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  1. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 50 SF, C/st, Sparkler

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 50 SF, C/st, Sparkler

    Stock Number: S737090

    Sparker pressure leaf filter, 50 sq. ft. capacity. Unit is stainless steel, has (12) leaves @ 30" diameter.
  2. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 100 SF, C/st, Industrial, VTHL,

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 100 SF, C/st, Industrial, VTHL,

    Stock Number: C384575

    Industrial pressure leaf filter, 100 sq.ft., carbon steel, no name plate, similiar to Sparkler Model 33-D-17.
  3. Filter, P&F, 24" X 24", CI, 17 Plates, SHRiver,

    Filter, P&F, 24" X 24", CI, 17 Plates, SHRiver,

    Stock Number: Z375795

    Filter, plate & frame, 24" x 24", Shriver, carbon steel, 17 plates 18 frames, 4-eye delivery, manual closing,.
  4. C737787_A

    Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 6" x 36", Cuno, Mdl 5DC3, 150 PSI

    Stock Number: C737787

    Cartridge filter, manufactured by Cuno, Model# 5DC3, measures 6" diameter x 36" high, stainless steel, rated for 150 PSI @ 250 deg. F. Cat #44254- 03.
  5. A738934_A

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 1 sq. mt., Velo, DE filter,

    Stock Number: A738934

    Velo DE filter, approximately 1 sq. mt. surface area, includes vertical tank with (16) horizontal leaves, stainless steel construction. Good condition.
  6. S738246_A

    Filter, P&F, Frame Only, S/st, Schenk, Portable, (2)

    Stock Number: S738246

    (2) Schenk plate & frame filter, stainless steel. Unit is frame only, less plates & frames. Portable.
  7. Filter, P&F, 18" X 18", CI, Skeleton, Sperry,

    Filter, P&F, 18" X 18", CI, Skeleton, Sperry,

    Stock Number: Z376587

    Filter, plate & frame, 18" x 18", c/s, Sperry, frame only, 4-eye closed delivery, manual close, serial number 64314 type 47.
  8. C739286_A

    Filter, Cartdridge, 30" X 30", 6", (3)

    Stock Number: C739286

    (3) Cartridge Filter, 30" diameter X 30" straight side. Unit has a 6" diameter outlet and a removable clamped lid. Manufactured by Rain for Rent.
  9. C739113_A

    Filter, P&F, 16" x 16", S/st, HK, Wine Filter,

    Stock Number: C739113

    HK pad filter, complete with (29) 16" x 16" stainless steel, perforated plates, 2-eye closed delivery, with divider block. Includes pressure gauge at feed end. Previously used at wine processing facility.
  10. S735460

    Dust Collector, Baghouse, 3 HP, Torit, 15" Dust Filter

    Stock Number: S735460

    Dust collector, Torit, 15" dust filter, 6' x 2' x 29" overall dimensions, 6" diameter discharge, carbon steel contact parts. Unit has 3 HP, 230/460V, 3450 RPM motor, needs on/off switch.
  11. S735030

    Pump, Vacuum, 1 HP, Gast, Mdl. R4, 92 CFM,

    Stock Number: S735030

    Standard regenair blower, vacuum pump, manufactured by Gast, Model number R4310A-2, rated for 92 CFM @ 52 PSI, driven by 1 HP, 208-230/460V, 60Hz motor. Includes air filter and some piping. Appears to be unused and in like new condition.
  12. S674405

    Dust Collector, Baghouse, 1.5 HP, Torit, 15" Filter, S/st,

    Stock Number: S674405

    Dust collector, Torit, 15" dust filter, 6' x 2' x 29" overall dimensions, 6" diameter discharge, stainless steel contact parts. Unit has 1.5 HP, 208-230/460V, 3450 RPM motor with starter, on/off switch.
  13. S738210_A

    Filter, P&F, 15" x 15", 316 S/st, Horm Filters

    Stock Number: S738210

    Filter, plate and frame, manufactured by Horm Filters. Unit is 316 stainless steel, portable, 1" inlet, 1/2" outlet. Unit has 26 plates measuring 15" x 15" x 1/2" thick. No nameplate data available.
  14. S739237_A

    Cabinet, Fume Hood, Dexon, Mdl HT54L-830, S/st,

    Stock Number: S739237

    Dexon laminar air flow fume hood, model HT54L-830 with Hepa filter, stainless steel. Working area measures 46" wide x 22" tall x 22" deep, is 115 volt. Serial numbers 16520 and 20967.
  15. Filter, Larox, 775 SF, S/st, PF72,

    Filter, Larox, 775 SF, S/st, PF72,

    Stock Number: D739032

    Larox tower pressure filter, rated for 775 sq. ft. of surface area (72 sq. mt.), model PF72/84 60-48, includes stainless steel contact parts, plates measure 60" x 156". Complete with air drying, hydraulic closure, controls, collector, etc. Very good condition.
  16. S738651_A

    Filter, Conditioner, Water, Softener, Boss, Mdl 900

    Stock Number: S738651

    Water-Boss water softener, model 900, large capacity water treatment appliance, softens up to 90 grains per gallon while reducing up to 10 parts per million (PPM) of ferrous iron, and filter dirt and sediment.
  17. S734627_A

    Filter, Ultra-filtration, Auto Clean, 3 HP

    Stock Number: S734627

    Ultrafiltration filter, Auto Clean. Unit has (3) plastic tanks measuring 9" diameter x 32" straight side. Unit is model 0016 AC, Serial number 050597 316949. Unit offered less pump.
  18. Filter, P&F, 18" X 18", PPL, (7) Plates, Shriver,

    Filter, P&F, 18" X 18", PPL, (7) Plates, Shriver,

    Stock Number: C735822

    Filter press, Eimco/Shriver, 18" wide, includes (7) polypropylene plates with approximately 3/4" recess, hydraulic closure, Model # M470FB, serial # 41731-01-AR, max filtering pressure 100 PSI, max, thrust 17 tons, 4200 PSI max oil pressure, tag # J-9b3212.
  19. Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 4 SF, (3),

    Filter, Cartridge, S/st, 4 SF, (3),

    Stock Number: C371990

    Pall cartridge filter, Model MCY100 LEC rated 150 PSI design pressure. Stainless steel contacts. 2" inlet & outlet flanges. 1976. Serial number 28707,28714 & 28715. 5" diameter x 30" long shell. Estimate 4 sq.ft. filtering area.
  20. S739566_A

    Filter, P&F, 7" x 7", General Electric, C/st, 15 Plates

    Stock Number: S739566

    General Electric plate and frame filter, 7.5 sq/ft surface area. Unit has 15 plates measuring 7" x 7", carbon steel, capacity of 12 gpm. Unit run by 1 HP 1725 rpm drive, pump is rated at 100 psi max. Mounted on portable stands. Serial number M-117009.
  21. A739739 (1)

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 33 SF, S/st, Sparkler, Mdl 33S11

    Stock Number: A739739

    Sparkler Model 33S11 Pressure leaf filter, vertical tank with horizontal leaves. Includes 304 stainless steel tank and leaves. Rated for 100 PSI @ 350 deg. F. Previously used at fruit juice processing facility.
  22. C738243_A

    Filter, P&F, 24" x 24", S/st, 36 Plates, 264 SF,

    Stock Number: C738243

    Plate & frame filter press, stainless steel plates, manufactured by John C Carlson Ltd. Unit is 264 sq.ft. surface area, with 6 cu.ft. cake capacity. Has 36 plates measuring 23" x 24" x 1/2" thick with 40 frames, on 1/2" frame. Excellent condition.
  23. S737316_A

    Filter, P&F, 36" X 36", PPL, Valley, 45 P, 46 F, 640 SF,

    Stock Number: S737316

    Valley polypropylene plate and frame filter press, complete with 45 plates and 46 frames. Unit has 640 sq. ft. surface area and 27 cubic foot cake capacity. Unit is complete with hydraulic pump system for closure, less controls.
  24. Filter, P&F, 30" X 30", PPL, Ontrac, 28 Plates, Recessed,

    Filter, P&F, 30" X 30", PPL, Ontrac, 28 Plates, Recessed,

    Stock Number: S732960

    Plate & frame filter press, rated for approximately 175 sq. ft. of surface area, approximately 7 cu. ft. of cake capacity, complete with (28) 30" x 30" x 2-1/2" thick polypropylene plates, 1/4" recess, manufactured by Ontrac, with 4 eye closed delivery and complete with hydraulic closure.
  25. S736982_A

    Filter, 50 Ltr, Sepragen, S/st, Mdl RSV50L

    Stock Number: S736982

    Sepragen filter, stainless steel, 50 liter capacity. Unit measures 15" diameter x 19" straight side. Model RSV 50L, has 3 @ 3/4" diameter top inlets, 1 @ 1" top inlet and 1" center with valve. 1" diameter bottom discharge valve.
  26. S736817 (1)

    Tank, 75 Gallon, S/st, 28" x 3', FT/FB

    Stock Number: S736817

    Tank, 75 gallon, stainless steel. Unit measures 28" diameter x 3' straight side with (2) 2" top inlets and (2) 1" side inlet. Unit is flat bottom and flat top. No nameplate data avail, last used as a filter.
  27. S736309

    Filter, P&F, 36" X 36", PPL, Durco, (16) Plates, Recessed,

    Stock Number: S736309

    Filter press, manufactured by Durco, model SOE 27587, includes (16) plates, 36" x 36" polypropylene recessed plates, including head & tail plates, 4-eye closed delivery, hydraulic closure. motor is 2 HP, 208-230/460V, 1725 RPM. Tank measures 17" x 15" x 15" high. Overall dimensions: 12'5"Lx 4'8"W x 80"H, 7800#.
  28. D737072

    Dryer, Vacuum, Filter, Nutsche, S/st, Hastelloy, Rosenmund

    Stock Number: D737072

    Rosenmund, Hastelloy C276 6, square meter nutsche filter, rated 50 PSI, full vacuum internal @ 370 Deg. f, jacket rated 150 PSI @ 370 Deg. f, 10' diameter x 5' straight side,. 375" shell thickness,. 135" jacket, rake style agitator, center discharge, bolted top, (4) 3", (6) 1", and (2) 2" top nozzles.
  29. D737068

    Dryer, Vacuum, Filter, Nutsche, 316L S/st, Rosenmund

    Stock Number: D737068

    Dryer, filter, Nutsche, 316l Stainless steel contacts, vacuum, rosenmund bolted dished top, center discharge, asme code stamped full vacuum/50 PSI internal working pressure, 90 PSI jacket working pressure.
  30. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 30 SF, S/st, Comm'l Filters, VTVL,

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 30 SF, S/st, Comm'l Filters, VTVL,

    Stock Number: S385500

    Commercial Filters pressure leaf filter, Fulflo, model SB31-3FK1. 18" diameter x 24" high vertical carbon steel tank rated 150 PSI @ 500 deg. F. With (3) stainless steel baskets measuring 7-1/2" diameter x 12" deep with 1/8" perforations. Serial number 9201-0076-12196.
  31. S733236

    Dust Collector, Bin Vent, 35 SF, Reimelt, Pulse, (2)

    Stock Number: S733236

    (2) Dust collector, 35 sq. ft., bin vent type, includes (9) 5" diameter x 3' long cloth bags mounted in 24" diameter x 48" high stainless steel cylinder with 24" x 44" access door, (3) pulse jet connections. Manufactured by Reimelt, type jet filter 636/P9, rated for 11 bar, 30 deg. C. Belt temp., ID# 089322/852.0470.
  32. Z385907

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 19 SF, 316 S/st, Sparkler, VTVL,

    Stock Number: Z385907

    Sparkler pressure leaf filter, Model VP-17-12, 19 sq.ft., 316 stainless steel, tank only no leaf bundle, 20" diameter x 16" deep, removable leaf bundle, complete with scavenger plate, 75 PSI max operating pressure. No leaves.
  33. C738471_A

    Blower, 7.5 HP, Evaporative Cooler, 15,000 CFM, United Metal

    Stock Number: C738471

    Evaporative cooler, manufactured by United Metal Products, tag# EC-26, Model D251500, rated for 15,000 supply CFM, driven by 7.5 HP, 1770 RPM, 460V, 3/60hz motor, with munters 72 x 60 evaporative cooler with Grundfos KP-250 sump pump. Also includes Farr Aeropleat III pre-filter. Appears to be unused and in very good condition.
  34. C738480_A

    Refrig, Evaporative Cooler, 7.5 HP, 15,000 CFM, United Metal

    Stock Number: C738480

    Evaporative cooler, manufactured by United Metal Products, tag# EC-26, Model# D251500, rated for 15,000 supply CFM, driven by 7.5 HP, 1770 RPM, 460V, 3/60hz motor, with munters 72 x 60 evaporative cooler with Grundfos KP-250 sump pump. also includes farr aeropleat iii pre-filter. Appears to be unused and in very good condition.
  35. S375610

    Filter, P&F, 31.5" X 31.5", PPL, 26 Chamber, Hoesch,

    Stock Number: S375610

    Hoesch recessed plate filter, 31-1/2", with (26) 2" polypropylene recessed plates, center fed, four-eye closed delivery, automatic plate shifting, dual ram automatic hydraulic closing mechanism, and is in good condition. Plates have 3/8" recess approx total cake capacity 8 cu ft.
  36. Filter, Pressure Leaf, 20 SF, C/st, Sparkler, HTVL,

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 20 SF, C/st, Sparkler, HTVL,

    Stock Number: Z385905

    Sparkler pressure leaf filter, Model RSC20, 20 sq.ft., horizontal tank with vertical leaves, 20" diameter X 29" long, with trough bottom & screw conveyor, heresite lined tank with plastic or hard rubber screen, 5 vertical leaves, with T430 stainless steel perforated plates.
  37. Filter, Air, Inline, Camfil, 8" In/out,

    Filter, Air, Inline, Camfil, 8" In/out,

    Stock Number: S738614

    Inline air filter, manufactured by Camfil, model 2EP-AL-26-1000-1, size 610 x 610 x 292. Unit has a nominal airflow of approximately 77,000 cubic feet/hour through 8" inlet/outlet. Includes pre-filler and secondary filler. Complete with Venti Oelde blower, serial # 169078. Blower driven by approximately 5 HP drive.
  38. S736200_A

    Filter, P&F, 10", S/st, Sartorius, Ultrafiltration,

    Stock Number: S736200

    Sartorius plate & frame filter, 10" diameter frames, 1" thick, all stainless steel contacts. Frames include (10) openings to feed products thru plates, set up to accommodate 7" high filters, PO# SY98-SF30-01, serial number 18050. Includes manually operated pneumatic cylinder for plate closure. Good condition.
  39. A738936_A

    Filter, P&F, 24" x 24", PPL, Recessed, Velo, Unused

    Stock Number: A738936

    Velo Lees Filter, includes approximately (30) 24" x 24" polypropylene recessed plates. Velo model number 630 X 630, rated for 13 bar, 60 deg. C. Complete with end mounted piston product pump with receiver tank, hydraulic closure with hydraulic power pack and controls. Unitized on common base with casters. Appears unused and in very good condition.
  40. Z380750

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 300 SF, S/st, Toronto Copper, HTVL,

    Stock Number: Z380750

    Toronto Coppersmiths pressure leaf filter, 300 sq.ft., 316 stainless steel, horizontal tank, vertical leaves, rated at 110 PSI at 200 deg. F., Underwriters code stamp, manufactured in Canada, complete with cam-lock quick opening door, 48" diameter leaf, qty 12, unit complete with 1/2 HP gear head drive for sluicing. Crn # 5667.3. Serial number 3527.
  41. A738397_A

    Filter, Belt, 28" Wide, Tower, S/st, Roediger, Mdl TP 07.4

    Stock Number: A739397

    Roediger tower belt filter press, Model Number TP 07.4, Type 7.4, Size .7, includes approximately 28" wide belt, 4-stage press. Unitized on stainless steel frame. Includes polymer injection and mixing system, associated pumps, all drives, controls, discharge conveyor, etc. Equipment has seen very little use and is in good condition.
  42. S736496

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 18 SF, S/st, Sparkler, VTHL, Jkt,

    Stock Number: S736496

    Pressure leaf filter, approx. 18 sq. ft. surface area, manufactured by Sparkler, model 18-S-11, vertical tank/horizontal leaves, 304 stainless steel contacts, 18" diameter x 18" straight side, carbon steel jacket, jacketed for 14.9 PSI, internally rated for 60 PSI. Bolted top and dished bottom, 1-1/2" center bottom discharge. Mounted on (3) steel pipe legs.
  43. S738462 (1)

    Tank, 650 Gallon, S/st, 57" X 60", FT/CB, (2)

    Stock Number: S738462

    (2) Tank, approx. 650 gallon capacity, stainless steel construction, measures 57" diameter x 60" straight side, flat top, cone bottom leading to 4" diameter center bottom outlet with elbow, mounted of (4) 42-1/2" high mild steel I-beam legs. Previously used as precoat tank for filter at winery.
  44. Z384295 (1)

    Filter, Pressure Leaf, 116 SF, C/st, Industrial, VTHL,

    Stock Number: Z384295

    Industrial carbon steel pressure leaf filter, 116 sq.ft., type 116.914, series 36-1.5-28, 60 PSI at 140 deg. F., with 500 gallon carbon steel mix tank, 3 HP 220Volt feed pump, 3 air actuated product valves, complete control panel, vertical tank, horizontal leaf stack. Serial number 2549f18524, new 1981, nat'l board no. 2549, never used.
  45. Z398727

    Filter, Rotary, Vac, 3' X 6', PPL, Eimco, Belt,

    Stock Number: Z398727

    Eimco rotary vacuum filter, 3' x 6', polypropylene, belt discharge, 3/4 HP vari drive, 230/460V main motor drive to chain and sprocket drive, utitized vacuum receiver - carbon steel, 16" x 5' with 3 HP, 220/440V product effluent pump, skid mounted, 8" wide skid, all electricals and controls, complete with rocker arm agitator.
  46. S733000

    Filter, Rotary, Vac, 3' x 1', Komline Sanderson, FRP, Belt

    Stock Number: S733000

    Komline sanderson rotary vacuum drum filter, 3' x 1', with polypropylene and fiberglass contact parts. Unit includes belt discharge, excellent condition. complete with control panel, mounted on stand, less vacuum system and drive motor. System includes (5) Krebs type cyclones manifolded at infeed. Serial number 10-1-1228.
  47. C735249

    Filter, Rotary, Vac, 8' X 8', S/st, Precoat, Insul,

    Stock Number: C735249

    Rotary vacuum filters, 8' diameter x 8' face, precoat-type, 304 stainless steel drum, includes drive for drum, advancising knife mechanism, rocker agitator arm, vacuum system and stainless steel vacuum receiver tank. Entire filter had foam insulation sprayed on the outside to keep temperature constant inside.
  48. S732071_A

    Autoclave, 72" X 108", Us Autojet, S/st, 100 PSI, Filter tank,

    Stock Number: S732071

    U.S. Autojet pressure leafe filter tank, 316 stainless steel, less leaves, rated at 100 PSI, model 800, temp 150 deg. F, mfg in 1982, .250" shell thickness,. 347" head thickness,. 231" door thickness. Unit measures 6' diameter x 9' straight side, horizontal with roto lock quick opening door, designed for pressure only. National Board 1702, Serial number 11-7073.
  49. C730788

    Filter, P&F, 48" X 48", PPL, 36 Plates, Recessed, (3)

    Stock Number: C730788

    (3) Plate & frame filter press, manufactured by Shriver, 48" x 48" recessed plates, polypropylene construction, approximately (36) plates, 6" diameter center eye feed, hydraulic closure complete with (2) hydraulic pumps, open delivery, approximately 55 cu.ft. Cake capacity each, includes 54" discharge conveyor with repulper. There are (2) morris centrifugal feed pumps (100 HP & 75 HP) for the (4) filters.
  50. S737560_A

    Dust Collector, Cartridge, 540 SF, Torit, C/st

    Stock Number: S737560

    Torit dust collector, cartridge type. Unit includes 9 cartridges 7-1/2" diameter x 16" long for 540 sq. ft. of filter area. Housing measures 28" wide x 28" long x 4' high, has (3) pulse jet valves, cone bottom to 7" bottom discharge. Unit is model TD-265, has 3 HP, 200/230/460v 3600 RPM motor. Dust collector is carbon steel, Serial number 227448.

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