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  1. Caser, Former, SWF, Mdl TF400V, Tray Former, 60 TPM,
    Stock Number: A741652
    Location: West Coast

    SWF Model TF 400V tray former, rated for up to 60 trays per minute. Standard model can form trays from 1" - 10" flaps... (More Details...)

  2. Former, Block, Tofu, Platen, 15" X 24", S/st, (8)
    Stock Number: S736989
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    (8) Tofu block former, consists platen press, stainless steel frame with 33" x 24" stainless steel table, pneumatic... (More Details...)

  3. Former, Bread, Rounder, Belt, S/st, 4-Channel,
    Stock Number: S741578
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Bread belt rounder with four channels, stainless steel frame, groove UHMW rounder bars, measuring 60" long, for 1.50"... (More Details...)

  4. Former, Pipe, Colborne, S/st, Mdl LH
    Stock Number: C735734
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Colborne stainless steel pipe former. Unit is Model LH, is pneumatically actuarted with approx. 5 HP drive, has con... (More Details...)

  5. Former, Ravioli, Toresani Pavan, Mdl MRT540, (2)
    Stock Number: C740689
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (2) Toresani Pavan automatic ravioli machine, model MRT540. Unit is suitable for operation in continuous industrial l... (More Details...)

  6. Former, Tray, Bliss, SWF, Mdl ID5A
    Stock Number: D740901
    Location: Southeast

    Bliss tray former, manufactured by SWF, model # ID5A. Tray former can run up to speeds of 12-35 boxes per minute spee... (More Details...)

  7. Former, Tray, SWF, Mdl 1T4, 35 Trays/Min
    Stock Number: D740902
    Location: Southeast

    Former, Tray, Bliss, SWF, Model number 1T4. Capable up to 35 trays per minute (depending on tray size). Tray size ran... (More Details...)

  8. Former, Tray, SWF, Mdl 1T4, 50 Trays/Min
    Stock Number: D740905
    Location: Southeast

    Tray Former, manufactured by SWF, model # 1T4. Trayformer capable of speeds up to 50 trays per minute (depending on c... (More Details...)

  9. Former, Tray, Tiromat, Type 660, S/st, Thermoformer,
    Stock Number: C736677
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Tiromat tray former, thermoforming machine, stainless steel, manufactured by Convenience Food Systems, tiromat, the... (More Details...)

  10. Former, Tray, VC999, Thermoformer, Vacuum Packager,
    Stock Number: A741468
    Location: Canada

    VC999 Rollstock vacuum packager/tray former, Model RS355 Cutoff 310. Unit includes three (3) die sets: 147mm X 287mm ... (More Details...)

10 Item(s)