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  1. Dryer, Air, 1250 SCFM, Hankison, Mdl HES1250, (2)
    Stock Number: S741457
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (2) SPX Hankison compressed air dryer model HES1250, with rated capacity of 1250 SCFM @ 100 PSI, maximum working pressure of 232 PSG/16 Bar, refrigerant is R404A, 26#....

  2. Dryer, Drum, Double, 32" x 72", Vacuum, S/st, Chrome Rolls
    Stock Number: S740364
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Buflovak double drum dryer for vacuum service, rolls measure 32" diameter X 72" face and are hard chrome plated, Type Vacuum. Previously operated between .6 to .7 GPM ...

  3. Dryer, Drum, Single, 5' X 16', Blaw-Knox, 125 PSI, (4)
    Stock Number: C739184
    Location: Winnemucca, NV

    (4) Blaw-Knox rotary single drum dryer, drum measures 5' diameter X 16' long, Drum is rated for 125 PSI at 450?F. Main drum is cast iron and chrome plated, includes (5...

  4. Dryer, Drum, Single, 5' X 16', Buflovak, 150 PSI, (2)
    Stock Number: C739176
    Location: Winnemucca, NV

    (2) Buflovak rotary single drum dryer, drum measures 5' diameter X 16' long, Drum is rated for 125 PSI at 450°F. Main drum is cast iron and chrome plated, includes (5)...

  5. Dryer, Drum, Single, 60" x 120", Andritz Gouda, Mdl E15/30
    Stock Number: S740052
    Location: Midwest

    Used- Andritz / Gouda Single Drum Dryer, Model E15/30. Chrome plated carbon steel drum 1500mm (60") diameter X 3000mm (120") long. Rated 160 psi at 40 to 369 degrees F...

  6. Dryer, Flash, S/st, Barr-rosin, 4,410lb/hr Feed, Ring-Type
    Stock Number: C273735
    Location: Kentucky

    Barr-Rosin stainless steel "ring-type" flash dryer, 4,410 lbs/hr feed rate @ 8% moisture, 4065 lbs/hr finished product, inlet temperature 650 deg. F, outlet temperatur...

  7. Dryer, Flash, S/st, Bowen, 800 lb/hr Feed @ 67% Water,
    Stock Number: Z273730
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Bowen stainless steel flash dryer, 800 lbs per hour feed at 67% water, system complete with gas burner with stainless steel firebox, stainless steel pin mill with 20...

  8. Dryer, Flash, S/st, Buzzi, 750,000 BTU, Gas,
    Stock Number: C735201
    Location: Newman, CA

    Flash drying system, manufactured by Buzzi in Italy, dried the centrifuge cake from the Toniatti centrifuges. Cake was conveyed to a feed hopper which agitated the c...

  9. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 1 Mtr Dia, S/st, Freund, Steam, Sys, (3)
    Stock Number: S734758
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (3) Freund model SP-100 fluid bed dryer / Spira-Cota coating system complete with 1 meter diameter rotating bed with all stainless steel contact parts. Unit has 10 H...

  10. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 18" X 4', S/st, Bowen, Lab Size, Gas,
    Stock Number: Z273917
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Dryer, fluid bed, Bowen, stainless steel, 18" diameter x 4' bed chamber, lab size, direct gas fired, complete unitized system including 2 HP Buffalo infeed blower, ...

  11. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 23" X 20', S/st, Witte,
    Stock Number: S734324
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Witte fluid bed dryer. Unit has vibrating bed measuring 23" wide x 20' long. Bed is driven by twin 1 HP drives. Unit is stainless steel product contact parts. Less h...

  12. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 28 CF, Sani S/st, Aeromatic, Mdl S8
    Stock Number: S740328
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    750 liter, 316 Stainless Steel Sanitary Aeromatic Fluid Bed Dryer, Model S8 2111, 316 & 304 Stainless Steel Construction, approximately 750 liter container. Heating Ca...

  13. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 28 CF, Sani S/St, Aeromatic, Mdl T7
    Stock Number: S740327
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    750 liter, 28 Cubic Feet, 6360 CFM, Sanitary Aeromatic Model T7, Fluid Bed Dryer. 316 & 304 Stainless steel construction, Air Volume: 6360-CFM, Volume of Filter Sectio...

  14. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 39" x 80', S/st, 4 Stage, System,
    Stock Number: C732863
    Location: Los Mochis, Sinaloa

    Driver Southall Ltd fluid bed dryer, 4 bed system, stainless steel product contact parts. Each bed measures 39" wide (1 meter) x 20' long. System includes (4) 50 HP ai...

  15. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 4'6" X 21', High-Temp, Heyl & Patterson
    Stock Number: C739501
    Location: Glendale, AZ

    Fluid bed dryer, 4'6" wide X 21' long bed, manufactured by Heyl & Patterson. High temperature, refractory lined chamber designed for 700?F last used on mica. Propane b...

  16. Dryer, Fluid Bed, 54" X 28', C/st, Kinergy, Complete System,
    Stock Number: A737882
    Location: East Coast

    Fluid bed dryer, 54" wide x 28' bed length, manufactured by Kinergy Corp. Mild steel construction, last used in minerals application. Model number KDFBD/C54-HD, comp...

  17. Dryer, Fluid Bed, Aeromatic, 24", S/st, Steam
    Stock Number: S731797
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Aeromatic fluid bed dryer, batch type, 24" diameter bed with stainless steel product contact parts. Unit features an enclosed cabinet design with dust collection. Un...

  18. Dryer, Fluid Bed, Batch, 8" Dia, S/st, Steam Heated, Glatt,
    Stock Number: S738279
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Glatt fluid bed dryer, lab size dryer, drying chamber measures 24" diameter x 60" high, drying section insert measures 15" diameter (at top) x 12" deep, with cone b...

  19. Dryer, Fluid Bed, Batch, Freund, 15 Kg., Lab, System,
    Stock Number: C273910
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Fluid bed drying system, 5/15 kg. batches, all stainless steel, manufactured by Freund, Model "Flo-Coater", type FLF/O-15EX, serial number 79-0611 FLK-112, new in 11...

  20. Dryer, Fluid Bed, Fitz, FA-250, 304 S/st, 1/2 HP,
    Stock Number: S732535
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Fitzpatrick fluid bed dryer, batch model FA-250 Fitzaire, all wetted parts being 304 stainless steel, 250# load capacity. Equipped with 2 stainless steel agitated be...

  21. Dryer, Fluid Bed, S/st, Vibratory, 39" x 20'l, (3),
    Stock Number: C732864
    Location: Los Mochis, Sinaloa

    (3) Driver Southall Ltd vibratory fluid bed dryer, 39" wide (1 meter) x 20' long. Unit (1 of 4) complete with 50 HP air feed blower and 75 HP draft blower. Vibratory...

  22. Dryer, Freeze, 20 SF, S/st, Virtis, Benchmark, Lyophilizer
    Stock Number: A741417
    Location: Midwest

    Stainless steel freeze dryer/lyophilizer, approximately 20 square foot capacity. Unit manufactured by Virtis, type Benchmark. Unit is mounted on casters. Driven by 480...

  23. Dryer, Paddle, 100 CF, S/st, Continuous, 125 HP, Jkt,
    Stock Number: L737891
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    (2) Continuous paddle mixer / dryer, apporximately 100 CF capacity, jacketed chamber, measures 4' diameter x 9' long, stainless steel chamber with stainless steel pa...

  24. Dryer, Rotary, 10' X 60', C/st, Indirect Fired, #2 Oil,
    Stock Number: A278696
    Location: Nevada

    Rotary hot air dryer, indirect fired 10' diameter x 60' long (50' hot), #2 fuel oil fired , motor, reducer through gear & pinion drive. Includes skid mounted combust...

  25. Dryer, Rotary, 14" X 14', C/st, 1 HP, Indirect Fired
    Stock Number: A741609
    Location: Wisconsin

    Rotary dryer, 14" outside diameter X 14' long, carbon steel construction, welded angle iron lifters running full length, complete with 1 HP 220/440 V, 1725 RPM through...

  26. Dryer, Rotary, 4' X 32', C/St, Skid Mounted
    Stock Number: C739844
    Location: South Carolina

    Rotary Dryer, 4' diameter X 32' long, carbon steel construction. Includes 2 tire, chain and sprocket drive, end hoods, and dust collector with fan. Unitized on I-Beam ...

  27. Dryer, Rotary, 4' X 48', C/st, Internal Paddles
    Stock Number: C739904
    Location: Sanger, CA

    Rotary dryer, 4' - 5' diametetr X 48' overall length, includes 4' diameter x 24' section, plus 5' diameter X 24' section. Both sections are continuous and include inte...

  28. Dryer, Rotary, 5' x 11'8, S/st, 3 HP,
    Stock Number: S739482
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Rotary dryer, tubular, single pass, tube size 5' diameter x 11'8" long, stainless steel contact parts. Unit is 3 Hp 230/460 volt, 1755 rpm, 3 phase with 25:1 gear redu...

  29. Dryer, Rotary, 5' x 26', C/st, Link-Belt,
    Stock Number: S740499
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    Link-Belt rotary dryer system, carbon steel drum. Drum measures 5' diameter x 26' long, with internal lifters and insulated drum. Compete with main drive, tires and tr...

  30. Dryer, Rotary, 5'2" x 24', S/st, FMC Link-Belt, 10 HP,
    Stock Number: S741066
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    FMC Link-Belt Roto-Shell Dryer, Stainless Steel. Tube approximate 62" diameter x 288" long with spiral flights. Top end inlet feed, end discharge hood. Dryer sits on 5...

  31. Dryer, Rotary, 5'2" x 24', S/st, FMC Link-Belt, 10 HP,
    Stock Number: S741067
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    FMC Link-Belt Roto-Shell Dryer, Stainless Steel. Tube approximate 62" diameter x 288" long with spiral flights. Top end inlet feed, end discharge hood. Dryer sits on 5...

  32. Dryer, Rotary, 90" x 45', 304 S/st, Gas,
    Stock Number: A740007
    Location: Texas

    Rotary Dryer, 90" diameter x 45' long, 304 stainless steel cylinder and lifters. Manufactured by CE Raymond in 1979. Spiral lifters running full length. Chain and spro...

  33. Dryer, Rotary, Roto-Louvre, 5'6" x 29', C/st, 7.5 HP,
    Stock Number: S741062
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    FMC Link-Belt Roto-Louvre Spiral Roaster, Carbon Steel drum. Tube approximate 66" diameter x 348" long with spiral flights. Approximate 10" diameter end inlet feed tub...

  34. Dryer, Spray, 20' X 11', S/st, Bowen, Atomizer Only, (3),
    Stock Number: C291650
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    (3) Spray dryer atomizer, Bowen Model CC4 rated 10,800 RPM, water cooled, 80 HP, 3-phase, 330 AC volt, 120 amps , 80 hertz, 55 deg. C. temp rise. Wheel measures 9" d...

  35. Dryer, Spray, 30', S/st, Fluid Bed, Evaporator, Plant
    Stock Number: C741565
    Location: California

    Niro Spray and Fluid Bed Drying System: Rated 24 MMBTU. Double effect evaporator, last used on animal blood, poultry hydrolysis, egg, liver products, pork plasma. Incl...

  36. Dryer, Spray, 6' X 12', Delaval, 100#/HR, Gas
    Stock Number: S734090
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    DeLaval spray dryer system, stainless steel, rated for approximately 100 pounds per hour evaporation. Dryer chamber measures 6' diameter x 12' straight side with 60 de...

  37. Dryer, Tray, 21" X 45", 3 Trays, S/st, Dehumidifier,
    Stock Number: Z291480
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Tray dryer, dehumidifier, with stainless steel trays, holds up to (6) trays, (3) trays included with dryer. Overall dimensions of trays are 21" x 45" x 1-1/2" deep. ...

  38. Dryer, Tray, 28" X 36", 24 Trays, Stokes,
    Stock Number: S291420
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Tray dryer, Stokes, Model 38-6, steam heated oven. Tray dryer is complete with cart, designed to accommodate 28" x 36" wide trays, 24 trays on 2-1/4" centers. Unit d...

  39. Dryer, Tray, 32" x 38" x 66", S/st, National, Gas-fired,
    Stock Number: S739091
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    National Drying Machinery tray dryer, Stainless Steel contacts, Type J5, volume is rated for 46 cu. ft., max temperature of 450 deg. F. Chamber measures 32" x 38" x 66...

  40. Dryer, Tray, Dehydrator, 18-Cart, Kale, 250 Lbs/hr,
    Stock Number: A741434
    Location: West Coast

    18-cart tray dehydrator, manufactured by McKenzie, mild steel with food grade coating. Unit includes eighteen (18) stacks of trays and carts with all necessary exhaust...

  41. Dryer, Tray, Freeze, Virtis, Lyophilizer, Stoppering,
    Stock Number: D737317
    Location: Northern California

    Freeze dryer/lyophilizer, manufactured by Virtis, "freezemobile 12", complete with (3) 10" wide x 20" deep Stainless steel trays, with stoppering. Also includes cen...

  42. Dryer, Tray, Proctor Schwartz, S/st, 30" X 44" X 40"
    Stock Number: C736563
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Proctor Schwartz tray dryer/oven, stainless steel contacts, 30" wide x 44" high x 40" deep, includes (1) rail for cart at 14-1/2" high from bottom of top section. Bo...

  43. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 105 SF, 7 Trays, C/st, Hull
    Stock Number: C737424
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Hull Model 10E vacuum tray dryer complete with 7 stainless jacketed shelves. Inside dimensions are 45" long x 50" wide by 5' 6" tall with total of 105 sq.ft. shelf a...

  44. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 108 SF, 9 Trays, C/st, Hull,
    Stock Number: S291454
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Vacuum tray dryer, Hull, complete with 9 shelves measuring 3' x 4' for a total surface area of 108 sq. ft. Shelves and interior carbon steel with an epoxy coating, r...

  45. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 160 SF, S/st, 60" x 60", APS, 14.9 PSI,
    Stock Number: S740442
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    American Process Systems stainless steel vacuum tray dryer, unit is 3A dairy grade 304 stainless steel construction. Includes (10) steam heated shelves with approximat...

  46. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 30 SF, 5 Trays, Coated, Stokes
    Stock Number: S735018
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Tray dryer, 30" x 36" x 36" chamber, manufactured by Stokes, includes (5) trays measuring 24" wide x 36" deep set 5" apart, set up for direct 1-1/2" diameter steam ...

  47. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 333 SF, 20 Trays, C/st, Hk Porter,
    Stock Number: S291410
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Vacuum tray dryer, H.K. Porter company, Devine, with (20) carbon steel trays measuring 40" x 60", 2-1/2" spacing between trays. Overall dimensions are 5' wide x 6' d...

  48. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, 450 SF, 15 Trays, C/st, JP Devine,
    Stock Number: C737423
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    J. P. Devine vacuum tray dryer complete with 15 stainless jacketed shelves. Inside dimensions are 7.5' long x 51" wide by 6' tall with total of 450 sq.ft. shelf area...

  49. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, Chamber Only, Less Shelves, C/st,
    Stock Number: C737425
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Hull Model 10E vacuum tray dryer less shelves, chamber only. Inside dimensions are 45" long x 50" wide by 5' 6" tall designed for a total of 105 sq.ft. shelf area. V...

  50. Dryer, Tray, Vacuum, Freeze, Stokes, 230 SF, S/st, (2)
    Stock Number: S739939
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    (2) Stokes vacuum tray freeze dryers, Model# 902-216-220, approximately 220 SF surface area. Includes (13) 54" wide X 48" deep stainless steel tiers, rated for 15 PSI ...

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