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Filler, Can, 3", 3/4 HP, Less Hopper

Can filler, 12 valve, 3" valves, complete with 3/4 HP 1725 RPM 115/230V single phase motor thru gearbox reducer. Unit is less hopper.

Filler, Can, Liquid, 18 Valve, Horix, (2),

(2) Horix rotary filler, 18 valve, systems previously filling cans. Set for 211 diameter cans. Stainless steel contacts as well as stainless steel bowl on top.

Filler, Can, Liquid, 211 Dia, 18 Valve, FMC, S/st,

FMC liquid can filler, Econovac, 18 valve, syruper, 211 diameter , stainless steel contact parts, with vacuum pump.

Filler, Can, Liquid, 300 Dia, 18 Valve, FMC, S/st,

Filler, can, liquid, FMC, 18 valve, 300 diameter can, stainless contact parts, BSM valve center, vent discharge to worm infeed, clockWise rotation, can be set on 211 - 404 diameter can. M&S serial number 1275.

Filler, Can, Liquid, 404 Dia, 10 Valve, FMC, S/st, Mdl 80,

Filler, FMC Model 80, 10Valve for liquid filling into cans. Presently set-up for 404 diameter cans. All stainless steel contacts. Serial number 10-1341.

Filler, Can, Liquid, 404 Dia, 24 Valve, FMC, Seamer, Star,

FMC liquid can filler, 24 valve, 404 diameter, seamer drive, star infeed.

Filler, Can, Liquid, Rustco, 18 Valve, 401 Dia, S/st,

Filler, can, liquid, Rustco, 18 valve, 401 dia, stainless steel, to include base & support structure.

Filler, Piston, 6-Head, S/st, Pfaudler, Rotary, 2"

Rotary piston filler, 6-head, manufactured by Pfaudler, model P206, stainless steel contacts, rotary filler, (6) 4" diameter X 10" high pistons, 2" diameter Fill head, product pushed through 1/2" diameter opening, currently set up for 24/26 oz. Contai...

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