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Vacuum Evaporator

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Evaporator, Vacuum, Buchi, R-153, 20 Liter, Glass

Buchi Rotavapor R-153 rotary evaporator designed for 20 liter capacity of evaporation flask. Unit has all glass contact parts and includes heated water bath. System designed for vacuum capability and includes overhead condensers and single glass receiver....

Evaporator, Vacuum, Led Italia, DRY-20, Batch, Unused (10)

(10) LED Italia vacuum evaporator/distillation system, model DRY-20. All 316 stainless steel, self contained unit in cabinet. 0.37 gallons (1. 4 liter) distillate per hour. Designed to evaporate and recover dry, residual solids. 2.2 kW power, 60 cycle...

Evaporator, Vacuum, Led Italia, R150, 2 GPH,

Led italia vacuum evaporators, all stainless steel, model R150 FF2V, rated at approximate 7 liter/hour of distillate. Complete with 3 gallon evaporation chamber, with scraped surface agitator and 3 HP, rated for 230 volt, 60 cycle, 15 amps. Chamber is...

Evaporator, Vacuum, Solvent, Finish Thompson, LS-55JV,

Solvent recovery system, manufactured by Finish Thompson, model LS-55JV, rated for 55 gallons/shift. Includes still, boiling chamber & pioneer water cooling condenser. Operates by filling boiler chamber & heating solvent while chamber is sealed. Solve...

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