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  1. S739719_A

    Labeler, C&G, Parts Machine, Front & Back, Glue, Wine Bottle,

    Stock Number: S739719

    C&G rotary wine labelers. Includes 10-head and 6-head rotary labelers, set up for front & back glue labeler, previously used to label wine bottles Manufactured by Cavagnino & Gatti. Includes various spare parts, glue system, control box and more. Offered as lot. Parts machines.
  2. A738913_A

    Labeler, C&G, 6-Head, Front & Back, Cold Glue, Wine Bottle

    Stock Number: A738913

    C&G 6-head front & back cold glue labeler, previously used to label wine bottles, includes conveyor (less belting). Manufactured by Cavagnino & Gatti. Offered with control box.
  3. S734900_A

    Labeler, Gei, Tamp Type, 4" X 4" Label

    Stock Number: S734900

    GEI PPM air cylinder tamp labeler, has air foot switch, counter. Max label width 4" x 4", max label length is 6", stroke length is 6" max mm1".
  4. A739471_A

    Labeler, Glue, PE, Model Futura 810-16T, Full Wrap,

    Stock Number: A739471

    P.E. Model Futura 810-16T-1S-1L automatic rotary hot melt labeler. Capable of applying full wrap labels on cylindrical or rectangular plastic containers. Previously used to wrap 64 oz and 46 oz rectanglar PET bottles. Includes (16) holding bottle-plates on 810mm central carousel. Estimated speed range is 300 - 350 bottles/minute. Bottle size range is 50 - 130 mm. Label size range is 160 - 420 mm in label length and 35 - 200 mm in label height. Complete with Allen Bradley control with Panel View 600 operator interface. Good condition.
  5. S454850_A

    Labeler, Krones, Autocol, Pressure Sensitive, 110 BPM,

    Stock Number: S454850

    Krones Autocol pressure sensitive labeler, 12-head, with electric eyes, date coders, digital controls, last set up for 1 oz. bottles at 110 btls/min. Last labeling nasal spray bottles for a pharmaceutical operation. Includes controls panels, in & out conveyors and other miscellaneous conveyors. Used only (2) two months. Serial number 747050. New in 1992. Unit is in like new condition.
  6. A738914_A

    Labeler, Krones, Universella, Front & Back, Cold Glue, Wine

    Stock Number: A738914

    Krones Universella front & back cold glue labeler, machine type 723 15-6-4, includes 15 bottle plates, previously used to label wine bottles. Offered with infeed and outfeed conveyors, control box and some spare parts. Labeler was in good working condition when removed from service.
  7. C740300_A

    Labeler, Krones, Universella, Front & Back, Glue, Wine Bottles

    Stock Number: C740300

    Krones Universella front & back labeler for wine bottles, includes independent glue applicators for front & back labels. Includes (7) sets of change parts. Currently set up for 4" x 4" front label and 2.5" x 3" back labels. Manufacturer number K723F43. Rated for 460V, 60Hz. Enclosure protection class - NEMA 12. New in 2007 and in very good condition. All modern controls. In use until April 2016.
  8. S734945

    Labeler, Label-Aire, Mdl 2111m, 115 V, Portable

    Stock Number: S734945

    Label-Aire labeler, model 2111m, stainless steel. Unit is 115V, 1-phase, carbon steel frame on stand. Portable. Serial number G-20929404.
  9. C738116_A

    Labeler, Label-Aire, Mdl 2138V, Printer/Applicator

    Stock Number: C738116

    Label-Aire printer applicator labeler. Unit is Model 2138V, capable of up to 5" labels, has (1) 12" wheel and (1) 6" wheel. Unit is 115V, 60hz, single phase. Mounted on 4x4 square tubing, with adjustable height. Serial number 0101539505.
  10. C460390

    Labeler, LSI, Mdl 3091, Semi-auto, Spot/wrap, (2)

    Stock Number: C460390

    (2) Labeling System Inc, Model 3091, semi-automatic for up to 2-3/4" tall label, set up for 7/8" tube, max diameter label reel is 12". For self adhesive spot or wrap labeler with auto compression roller for small bottles.
  11. Labeler, Mettler Toledo, Mdl 706, Inline, Scale, S/st,

    Labeler, Mettler Toledo, Mdl 706, Inline, Scale, S/st,

    Stock Number: S735427

    Mettler Toledo 706 Autolabeler, in-line labeler, stainless steel construction. Automatically indexes, weighs and applies both price and dayglo labels to wrapped packages. Includes Mettler Toledo model 076-0001-000 autolabeler, Serial number 3086207-3-ha, 110 volt, nominal capacity 15lbs/7kg. Includes 8" wide x 16" long belt conveyor in check weigher section. Complete with smart touch control screen, rated for capacity of 50 x 0.01 lbs, also includes thermal label printer, model 0317-2001-000, serial number 3085906-3-ha. Appears to be in very good condition.
  12. Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Avery,

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Avery,

    Stock Number: S738032

    Avery pressure sensitive labeler for 225cc syringes. Unit is model 6101-6, has conveyor measuring 1-1/2" w x 30" l with a Norwood decoder. Unit is adjustable up/down and side/side. Unit is 115V, 60Hz 5 amp, serial number 406482.
  13. S738822_A

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Avery, Mdl 1101-6, (2)

    Stock Number: S738822

    (2) Avery pressure sensitive labeler. Unit is model 1101-6, runs 6" web width, mounted on adjustable height stand. Unit is 115 volt, single phase. Serial numbers 405443 and 405442.
  14. C732621

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Avery, Mdl 371

    Stock Number: C732621

    Labeler, pressure sensitive, Avery Model 371, serial number 307171, 110V. Local system utilizes pressure sensitive labeler and was last running on small diameter bottles. Includes full wrap station with pneumatic actuator. Unit appears to be adjustable up to 4" diameter bottles and up to 4-1/2" tall labels. Good condition.
  15. S738823_A

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Dennison, Mdl 205, 6" Label

    Stock Number: S738823

    Dennison System "900" automatic pressure sensitive labeler. Unit is model 205, runs 6" labels, 115 volt, single phase.
  16. C735134

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label Systems, Mdl LS 100,

    Stock Number: C735134

    Labeler, pressure sensitive, Label Systems Labeling Group, Model# LS 100, previously placing 1" wide x 11" long labels on trays. Accommodates roll of labels for application and 4-point rotary wheel with pad rollers to help apply labels. Complete with conveyor with raised tabs to feed packages to labeling section. Can accommodate packages up to 8" wide x 16" long. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters. Speed controls for conveyor and labeling head. Serial# 512294. Appears to be in good condition.
  17. Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label-Aire 2111, Portable,(18)

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label-Aire 2111, Portable,(18)

    Stock Number: L734409

    (18) Label-Aire pressure sensitive spot labeler, Model 2111, for roll fed labels. Will do label size from 3/4" wide x 3/4" long to 4" wide by 4" long. On stand with casters, reported to be in good condition. .
  18. S738824_A

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label-Aire, Mdl 2111, 5"

    Stock Number: S738824

    Label-Aire pressure sensitive labeler. Unit is model 2111 with label size of 4" to 5" long. This unit is on an adjustable stand with conveyor, measuring 3-1/2" wide x 8' long. Unit rated for 115 volt, powered by compressed air (compressor not included). Serial number 6-9000704.
  19. S740262_A

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label-Aire, Mdl 2111M, (2)

    Stock Number: S740262

    (2) Label-Aire pressure sensitive spot labeler model 2111M for roll fed labels. Unit capable of 3/4" wide x 3/4" long to 4" wide x 4" long. Unit is 115 volt, 1 hp, on stand with casters. Serial numbers 0112689602 and 0112689612.
  20. C732622

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Label-Aire, Port, Conveyor

    Stock Number: C732622

    MPI Label Systems labeling station complete with 4" table top conveyor x 11' l with screw feeder for indexing. Unit includes Label-aire Model 3300, serial number 0179005 hold-down belt and full wrap feature, with Labelair Model 2111-M labeler, serial number 99198804, 115V, single phase. Unitized on adjustable, portable stand. Complete system in good condition.
  21. Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Labelair, Mdl 2111-M

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Labelair, Mdl 2111-M

    Stock Number: C732599

    Labelair pressure sensitive labeler, Model 2111-M, 115 volt mounted on adjustable portable stand, serial number 6-16589112.
  22. S740369_A

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Labelaire, Mdl 2111, 12"

    Stock Number: S740369

    Labelaire pressure sensitive labeler, model 2111. Label size is 12" max with 3" id core. Unit has 3-1/4" wide x 10' long conveyor, 15" x 6" wrap belt, adjustable stand on casters. Unit run by 115 volt, single phase drive. Serial number 6-22328102.
  23. S735113

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, New Jersery, Mdl 33YRSP, Vials

    Stock Number: S735113

    Labeler, pressure sensitive, New Jersey machine, model #334RSP-163. Includes 3-1/4" wide x 10' long conveyor with worm feed. Stainless steel frame and housing, pharmaceutical grade. Previously labeling 1ml to 20ml vials up to 8,000 vials/hour. Includes Allen-Bradley panel view 550 digital control. Serial number 334RSP-163 M95J0175. Very good condition.
  24. S740368_A

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Universal, Mdl L60, 12"

    Stock Number: S740368

    Universal Labeling Systems model L60 pressure sensitive labeler. Unit is 120 volt, has web capacity of 6'5", label roll capacity of 12". Unit has Videojet thermal transfer over printer with touch screen. Unit is portable on casters, serial number L60-E1106LT.
  25. S732626

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Versapply, 3"

    Stock Number: S732626

    Labeler, pressure sensitive, label station, manufactured by Versapply, last doing syringes that measure 3" diameter Unit designed for partial wrap on syringes, complete with Z170PAX label printer and versapply model 9184R-C70 label applicator. Labeler is serial number 981981-1, operates on 115V. Syringe feeder is model 9131W-CF, Serial number 981981-2, 115V. Unit is controlled by versapply controller, complete with digital controls, unitized on portable base, excellent condition.
  26. C450010

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Versapply, Mdl 9100L-40

    Stock Number: C450010

    Labeler, pressure sensitive, Versapply Model 9100L-40, serial number 08129407, complete with a Norwood marking print head.
  27. Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Willett, 2600, Labeljet (2)

    Labeler, Pressure Sensitive, Willett, 2600, Labeljet (2)

    Stock Number: S732272

    (2) Willett Labeljet labeler, model 2600, Series 3, rated at 10" of label p/min. Labels can be applied in any position, top, bottom, side or angle. Unit capable of printing most bar codes and comes with 8 fonts. Can print on paper, foil, vinyl or plastic labels. Pressure sensitive label that transfer label to vacuum grid and delivered to package upon detection with a blast of air. Last doing 4" x 2' labels. Unit complete with sato barcode printer model M-8485. New 1996. Mounted on stand. Serial number 9648-0053 and 9648-0055.
  28. Labeler, Roll, 3" x 6', Can, 1 HP

    Labeler, Roll, 3" x 6', Can, 1 HP

    Stock Number: C731983

    Labeler, roll through type, 3" w x 6' long, complete with (2) wheels driving 1/2" wide belts to convey cans through labeler. Unit is 1 HP, 1725 RPM, 230/460V, 3 phase. Unit last used with wrap-around labels. No nameplate data available.
  29. S739571_A

    Labeler, Roll, Roser, Mdl D, Vial, L to R

    Stock Number: S739571

    Roser model D roll through labeler for vials, 3" or 6" standard label, left to right configuration, powered rewind and dancer unwind 10" or 12" diameter roll, photo electric label and product sensor for clear labels, stepper drive for label dispenser up to 12", PLC control with touch screen 110 VAC.
  30. S739250

    Labeler, Sleeve Applicator, PDC, Mdl 75-EMC, 300 BPM,

    Stock Number: S739250

    PDC shrinkable sleeve applicator / labeler and shrink tunnel. PDC Sleever Model 75-EMC, designed for high speed tamper evident sleeve application onto bottles, previously used on 5.56 oz and 7 oz bottles at a capacity of 300 bottles/min. Includes 3" wide belt conveyor that runs through sleever and tunnel. Sleever height is manually adjustable and includes roll stock feeder, currently set up with 3" wide forming head that feeds to 2" diameter opening when applied to bottles. Includes touch screen controls for both reels and splice clamps. Tunnel includes 20" long vacuum manifold at feed to clean bottles prior to shrink sealing sleeves, fan driven by 2 kW motor. Tunnel also includes top mounted blower at discharge end. Serial numbers MA3204-00013 & 00014. New in 2003. Good condition.
  31. S736036_A

    Labeler, So Cal Pkg Equip, S/st, Conveyor

    Stock Number: S736036

    Southern California Packaging Equipment labeler. Label size is 1" to 3", less motor. No nameplate data available. Rated for 120V with pneumatic air 6" x 8' conveyor on carbon steel frame and top belt holder.
  32. Labeler, Standard Knapp, Mdl D914, Vertical,

    Labeler, Standard Knapp, Mdl D914, Vertical,

    Stock Number: S451461

    Labeler, Standard Knapp, vertical type, model 914-D, range of container size 2" diameter to 7" diameter. Maximum label height above tank is 7", minimum label width is 7-3/4", speed up to 220 container per minute. The label is wrapped around and sealed on itself as the container is carried past the sealing pad on to the discharge conveyor. This machine applies wrap around labels to bottles, round cans or jars. Serial number V495.
  33. S735981

    Labeler, Standard Knapp, Roll Thru, Flat Belt, No Glue Sys,

    Stock Number: S735981

    Roll thru labeler, Standard Knapp, V-belt, short bed, no glue system. Serial number 2104.
  34. C737406_A1

    Labeler, Willet, Mdl 230S, Printer, Portable On Stand, (2))

    Stock Number: C736406

    (2) Willet Model 230S Labeljet wipe on with air assist labeler with printer. Unit portable, mounted on stand. Unit has serial number 0138v008; 00504010, good condition.
  35. C736405

    Labeler, Willet, Mdl 262, Printer, Portable On Stand, (3)

    Stock Number: C736405

    (3) Willet Model 262 Labeljet wipe on with air assist labeler with printer. Unit portable, mounted on stand. Unit has serial number 0142-C005; 0014-C002; 0019-C029 good condition.

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