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Used Refrigeration Equipment For Sale

  • Used Northfield
    Spiral Freezer
  • Used 900 ton
    Trane chiller
  • Used BAC cooling tower
  • Used FES refrigeration

Browse Our Inventory of Used Refrigeration Equipment

We deal all types of used refrigeration equipment for various processing facilities. Some of these processing industries include food, beverage, wine, dairy, mining & minerals, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical, lotion, cosmetics, paint & coating, adhesive & polymer, rubber, plastics, oil, fertilizer and most other processing industries. We buy & sell chillers, refrigeration compressors, cooling towers, stainless steel cooling towers, condensers, ice makers, walk-in coolers and most freezer types, including walk-in, freeze tunnels, IQF, belt type, spiral, blast, ice cream and most other types. We deal in equipment that uses most types of refrigerant, including ammonia, CO2, nitrogen, Freon, etc. We buy & sell used refrigeration equipment ranging from lab scale to major production facilities.

We are very interested in learning about your equipment needs or the availability of your surplus machinery. If you would like to discuss the equipment, contact us and ask to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives.



York Cardox
Vilter Amerio
Continental Frigo Scandia
Industrial Chilling Equipment Airco
Carrier Emery Thomson
Edwards Liquid Carbonic
Trane Crepaco
Dunham & Bush Sandvik
Muller Northfield
Copeland Praxair
Marley McQuay
Baltimore Air Coil Aerofreeze
BAC Unitherm
GEA Power  


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