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  1. C740031_A

    Cooler, Pellet, 36" X 36" X 36", 7.5 HP, Vibratory Screen

    Stock Number: C740031

    Colorado Mill Model Number CF-3-SCR pellet cooler. Includes vertical chamber measuring 36" x 36" x 36" high, feeding to vibratory screen, including wire mesh screen with ¼" square openings. Rated for a capacity of 1 - 3 tons/hr, depending on product. Previously used with 7.5 HP blower (less blower), 1 HP discharge grid motor and 1/4 HP screen motor.
  2. Screen, 2' X 7', Deamco, Vibratory, S/st, Eccentric, Food Gr

    Screen, 2' X 7', Deamco, Vibratory, S/st, Eccentric, Food Gr

    Stock Number: S733894

    Deamco vibratory screener, 2' x 7' screen area with sanitary stainless steel contact parts. Unit mounted painted carbon steel frame, approx. 6' off floor. Drive is 2 HP, 220/440V drive on mechanical eccentric. Screen has open trough discharge on oversize and 5" diameter discharge on fines. Screener includes stainless screen with approx. 1/4" square openings. Unit is in very good condition.
  3. C740036_A

    Screen, 24-1/2" X 22-1/4", Cleaner, Seed, Triple, (2)

    Stock Number: C740036

    (2) Clipper Seed & Grain Model Eclipse 324 seed cleaner, includes hopper/feeder, which spreads seeds evenly on top screen. Includes (3) 24-1/2" x 22-1/4" screen. Includes 3/4 HP heavy duty eccentric shoe drive. Rated for 115/230 volt, 1-phase, 60Hz. Serial number A7916. Clipper is a Division of Ferrell-Ross. Cleaner leads to 4" diameter X 9' long screw conveyor and 6" diameter X approx. 25' high vertical screw conveyor.
  4. C738356_A

    Screen, 4' X 4', Concentrating, Oliver, Mdl 6048BM, Fan

    Stock Number: C738356

    Screen, concentrating, 48" wide x 48" long bed, manufactured by Oliver Mfg. Co, model# 6048BM, "hand-stoner," includes bottom mounted blower, used to separate lighter material, driven by 7-1/2 HP, 208-230/460V, 1725 RPM, 3/60hz motor. Serial# S-1675, new in 1995.
  5. C739279_A

    Screen, 4' X 6', S/st, Dewatering, Conveyor, Trough,

    Stock Number: C739279

    Stainless Steel Dewatering Conveyor/Wash Tank. Trough measures 4' X 6' with approximately 1" spacing between rods. Driven by 2-1/2 HP, 230/460V motor through gearbox and chain and sprocket.
  6. C740072 (1)

    Screen, 60" x 36", C/st, Dehuller, Telleres Belgrano,

    Stock Number: C740072

    Telleres Bellgrano Model TB-76 Screen, last used as dehuller for sunflower seeds, bed measures 60" long x 36" wide with top deck including approximately 1/4" diameter perforations and bottom deck with 1/8" diameter perforations. Driven by 1.1 kW motor. New in 2006. Includes bottom mounted vibratory mechanism. Still installed and discharges to auger conveyors (available separately). Good condition.
  7. Screen, Centrif., S/st, Sweco, 3/4 HP

    Screen, Centrif., S/st, Sweco, 3/4 HP

    Stock Number: S668490

    Sweco centrifugal white water screen model WWF-1291L, stainless steel construction, 24" x 36". Unit has 18" side glass manway, 3" and 6" bottom flangd openings, (1) 6" side flanged opening. Unit is driven by 3/4 HP drive. Less screens.
  8. S737960_A

    Screen, Cuccolini, 48", S/st, Single Deck, VP2, Sweco

    Stock Number: S737960

    Vibratory screen, 48" diameter, single deck screen, low profile, manufactured by Cuccolini, Model number VP2-1200-2X, all stainless steel contacts, includes top cover, (2) side mounted motovibrators, unitized on base. Previously used in fine particle slurry separation. Very good condition. Spare screens, motors and decks are also available.
  9. C740345_A

    Screen, Derrick, 36" X 12', Mdl C36 120A-2SM

    Stock Number: C740345

    Vibratory screen, manufactured by Derrick, model number K36 120A-2SM. Screening section measures 36" wide X 12' long. Individual screen panels measure 34" wide X 57" long. Includes cylindrical Derrick vibrator unit. Previously used in mining operation. Good condition.
  10. Screen, Midwestern, 60", Single, C/st,

    Screen, Midwestern, 60", Single, C/st,

    Stock Number: H668404

    Midwestern single deck Model ME series 60" carbon steel unit. Sifter includes outboard 3 HP drive. Unit features springs and sandblasted and painted. Ball cleaning kit $950, each.
  11. S739352 (1)

    Screen, Parabolic, 24", Single, Andritz, Mdl 554-2-36

    Stock Number: S739352

    Andritz waste water screen, Model 554-2-36. Andritz Micrasieve pressure fed parabolic screen. Includes (1) 24" wide screen with 120 degree bend., with 500 micron screen. With 2" diameter feed inlet and (2) 8" diameter outlets. Equipment is all stainless steel construction. Serial number 97-25.  
  12. S739351 (1)

    Screen, Parabolic, 24", Twin, Andritz, Pressure

    Stock Number: S739351

    Andritz waste water screen, dual Micrasieve pressure fed parabolic screen. Includes (2) 24" wide screens with 120 degree bend, 200 micron screen.  (1) 8" and (1) 6" diameter outlets. Equipment is all stainless steel construction. Includes feeder pipe with (8) 1-1/2" diameter inlets. Doors measure 25" X 25" and 37" X 26". Body dimensions are 32" X 53.5" X 102".
  13. C739168_A

    Screen, Parabolic, 36" X 48", Coastline Equip., S/st,

    Stock Number: C739168

    Straight/parabolic screen, stainless steel construction. Unit measures 36" wide X 48" long with a slotted screen. Manufactured by Coastline Equipment, model # 6308, serial 22762-1. Last used in a food operation.
  14. C739164_A

    Screen, Parabolic, 36", Dewatering, S/st,

    Stock Number: C739164

    Dewatering straight screen, stainless steel construction. Unit is 36" wide. Similar to a parabolic screen. Last used in a food operation. Good condition.
  15. S739027

    Screen, Parabolic, 72", Bauer, Mdl. 552F, Size 72, S/st,

    Stock Number: S739027

    CE Bauer Parabolic Screen, Hydrasieve static screener, model 552F, Size 72, 72" wide screening section with stainless steel screen, .020 screen spacing. Frame is constructed of fiberglass and unitized on steel base. Previously used as waste water treatment screen at food processing facility. Serial number 91684. Good condition.
  16. C739984_A

    Screen, Parabolic, 84", S/st, Straight Screen, 0.035"

    Stock Number: C739984

    Stainless steel 84" wide straight dewatering screen. Screen is 11' overall height with a 7' long slotted screen section, slots are 0.035". Previously used at distillery for waste water.
  17. C734608

    Screen, Rotary, 12" x 24", Tec Eng, S/st, 1/2 HP

    Stock Number: C734608

    TEC Engineering Corp stainless steel rotary screener, 12" diameter x 24" long, drum includes 1/2" diameter perforations. Unit is Model Drum Sep Screen, serial number 04 02 035. Unit is 115V 1/2 HP with vari drive. Screen size is 5. Excellent condition.
  18. C739289_A

    Screen, Rotary, 18" X 5', S/st, Spray Bar,

    Stock Number: C739289

    Rotary Screen, stainless steel construction. Unit measures 18" diameter X 5' long, screening section measures 3'6" long, with 1/8" diameter perforations. Includes internal spray bar. Complete with three (3) 1-1/2" high lifters. Mounted on stainless steel frame with hopper. 3" diameter outlet.
  19. S739390_A

    Screen, Rotary, 24" X 60", Sizer, C/st,

    Stock Number: S739390

    Rotary screen sizer, 60" long x 24" diameter. Unit has a carbon steel screen with 1" diameter perforations, and 36" sizing section. Driven by 1 HP, 230/460 Volt, 1710 RPM motor. Mounted on portable frame with casters. Good condition.
  20. A739462_A

    Screen, Rotary, 25" X 48", S/st, Dontech, 0.020 Screen

    Stock Number: A739462

    Dewatering rotary screen, screening area measures 25" diameter X 48" face, with 0.020 screen openings. Equipment is all stainless steel construction. Manufactured by Dontech, Inc., Model number RDS2548. Complete with SEW-Eurodrive drum drive. New in 2000 and in very good condition.
  21. C739902_A

    Screen, Rotary, 36" x 8', S/st, Valley Welding, Dewatering,

    Stock Number: C739902

    Stainless steel rotary screen, measures 36" diameter X 8' long, with approx. 1/8" diameter perforations in screen. Manufactured by Valley Welding and Machine Works. Includes under mounted pyramid shaped discharge chute, leading to 4" diameter liquid outlet. Drum is driven by approx. 2 HP motor thru chain drive. Unitized on stainless steel frame & legs. Previously used at winery.
  22. S733231

    Screen, Rotary, 6" X 24", S/st, Prater, 3 HP,

    Stock Number: S733231

    Rotary screen, 6" diameter x 24" long, stainless steel construction, 3/8" perforations, manufactured by Prater, model 91-B, serial# 395116. Complete with 6" diameter feed, 5" x 16" solids discharge, 13" diameter discharge hinged door on end. Complete with 3 HP, 230/460V, 1750 RPM, 3/60Hz cycle drive. Good condition.
  23. S740426_A

    Screen, Rotary, 9" x 26", Mauler, 5.5 HP, S/st, Screw

    Stock Number: S740426

    Mauler stainless steel rotary screw/screen measuring 9" diameter x 26" long screen 1/8" mesh, screw 9" diameter x 41" long. Unit has 14" x 10" inlet, (2) 5"diameter outlets liquid and solids. Driven by 5.5 hp, 460 volt, 1775 rpm.
  24. S739092_A

    Screen, Rotary, Kice, 16" x 36", Mdl EA-36, 1/2 Hp

    Stock Number: S739092

    Kice model EA-36 rotary sifter, 16" diameter x 36" long, carbon steel construction, driven by 1/2 HP, 230/460 volt, 1745 RPM gearhead drive. Unit has 5" x 6" top inlet, 5" oversize discharge and 8" x 8" fines discharge. Serial number 81025751
  25. S738307_A

    Screen, Rotex, 60" X 120", S/st, Screens Only, (dozens)

    Stock Number: S738307

    (50) replacement screens for Rotex screening units, 60" wide x 120" long, stainless steel mesh screens, various mesh sizes available (36, 64, 84, 200). Some slightly used and many unused.
  26. Screen, S/st, 150 Mesh, 21" x 40", (2)

    Screen, S/st, 150 Mesh, 21" x 40", (2)

    Stock Number: S734622

    (2) Screen, stainless steel, 21" diameter x 40" straight side. Screen is approx. 150-200 mesh.
  27. S737976_A

    Screen, Sifter, Gilson, 24", 1/3 HP, S/st, (2)

    Stock Number: S737976

    (2) Gilson sifter screen, 24" x 16" wide, 5 screens, model TS-1, has 12" x 16" opening working area. Screens are 3" deep x 1-1/2" apart. Unit driven by Dayton 1/3 HP 115V, 1725 RPM drive. Serial number's 13480 and 12298. (#1) screen has sieve gaps sizes of 3" ,1", 3/4", 3/8" & 3/16". (#2) screen has sieve gap sizes of 1", 1/2", 3/4", 3/8", 3/16" & 3/32".
  28. S739758_A

    Screen, Sifter, Gump, 28", Double Deck,

    Stock Number: S739758

    Sifting screen, manufactured by Gump. Unit has two decks measuring 28" X 28". Unit has a 6" diameter inlet leading to wire mesh screen with two (2) ball cleaning decks as well as two 5" diameter outlets. Unit driven by 3/4 HP, 230/460 V, 3/60 Hz motor. Previously used at dessert manufacturing facility.
  29. C738276_A

    Screen, Sifter, Gump, 32", CP-32, S/st, Pneumatic, Pressure,

    Stock Number: C738276

    Pneumatic in-line screen, sifter, 32" diameter, manufactured by Gump, Model# CP-32, pressure sifter, stainless steel contacts, 13 PSI working pressure, 20 PSI test pressure, serial#'s 2210 & 2241. Previously used at toner processing facility. Good condition.
  30. S664635

    Screen, Sifter, Gump, CP-43, S/st, Pressure, 48",

    Stock Number: S664635

    Gump Bar-Nun CP43 pneumatic in-line screens, 48" diameter pressure sifter, 15 PSI, test pressure 25 PSI (1) 6" inlet, (1) 5" outlet. (3) stainless steel sieves and (2) stainless steel trays. Screen area 33 sq. ft. With 2 HP, 340/460v, 3-phase, 60Hz enclosed, and static free motor, V-belt drive with belt guard. Dust tight, screening chamber is 304 stainless steel, capable of operating up to 15 PSI, feature flexible inlet and outlet connections for vacuum system, are complete with stainless steel ball carrier wire and rubber ball cleaners.
  31. S738299 (2)

    Screen, Sifter, Pfening, 30", S/st, 1 HP, Flour,

    Stock Number: S738299

    Screen, flour sifter, 30" diameter, manufactured by Pfening, all stainless steel contacts. Unit has a 30" diameter bowl with 4" inlet/outlet. Screen is driven by 1 HP, 230/460V, 1725 RPM, 3/60Hz motor with start/stop controls included. Mounted on mild-steel base. Serial number 258. Good working condition.
  32. C739496_A

    Screen, Sweco, 18", Single Deck, S/st, 1/4 HP

    Stock Number: C739496

    Sweco 18" dia screen. Unit is stainless steel, single deck with high profile decks. Unit includes top cover, is model number LS18Y55HSP3P4, serial number 392129-A-04/88. Cover has 1-1/2" top inlet and 5" outlet on bottom deck, unitized on stainless steel frame, previously used in pharmaceutical operation.
  33. S739476 (1)

    Screen, Sweco, 30", Single, S/st, 1/2 HP,

    Stock Number: S739476

    Sweco screen, 30" diameter, Model# LS30S86. Unit is a single deck with approximately 6 mesh screen. Stainless steel contacts. Unit driven by a 1/2 HP, 440V, 1200 rpm motor. Mounted on a mild steel frame. Serial# LS30-579-58. Screen has been cleaned, painted and tested.
  34. S740405_A

    Screen, Sweco, 60", Double, S/st, 2.5 HP

    Stock Number: S740405

    Sweco vibratory screen, 60" diameter, model number 1S601010, serial number 1S60-384-20. Unit is a double deck screen with stainless steel contacts. Unit has both oval and round discharges - oval discharges measures 14" X 8", round discharges measure 18" diameter. Driven by 2.5 HP, 1120 RPM, 3/60 Hz Vibro Energy motor. Mounted on mild steel base/frame. Good condition. Can be offered at triple deck.
  35. S738392_A

    Screen, Sweco, 60", Parts, S/st, Distribution Deck, (4)

    Stock Number: S738392

    (4) Distribution deck for 60" Sweco screen, stainless steel construction, can be used with sweco, Kason or Midwestern screens.
  36. S738391_A

    Screen, Sweco, 60", Parts, S/st, Series Feed Frame,

    Stock Number: S738391

    Series feed frame for 60" Sweco screen, stainless steel construction, can be used with sweco, Kason or Midwestern screens.
  37. S740058_A

    Screen, Sweco, 60", S/st, Single Deck, Kason, Mdl K60

    Stock Number: S740058

    Kason 60" diameter screen, stainless steel decks, screens and cover. Model K60-1FT-SS/3A, Serial number M-6423, Job number K75145, Mounted on stainless steel frame, Food Grade, 3A Finish. Previously used at dairy operation. Includes side mounted vibratory mechanism drive. Good condition.
  38. S739968_A

    Screen, Tyler, Sieve, RX-24, 0.25 HP,

    Stock Number: S739968

    Tyler RX-24 portable sieve shaker, 0.25 hp single phase, 1725 rpm, 115 volt. Unit base dimensions 13-3/4" wide x 11" deep x 8" tall, top measures 9-1/2" wide x 11" deep x 20" tall.
  39. S739974_A

    Screen, Tyler, Sieve, RX-24, 0.25 HP,

    Stock Number: S739974

    Tyler RX-24 portable sieve shaker, 0.25 hp single phase, 1725 rpm, 115 volt. Unit base dimensions 13-3/4" wide x 11" deep x 8" tall, top measures 9-1/2" wide x 11" deep x 20" tall.
  40. S734096

    Screen, Tyler, Sifter, Lab, 8", Less Screens, Bare Unit Only

    Stock Number: S734096

    Tyler screen, lab sifter, 8", less screens. Bare unit only. model RX-24, 110 volt, has timer.
  41. Screen, Vibratory, 24" x 54", S/st, Conveyor Unit

    Screen, Vibratory, 24" x 54", S/st, Conveyor Unit

    Stock Number: S734744

    Allen conveyor fabricated vibratory conveyor / screener. Unit is model D29933, Serial number 14022 and has aluminum pan that measures 24" x 54" to discharge, 70" overall length. Unit is less screen frame, but is complete with drive and frame. Unit is in fair condition, last used in cereal process.
  42. Screen, Vibratory, 30" x 14', S/st, Conveyor Unit

    Screen, Vibratory, 30" x 14', S/st, Conveyor Unit

    Stock Number: S734742

    Custom fabricated vibratory screener/conveyor with stainless steel contact parts. Unit measures 30" wide x 14' long to fines discharge. Top pan is perforated for separation. Unit acts like vibratory conveyor with approx. 3 HP motor drive. Unit is in fair condition, last used in cereal process.
  43. S738962_A

    Screen, Vibratory, 34" x 86", S/st, Dewatering,

    Stock Number: S738962

    Dewatering vibratory screen, stainless steel contacts. Unit measures 34" wide X 86" overall length with slotted dewatering section and 5" high sidewalls. Dewatering section measures 36" x 33" and also includes smaller dewatering section at discharge. Discharge measures 30" wide. Driven by 1 HP motor. View full details and photos.
  44. C739170_A

    Screen, Vibratory, 36" X 6', S/st, Key

    Stock Number: C739170

    Vibratory dewatering screen, stainless steel construction. Unit measures 36" wide X 6' long with a slotted screen. Manufactured by KEY Industries. Complete with KEY ISO-drive. Last used in a food operation. Good condition.
  45. S740388_A

    Screen, Vibratory, Retsch, Sieve, AS 400, 16"

    Stock Number: S740388

    Retsch vibratory sieve, model AS 400 control. Unit includes seven (7) decks measuring 16" diameter X 2-1/2" deep. Mounted on control panel with start/stop switch. Driven by 100-240 V, 60 Hz motor. New in 2008. Previously used in an Research & Development facility.
  46. S740042_A

    Screen, Vibratory, Sieve, Tyler, Rotap, Mdl RX-29,

    Stock Number: S740042

    Rotap vibratory lab sieve, Tyler screen, Model RX-29, accommodates 9.5" diameter screens Manufactured by W.S. Tyler, Type Rotap, Serial number 15703. Includes start/stop controls with adjustable speed and digital readout. Driven by 1/4 HP motor.

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