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  1. Calciner, 10" X 20', Harper, Electric, 3-Zone, 650 Deg C.
    Stock Number: S741074
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Calciner, 10" diameter X 20' long manufactured by Harper Intl., model number NE-10D90-RT-WC-20-F. Tube constructed of HT (High Temperature) Alloy. Unit is a three-zone...

  2. Furnace, Belt, 36" x 10', S/st Conv, Nat. Gas, 1/2 hp
    Stock Number: S740070
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Belt furnace, measuring 36" wide x 10' long with Maxon model 400 oven-pack natural gas burner size 405. Unit includes EASI stainless steel heat-resistance flat mesh co...

  3. Furnace, Box, 24" X 24" X 24", ThermalTek, Box, 1600 Deg F
    Stock Number: C740515
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Furnace, Box / Elevator type, measures 24" x 24" x 24". Made by ThermalTek. Electrically heated kiln with 240 V, 3 Phase. Includes re-circulating fan, 200 CFM variable...

  4. Furnace, Box, 3' X 2' X 2', 18 CF, 2350 Deg F, Envelope
    Stock Number: C740513
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Furnace, Box / Envelope style, 18 CF. Dimensions measure 3' X 2' X 3'. Features overhead layback doors, electric fired. Max temp rating of 2350 degrees F. 230 V, 70 am...

  5. Furnace, Electric Arc, Lectromelt, 2000# Capacity, 750 Kw, New Spares,
    Stock Number: A741421
    Location: East Coast

    Electric arc furnace, manufactured by Lectromelt, 2,000-pound capacity. Unit includes 11,000V, 3 phase transformer (AC to 215 VDC). Furnace rated for 750KW. Also inclu...

  6. Furnace, Firebox, 10MM BTU/hr, Gas/oil, Peabody,
    Stock Number: S408485
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Peabody Gordon/Piatt Furnace, gas/oil burner, model 14-G0-50. 4, combination gas or oil fired, unit rated for 10,000 MBH on natural gas or 71.4 GPH on #2 oil. Unit ...

  7. Furnace, Kiln, Thermolyne, Mdl FA1748, 17-1/2"l x 9-1/2"w
    Stock Number: C735492
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Thermolyne Sybron furnace / kiln. Unit is Model FA1748. Oven measures 17-1/2" long x 9-1/2" wide, is 2.5 HP, single phase, 208V. Serial number 08508604. Unit is rated ...

  8. Furnace, Melting, Thermtronix, Mdl GS-1000, 30" x 36",
    Stock Number: A738961
    Location: California

    Thermtronix gas-fired stationary aluminum melting furnace, model# GS-1000, melting chamber measures 30" diameter X 36" deep, includes hydraulic lift for lid. Furnace i...

  9. Furnace, Multiple Hearth, Ram Engr, 25' X 6 Hearth,
    Stock Number: C405505
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Multiple hearth furnace, 25'9-3/4" diameter x 6 hearth manufactured by Ram Engineering (New Canaan, Ct). 20 HP motor drives (2) pinions through a hydraulic drive. Pi...

  10. Furnace, Tilting, Melting, Lindberg, Gas, Zinc,
    Stock Number: S409494
    Location: Northern California

    Furnace, lindberg tilting type. Approximate inside dimensions 18" diameter x 24" deep tilting type with hand wheel tilt on stand, gas-fired. Previous use zinc. Lindb...

  11. Furnace, Vertical, Kiln, 1MM BTU/hr, 900 lb/hr, Nat Gas
    Stock Number: C409501
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Vertical kiln / furnace, 30" id x 12'h chamber, thermo processor, rated at 1 million BTU/hr, 900 pounds/hr discharge capacity. Unit last run as ceramicbond processor...

11 Item(s)