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Used Tanks For Sale

  • Wine fermenter
  • Jacketed cone bottom
  • Stainless Steel Processor
  • 30,000 gallon propane

Browse Our Inventory of Used Tanks

We supply all types of used tanks to various processing industries. Some of these processing industries include food, chemical, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, nutritional supplement, beverage, dairy, fruit & vegetable, wine, paper & pulp, plastics, rubber, mining & minerals, sand & gravel, adhesive & polymer, paint & pigment, fertilizer, cosmetics and many other processing industries. We can offer all types of used tanks for various applications, including processor tanks to be used in sanitary applications. We have a large inventory of stainless steel, jacketed, agitated, full vacuum and internal pressure with different configurations, such as vertical or horizontal with flat, sloped, dished and cone bottoms. We deal is all sizes of used tanks, from 1 liter to hundreds of thousands of gallons.

We are very interested in learning about your equipment needs or the availability of your surplus machinery. If you would like to discuss the equipment, contact us and ask to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives.



Walker Feldmeier
Mueller Creamery Package
Groen Cherry Burrell
Artisan Chemap
Brighton DCI
Pfaudler Perma-San
Glascote Leader Ironworks
Valley Foundry C.E. Howard
A.O. Smith Cryoquip
Trinity Nooter
Denver Marubishi Company Ltd.
Chemstor JV Northwest
Perry Lee Industries
Santa Rosa Stainless Stainless Steel Fabrication
Tri-Clover Royal Welding
Roben DeDietrich
Chicago Bridge & Iron Allegheny Bradford
South West Welding  




Stainless Holding
Rubber Lined Fermenter
Glass Lined Glycor
Alloy Nickel
Carbon Steel Dimple Jacket
Mild Steel Coiled
Storage Lead
Processor Reactor
Mix Vertical
Leach Vacuum
High Pressure Open Top
Jacketed Pressure Vessels
Cold Wall Vacuum Receiver
Polypropylene Cryogenic
Fiber Glass Portable
Instableated CIP
Ammonia Semi-Code





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Phone: (415) 467-3400 Fax (415) 467-2639
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