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  1. Cleaner, Air, Fumex

    Stock Number: S734897

    Fumex air cleaner
  2. Cleaner, Air, Fumex

    Cleaner, Bottle, Pneumatic, Manual,

    Stock Number: C733795

    Bottle cleaner, air cleaner, ring blower, includes PVC piping with drilled holes for air outlets. Rated for 50/60 cycle, 3.3/5. 0kW, 4.4/5. 7 m3/mm, 200/220V.
  3. Cleaner, Bottle, Pneumatic, Manual,

    Cleaner, Tank, Purge System, 3 Compartment, S/st, Portable,

    Stock Number: S210295

    Tank cleaner, rapid exchange purging system, Bebco industries, model 102, type Z. System has (3) 25 gallon compartments to hold separate cleaning chemicals, (3) 1/2" Wilden model M1 diaphragm pumps, with 1" connections in and out. Mixing controls programmers, all mounted portable on castered frame.

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