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  1. S737460_A

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Buchi, R-153, 20 Liter, Glass

    Stock Number: S737460

    Buchi Rotavapor R-153 rotary evaporator designed for 20 liter capacity of evaporation flask. Unit has all glass contact parts and includes heated water bath. System designed for vacuum capability and includes overhead condensers and single glass receiver. Unit has variable controls for rotation speed and temperature controls for water bath. Rotovapor unit is in very good condition but missing some connection parts and main flask connection ring. Designed for 115 volt electrical service not exp.
  2. S732089_A

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Led Italia, DRY-20, Batch, Unused (10)

    Stock Number: S732089

    (10) LED Italia vacuum evaporator/distillation system, model DRY-20. All 316 stainless steel, self contained unit in cabinet. 0.37 gallons (1. 4 liter) distillate per hour. Designed to evaporate and recover dry, residual solids. 2.2 kW power, 60 cycle, can be used for photo chemicals, solvent recovery, waste water clean up etc.
  3. S738625_A

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Led Italia, R150, 2 GPH,

    Stock Number: S738625

    Led italia vacuum evaporators, all stainless steel, model R150 FF2V, rated at approximate 7 liter/hour of distillate. Complete with 3 gallon evaporation chamber, with scraped surface agitator and 3 HP, rated for 230 volt, 60 cycle, 15 amps. Chamber is jacketed and system includes heat pump for heating and cooling. Distillate tank with pump and controls. Package unit measuring 850mm L x 730mm W x 1460mm H. All stainless steel but not sanitary. Code# 1041850, serial number 44389903. Seen very little use. Very good condition.
  4. S734051 Boiling Chamber (2)

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Solvent, Finish Thompson, LS-55JV,

    Stock Number: S734051

    Solvent recovery system, manufactured by Finish Thompson, model LS-55JV, rated for 55 gallons/shift. Includes still and boiling chamber. Operates by filling boiler chamber & heating solvent while chamber is sealed. Solvent is then pumped to heat exchanger to condense product and then pumped to 55 gallon drum. Previously used with Pioneer water cooling condenser (not included). Rated for max oper. Temp of 419 degrees fahrenheit, suitable for class (A,B,C), class II & class III (A&B flammable). Rated for 220V, 50/60Hz, 8 amps, 1-phase. Serial# 02073b93. Very good condition.

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