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  1. Destemmer, 32" x 80", S/st & C/st, 1 HP, Hopper
    Stock Number: S741115
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Stainless steel /carbon steel destemmer crusher, includes 32" diameter X 80" long destemming drum with 1/4" diameter openings. Features 6" diameter center shaft with (...

  2. Destemmer, Armbruster, S/st, Type AWS 15-25,
    Stock Number: A738935
    Location: California

    Armbruster Type AWS 15-25 Destemmer, complete with stainless steel feed conveyor, rotating drum with perforations, internal paddles within drum, associated drives, etc...

  3. Destemmer, Bucher, Mdl E-50, S/st, 36" x 62",
    Stock Number: C738405
    Location: Northwest

    Bucher Delta Model# E-50 destemmer, stainless steel contact parts, stainless steel cover. Destemmer drum measures 36" diameter X 62" long with 1" diameter holes, inclu...

  4. Destemmer, Demoisy, S/st, 16" x 14", Grape Crusher
    Stock Number: S739988
    Location: San Dimas, CA

    Demoisy grape crusher destemmer, stainless steel. Unit incl small hopper leading to 16" x 14" crushing section with manually adjustable spacing of rubber cones. Cones ...

  5. Destemmer, Demoisy, S/st, Type EP7, With Hopper,
    Stock Number: C738070
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Destemmer, manufactured by Demoisy, Model# EP 7, stainless steel contacts, crushing section measures 16" diameter x 48" long, stainless steel paddles on common shaft...

  6. Destemmer, Diemme, Mdl H-1325, S/st, Auger Discharge,
    Stock Number: C738406
    Location: Northwest

    Stainless steel destemmer, includes 32" diameter X 80" long destemming drum with 1" diameter openings, Features 4" diameter center shaft with 3" paddles at feed sectio...

6 Item(s)