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  1. A735872

    Evaporator, 2 Effect, L&A, 10,000 lb/hr, S/st,

    Stock Number: A735872

    L&A evaporator, tubular, 2 effect, stainless steel, rated approx 10,000 lbs/hr skid mounted with pumps, essence recovery column, new in 1992, serial number 10442, column approx 4' x 25', 304 stainless steel, 1980. Machine can be ran under vacuum, temp on side tube condensers is 320 deg.
  2. D736135

    Evaporator, 2 Effect, Titanium, 35 GPM, Forced Circulation,

    Stock Number: D736135

    Evaporator, 2 effect, forced circulation evaporator system. designed for 35 GPM feed, concentrate from 28% solids to 50% solids.1st effect includes vessel measuring 8'8" dia. X 25' straight side, constructed of titanium, 5/16" thick, rated for fv/15 psi; 1st effect heat exchanger, rated for 845 SF Stainless steel tubes, single pass, (293) 1" dia. X 10' long tubes, 28" dia. X 132" long C/st shell; 1st effect circulation pump, lawrence elbow pump, 12", 316 Stainless steel contacts. 2nd effect includes vessel measuring 13' dia. X 25' straight side, C/st , rubber-lined, rated for 85 PSI @ 650 Deg. f; 2nd effect heat exchanger, rated for 1,140 SF, single pass, (414) 3/4" dia x 12' long Stainless steel tubes, Stainless steel shell, 22" dia x 168" long; 2nd effect condenser, 850 SF 1" dia. X 16' long titanium tubes, C/st shell; 2nd effect circulation pump, 50 HP, bingham elbow pump, 14", titanium contacts. System also includes 5' x 5-1/2' Stainless steel condensate tank, Marley cooling tower, Cleaver Brooks.
  3. L738333_A

    Evaporator, 2,000 Gallon, Alloy, 6' X 8', Agit, Coil, (4)

    Stock Number: L738333

    (4) Evaporator systems, designed for crystallization of tartaric acid, batch-type, 2,000 gallons per 4-6 hours. Complete with crystallizer body constructed of sanicro 28 alloy, rated for full vac internal, measures 6' diameter X 8' straight side, dished top & bottom, (2) sets of internal coils, center top agitation with paddle agitator, driven by approx. 2 HP motor thru gear box, 6" center bottom outlet, 2" feed inlet with manual valve, 18" top manway & 16" top vent, each have a steam jet vacuum ejector. Gases escape through vent opening to (2) elevated evaporator bodies measuring approx 36" diameter X 6' high each. Second body introduces water through plates to create suction and condense gases. Also includes vacuum pump. Previously, solution entering the crystallizer was 15-18 % tartaric acid. Slurry coming out at end of process was 65-70% tartaric acid. By adjusting the amount of time of evaporation you can use lower or higher initial concentrations and obtain lower or higher final concentrations. Still installed and in very good condition.
  4. S307675_A

    Evaporator, 3 Effect, Buflovak, 20,000 LB/HR, S/st,

    Stock Number: S307675

    Buflovak triple effect rising/falling film evaporator, 20,000 pounds per hour, all wetted parts being sanitary stainless steel, was handling 9500 lbs of 5% solids product feed & coming out with 1055 pounds of 45% solids. Major components include: 7' x 13' main separator body, 33" 1st stage; 23" 2nd & 3rd stage steam chests, preheaters, condensers, re-boilers. Serial number-18475. National Board number 9175. Last used in tea operations facility.
  5. Evaporator, 3 Effect, Buflovak, 750 PPH, S/st, Water,

    Evaporator, 3 Effect, Buflovak, 750 PPH, S/st, Water,

    Stock Number: Z307681

    Buflovak triple effect evaporator, with all stainless steel contacts. Last used evaporating 750 pph water. Previously used on coffee. Evaporator is missing preheater, 1st effect steam chest and separator, 2nd and 3rd effect condensers, 2nd effect cooler. Includes 2nd and 3rd effect steam chest and separators, heater, 3rd effect cooler. Buflovak serial numbers 16705, 16706, 16707/18, 16711, 16713. Some piping and valves included.
  6. C739017 Installed (1)

    Evaporator, 4 Effect, APV, 42,500 lbs/hr, Essence Recovery,

    Stock Number: C739017

    APV 4-effect plate type evaporator, rated for 42,500 pounds per hour evaporation rate. System includes 2-effect stripper with essence recovery. System was decommissioned in good mechanical working condition. Has been removed and immediately available for sale. P&IDs and O&M manuals are available for this system.
  7. A739615_A

    Evaporator, 5 Effect, TASTE, 40,000 Lbs, 7-Stage

    Stock Number: A739615

    T.A.S.T.E. (TASTE) Evaporator, Cook Manufacturing Co./Gulf Machinery Co. Self contained systems, 5 effect, 7 stage, rated at 40,000 lbs per hour, 8,000 lb per hour steam requirement, 304 stainless steel construction and contact parts, mild steel support structure and enclosure. Pump and motor details provided on attachment. All equipment is intact and available for review. Previously used in citrus, orange juice application.
  8. L738570_A

    Evaporator, Caustic, Blaw Knox, 125 lb/hr, Drum Flaker,

    Stock Number: L738570

    Blaw Knox anhydrous caustic plant evaporator / drum flaker. Complete system rated at 126 pounds per hour water evaporation, 54 pounds per hour finished caustic flakes. System includes 11.65 sq/ft blaw knox evaporator, type 316 stainless steel. System includes 60 kW chromolox type clo hot oil system rated to 600 deg and blaw know single drum flaker, 6-1/2" dia x 8" long. System is unitized in tower assembly, mfg new 1987, excellent condition.
  9. A739986_A

    Evaporator, Drum, Encon, Model DE-2, S/st,

    Stock Number: A739986

    Used Encon Model DE-2 drum evaporator, rated for 2 GPH, 200 gallons per 5 day week. Complete with 304 stainless steel contacts. Includes added cycle timer option. Very good condition.
  10. S738888_A

    Evaporator, Falling Film, Clean Steam, Finn-Aqua, 1500-H-1

    Stock Number: S738888

    Finn-Aqua 1500-H-1 pure steam generator, clean steam generator, utilizes a falling-film type evaporator, all stainless steel contacts. Includes (1) vertical column measuring 12" diameter X 10' high, includes approximately (75) 1/2" diameter tubes, with 1-1/2" diameter feed water tube, surrounding steam tubes. Offered complete with (2) Steris type FA1500H1 inline heat exchangers, rated for 116 PSI @ 347 deg. F and (1) Finn-Aqua 2" diameter X 3' long heat exchanger. Also includes Grundfos CR4-60, model 8623, 3540 RPM pump, 4.8 cu.mt./hr @ 68 meter head, driven by 2.2 kW motor. Previously used in pharmaceutical facility and in good condition.
  11. S738900_A

    Evaporator, Falling Film, Clean Steam, Mueller, PSG P7140

    Stock Number: S738900

    Mueller PSG P7140 pure steam generator, clean steam generator, all pharmaceutical grade 316L stainless steel contacts. Rated for capacity of 1500 lbs/hr @ 45 PSI with 120 PSI steam supply. Shell & tube sides rated for 150 PSI / Full Vac @ 366 deg. F. Includes double-tube sheet evaporator which vaporizes feed water and has an external evaporator that fully drains. Also includes blow down cooler assembly & steam separator. (Less control panel) Serial number 239454-1.
  12. S737618_A

    Evaporator, Finn-Aqua, 125#/HR, Still WFI, Mdl FA-500-SA

    Stock Number: S737618

    Finn-Aqua multiple effect water still for WFI. Unit rated at 500 ltr/hr of pure distillate water. Type FA-500-SA. Unit manufactured new 1992, complete all 316 stainless steel contact parts, feed pump and controls. Electrical requirement is 460V for system, 120V for controls. System is in excellent condition, last processing in pharmaceutical facility. Serial number 37875/1.
  13. S738887_A

    Evaporator, Multiple Effect, Water Still, Finn Aqua, 1500-H

    Stock Number: S738887

    Steris Finn-Aqua 1500-H-5 multiple effect water still which uses staged evaporation and condensation for water for injection applications, all stainless steel contacts. Includes (5) Santasalo - Sohlberg vertical columns measuring 10" diameter x 10' long with approximately (80) 1/2" diameter tubes, surrounding 1-1/2" diameter center cooling tube, rated for 116 PSI @ 347 deg. F. System also includes (5) 2" diameter X 9' long inline heat exchangers, type FA-1500, rated for 116 PSI and Amsco U-tube design shell and tube heat exchanger. Previously used at pharmaceutical processing facility to create water for injection. Main Control panel available. Good condition.
  14. S738886_A

    Evaporator, Multiple Effect, Water Still, Finn Aqua, 1500-S

    Stock Number: S738886

    Steris Finn-Aqua 1500-S-5 multiple effect water still which uses staged evaporation and condensation for water for injection applications. Includes (5) Vertical columns measuring 10" diameter x 10' long with approximately (80) 1/2" diameter tubes, surrounding 1-1/2" diameter center cooling tube, rated for 125 PSI @ 352 deg. F. System also includes (3) inline heat exchangers, type FA-1500S5, rated for 125 PSI and Amsco U-tube design shell and tube heat exchanger. Previously used at pharmaceutical processing facility to create water for injection. Main Control panel available. Good condition.
  15. D737324_A

    Evaporator, Rotary, Yamato, RE200, Dry Ice Version,

    Stock Number: D737324

    Rotary evaporator, manufactured by Yamato, Model number RE200, set up for 1000 ml, dry ice version. Good condition.
  16. S737460_A

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Buchi, R-153, 20 Liter, Glass

    Stock Number: S737460

    Buchi Rotavapor R-153 rotary evaporator designed for 20 liter capacity of evaporation flask. Unit has all glass contact parts and includes heated water bath. System designed for vacuum capability and includes overhead condensers and single glass receiver. Unit has variable controls for rotation speed and temperature controls for water bath. Rotovapor unit is in very good condition but missing some connection parts and main flask connection ring. Designed for 115 volt electrical service not exp.
  17. S732089_A

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Led Italia, DRY-20, Batch, Unused (10)

    Stock Number: S732089

    (10) LED Italia vacuum evaporator/distillation system, model DRY-20. All 316 stainless steel, self contained unit in cabinet. 0.37 gallons (1. 4 liter) distillate per hour. Designed to evaporate and recover dry, residual solids. 2.2 kW power, 60 cycle, can be used for photo chemicals, solvent recovery, waste water clean up etc.
  18. S738625_A

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Led Italia, R150, 2 GPH,

    Stock Number: S738625

    Led italia vacuum evaporators, all stainless steel, model R150 FF2V, rated at approximate 7 liter/hour of distillate. Complete with 3 gallon evaporation chamber, with scraped surface agitator and 3 HP, rated for 230 volt, 60 cycle, 15 amps. Chamber is jacketed and system includes heat pump for heating and cooling. Distillate tank with pump and controls. Package unit measuring 850mm L x 730mm W x 1460mm H. All stainless steel but not sanitary. Code# 1041850, serial number 44389903. Seen very little use. Very good condition.
  19. S734051 Boiling Chamber (2)

    Evaporator, Vacuum, Solvent, Finish Thompson, LS-55JV,

    Stock Number: S734051

    Solvent recovery system, manufactured by Finish Thompson, model LS-55JV, rated for 55 gallons/shift. Includes still and boiling chamber. Operates by filling boiler chamber & heating solvent while chamber is sealed. Solvent is then pumped to heat exchanger to condense product and then pumped to 55 gallon drum. Previously used with Pioneer water cooling condenser (not included). Rated for max oper. Temp of 419 degrees fahrenheit, suitable for class (A,B,C), class II & class III (A&B flammable). Rated for 220V, 50/60Hz, 8 amps, 1-phase. Serial# 02073b93. Very good condition.
  20. S314983

    Evaporator, Wiped Film, 1 SF, Kontro, KH-1TB, 316 S/st,

    Stock Number: S314983

    Evaporator, wiped film, Kontro, model KH-1TB, 1 sq. ft. (approx), type 316 stainless steel, horizontal design, with 15. 7 sq. ft. Vertical shell & tube condenser with jacket rated at 250 PSI @ 400 deg. F. Serial number 6503T-1. New 1982. Complete with 3 HP 3/60/230/460/1735 RPM motor, stand with instrumentation and controls.
  21. S314982

    Evaporator, Wiped Film, 1.4 SF, S/st, Chemtron/votator,

    Stock Number: S314982

    Evaporator, Chemtron votator 1.4 sq. ft., aseptic, wiped film. Pilot system includes: Chemtron (Rodney Hunt) model 04-020 Turba-Film processor, stainless steel condenser, serial #0259F. 3 votators, model 414- 76L12, 4" inside diameter x 12" long scraped surface heat exchangers, fitted for refrigerant, steam and water; condensate pump. Complete system unitized on stand. New 1983 & designed to process 140 lbs/hr of fruit puree.
  22. S314800_F

    Evaporator, Wiped Film, 200 SF, Buflovak, S/st,

    Stock Number: S314800

    Wiped film evaporator, 200 sq. ft. Blaw Knox Rotovac, vertical design, 40" diameter x 21'6" high 304 stainless steel body with 48" diameter x 18'6" high carbon steel jacket. Jacket is rated for 130 PSI @ 400 deg. F. With full vacuum internal. Less drive motor. (Has 44" diameter V-belt sheave - bottom drive). Last run on tomato paste. Serial number 16463 (1966). NB# 7033.
  23. C732398_A

    Evaporator, Wiped Film, 25 SF, Artisan, S/st, 20 HP,

    Stock Number: C732398

    Wiped film evaporator, Artisan Rototherm, 25 square feet, horizontal, 316 stainless steel body, 304 stainless steel rotor. Complete with 20 HP motor thru V-belt drive, on stand, serial number 85298. Last used in chemical operation.
  24. D739115_A

    Evaporator, Wiped Film, 30 SF, Rodney Hunt, S/st,

    Stock Number: D739115

    Turba Film Evaporator, Manufactured by Rodney Hunt, 30 square feet surface area. Unit is rated for 35 PSI @ 300 Deg. F. Jacketed section measures 60" long. Unit is less drive. Very good condition.

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