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  1. Calciner, 10" X 7', Gas, S/st, 1800 Deg F,
    Stock Number: S302170
    Location: Northern California

    Calciner, 10" diameter x 7' long (furnace section), gas-fired with 18" long feed section, 18" long discharge section for an overall tube length of 10'. (8) indirect ...

  2. Calciner, 10" X 20', Harper, Electric, 3-Zone, 650 Deg C.
    Stock Number: S741074
    Location: Brisbane, CA

    Calciner, 10" diameter X 20' long manufactured by Harper Intl., model number NE-10D90-RT-WC-20-F. Tube constructed of HT (High Temperature) Alloy. Unit is a three-zone...

  3. Calciner, 6" X 5', Custom, S/st, Gas-fired,
    Stock Number: S733023
    Location: Chowchilla, CA

    High temperature rotary calciner, indirect fired, tube measures approximately 6" diameter x 5' long tube on stainless stand. It is gas fired through a fire box around...

3 Item(s)