (7) 9.5 x 12", SZ1, 1.3 Gal, S/st

    Stock Number: S735140

    Stainless steel grinding jar, Size 1 with 1.3 gallon total capacity. Unit has positive lid locking bar and hand wheel for easy use. Jar measures 8" inside diameter x 8" inside height, 9.5" x 12" overall dims. Very good condition, for use with Item #'s S734586 or S734841.
  29. S734841

    Mill, Jar, Frame W/drive, 1 HP, Less Jars, (2)

    Stock Number: S734841

    (2) Jar mill frame, complete with 1 HP, 230/460V vari-speed drive. Unit has 8 sets of power rollers, 1-1/2" diameter x 25" long each on two tiers. Unit has carbon steel frame, offered less jars.
  30. S464925

    Mill, Lump Breaker, 5" X 12", S/st, 3 HP, Wyssmont

    Stock Number: S464925

    Wyssmont 2-reel lump breaker, all stainless steel contacts, 5" diameter x 12" face open reels, each driven by 1-1/2 HP motors with split pulley V-belt drive arrangement. Rotor spins approximately 1230 RPM. Serial number DRCB-156.
  31. Z482100_A

    Mill, Mikro, 2GF, C/st, 5 HP,

    Stock Number: Z482100

    Mill, Mikro-Pulverizer, Model 2GF, carbon steel, driven by a 5 HP 220/440V belt drive, mounted on frame with legs, serial number 10021.
  32. Mill, Mikro, 2DH, C/st, No Drive, Less Feed

    Mill, Mikro, 2DH, C/st, No Drive, Less Feed

    Stock Number: S482011

    Mikro Pulverizer model 2DH with 2 wide stirrup hammers. Unit is carbon steel contact parts, rated to 7000 RPM. Unit is less screw feeder, complete with cover. Mill mounted on stand, less main motor drive. Unit needs new bearings, seals, drive and sandblast and painted.
  33. C481251

    Mill, Mikro, FP-7, C/st, Hosokawa, 600 HP, (2)

    Stock Number: C481251

    (2) Mill, Mikro-Pulverizer, Hosokawa, Model FP-7, airswept hammermill with Whizzer. Carbon steel contact parts. Previously driven by 600 HP, 900 RPM motor. Grinding chamber complete with replaceable liners, 60" x 6'8"; rotor assembly with 12 rolls, 40 hammers/row, 900 RPM single Whizzer with 30 HP vari-drive, mills unused, still in crates, designed to grind 7500 to 9000 lbs/hr of dry crushed soy beans, feed @ 1/8 minus; grind to 90% @ 100 mesh.
  34. S734614

    Mill, Muller, Grinder, Fritsch, Pulverisette

    Stock Number: S734614

    Fritsch rotor speed muller grinder mill. Unit is 100/240V has controls, manufactured new 1995. Serial number 14. 10212194.
  35. S496300

    Mill, Quadro, Comil, 196-S, S/st, 15 HP,

    Stock Number: S496300

    Quadro CoMil model 196S, with 15 HP XP direct drive main motor, 220/440V, 900 RPM. Designed to grind between 10,000 and 30,000 lbs/hr with reduced fines generation. All 316 stainless steel contact parts. Previously used in pharmaceutical operation. Recommended for food, pharmaceutical, fine chemical & cosmetic processing industry. Unit offered as bare mill with drive, less frame and discharge screen.
  36. C731945_A

    Mill, Raymond, Imp, 51, 200 HP,

    Stock Number: C731945

    ABB raymond, IMP mill, Model number 51. Last used 200 HP direct connected motor (not available). Included is a spare rotor, shaft and mounting base for motor. Last used on talc, new 1985, serial number 85074.
  37. Mill, Raymond, Screen, #1, 18" X 24", Est 25 HP,

    Mill, Raymond, Screen, #1, 18" X 24", Est 25 HP,

    Stock Number: Z517890

    Screen mill, raymond, Model #1, with 8" x 15" feed opening, 18" x 24" grinding chamber, carbon steel contacts, reversible hammers, and no drive (requires approx 25 HP). capacity of unit is 2000# to 1500#/hr depending on material. Serial number 33100.
  38. S467905

    Mill, Rietz, Fluffer, RF-18-K, S/st, Less Drive

    Stock Number: S467905

    Rietz fluffer mill, model RF-18-K. Unit has stainless steel contact parts, unitized on stand, less drive. Unit requires approx. 20 HP drive, 10" diameter feed, similar to a garbage disposal. Serial number RF83003392.
  39. S735116

    Mill, Sand, Morehouse Cowles, 12" X 4-1/2", C/st, 40 HP

    Stock Number: S735116

    Sand mill, Morehouse Cowles, 12" diameter x 4-1/2' high grinding chamber, carbon steel construction, includes water inlets/outlets in grinding chamber. Driven by approximately 40 HP motor (no nameplate) through V-belt drive. Also include diaphragm pump with 1-1/4" in/out. Complete with (2) buckets of grinding media.
  40. Mill, Sand, Morehouse-Cowles, 7-15-X, 15 HP,

    Mill, Sand, Morehouse-Cowles, 7-15-X, 15 HP,

    Stock Number: Z506586

    Mill, sand, Morehouse-Cowles, Model 7-15-X, exp, complete with 15 HP, 220Volt drive. Unit offered less pump, was using wilden pump.
  41. Mill, Sand, Morehouse-Cowles, 7-15-X, 10 HP,

    Mill, Sand, Morehouse-Cowles, 7-15-X, 10 HP,

    Stock Number: Z506587

    Mill, sand, Morehouse-Cowles, Model 7-15-X, exp, complete with 10 HP exp drive, 220V drive, unit offered less pump, was using wilden.
  42. S523590

    Mill, Vibratory, Sweco, M18SJ, 1/4 HP,

    Stock Number: S523590

    Sweco Vibro-Energy grinding mill, model M18SJ, with 1/4 HP 3/60/208V/1200 RPM motor. All 304 stainless steel contacts with jacketed grinding chamber.
  43. Mill, Vibratory, Sweco, M-45, C/st, 2.5 HP,

    Mill, Vibratory, Sweco, M-45, C/st, 2.5 HP,

    Stock Number: S523530

    Mill, Sweco Vibro-Energy wet grinding, model M-45. Low amp mill. Unit has maximum working capacity of 27 gallons, includes welded-in stainless steel liner. Complete with 2.5 HP, 1200 RPM, 440V, 3-phase, 60Hz drive motor, carbon steel cover. Mill is in very good condition, offered less media charge. Serial number is 45M-263-3.
  44. C735720

    Mill, Colloid, Gould, Mdl SD2-0, S/st, 25 HP,

    Stock Number: C735720

    Gould colloid mill. Unit is stainless steel, has 2" inlet/outlet, 25 HP, 230/460V, 3520 RPM drive. Unit is Model SD20, serial number 2734.
  45. C736095

    Mill, Attritor, Union Process, Mdl Q-100, Jkt,

    Stock Number: C736095

    Attritor mill, manufactured by Union Process, Model# Q-100, complete with stainless steel, jacketed tank. Complete with main 100 HP/33.3 HP, 1750/570 RPM, 131/93 amps, 3/60Hz, 2-speed drive, through Textron cone drive gear reducer with 10:1 ratio. Very good condition.
  46. S736455

    Mill, Mikro, 2TH, C/st, 20 HP,

    Stock Number: S736455

    Mikro Pulverizer model 2TH with 2 wide stirrup hammers. Unit is carbon steel contact parts, rated to 4500 RPM. Unit is complete with triple screw feeder with fractional HP motor drive. Mill has 20 HP, 220/440 volt XP main motor drive, complete with cover. Mill mounted on stand. Unit offered as is in running condition. Serial number 75J5065.
  47. C736519

    Mill, Sand, Petzholdt, 10" X 4-1/2', C/st,

    Stock Number: C736519

    Media mill, manufactured by Petzholdt, measures 10" diameter x 4-1/2' high, carbon steel construction, jacketed with 1" jkt connections, includes media/ball charge, used in chocolate processing facility. Recently replaced bearings. Comparable to Model HKM80. Good condition.
  48. S736713

    Mill, Pug, 19" X 15" X 14", Walker, S/st, 3/4 HP,

    Stock Number: S736713

    Walker pug mill, measures 19" x 15-1/2" x 14" deep, stainless steel contacts, includes hopper leading to milling section, with 1-1/2" diameter shaft including (17) 3" x 3" paddles on common shaft and 8 stationary paddles welded to inner wall of hopper. Milling section leads to 8" diameter auger discharge leading to 2" x 4" side-end discharge. Mounted on mild steel frame, shaft is driven by 3/4 HP, 1-phase, 60 cycle, 115/230V motor through gearbox, hopper section includes a hinged cover. Good condition.
  49. Mill, Pellet, California, 150, C/st, 150 HP

    Mill, Pellet, California, 150, C/st, 150 HP

    Stock Number: A736727

    Pellet mill, manufactured by California Pellet Mill (CPM), Model 150, driven by 150 HP, 440V main drive, reported to be in good condition.
  50. A736765

    Mill, Vibratory, Palla, 50, 100 HP, Jkt, Micronizer

    Stock Number: A736765

    Palla vibrating ball mill, Micronizer, Model# 50, complete with 100 HP main drive and control box, unit is water jacketed. Can be used on explosive materials. Capable of milling down to sub-20 micron level. Very good condition.

Items 1 to 50 of 167 total

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