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  1. S739038_A

    Filler, Depositor, Hinds Bock, Mdl 4P-08T, Muffin Depositor,

    Stock Number: S739038

    Hinds Bock Model 4P-08T depositor, includes (4) spot deposit openings with manually adjustable fill ranges. Rated for up to 1,000 dozen muffins per hour, and fill range from 2 oz - 10 oz. Cylinders measure 2" diameter X 6" long and apre pneumatically operated. Complete with pyramid shaped stainless steel hopper, feeding to fill heads. Previously used on muffins at a bakery processing facility. Serial number 1904. Very good condition.
  2. S738857_A

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Autopack, Liquid,

    Stock Number: S738857

    Autopack form, fill & seal machine, manufactured by Nambuk Industrial Corp, set up to fill liquids into pouches, 4" wide web. Includes 10" diameter x 12" high Supvex glass product vessel. Good condition.
  3. Filler, Bottle, Pressure, Single Head, S/st,

    Filler, Bottle, Pressure, Single Head, S/st,

    Stock Number: Z332395

    Pressure bottle filler, single head, stainless steel, up to 5 gallon, type fsin, crandal, bottom fill, with balance scale, pump, 1 HP, 1725 RPM, 230/460V motor, unitized on stand, 5 GPM. Unit manufactured by crandall filling machinery, buffalo, ny.
  4. S738763_A

    Filler, Bottle, 8 head, Rotary, Seitz, Corker, Vacuum,

    Stock Number: S738763

    Seitz Tirax wine bottle filler and corker. Includes 8-head rotary filler with 1/2" diameter fill nozzles, (1) sample port, stainless steel collection tank above fill nozzles, fill hoses and vacuum overflow hoses, stainless steel piping, etc. Filler leads to single head corker with hopper. Corker includes Rietschle Model CLFKB 16 vacuum pump, rated for 150 PSI, to pull vacuum prior to inserting cork into bottles. Set up as left-to-right machine. Includes frame for conveyor (less belting and drive). Seitz serial number 12187. Good condition.
  5. D739396_A

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Rovema, HVS-160, Horiz, Powders,

    Stock Number: D739396

    Rovema Model HVS-160 Duplex Horizontal Bagging Machine. Includes All Fill dual head auger with agitated hoppers, dual 7/8" diameter discharge. Has a pouch size range: width 2-3/8" to 3-5/32", height 3-5/32" to 8-5/8". Maximum film width 23-5/8". Complete with with 10-1/4" long knife, and (2) 9-1/2" wide seal jaws. Includes Norwood hot stamp date coder, new tear notch station. Good condition.
  6. S737782_A

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Onpack, Mld ONP-2030, S/st, (2)

    Stock Number: S737782

    (2) Form, fill and seal machines, manufactured by Orihiro Engineering, OnPack, model(s) ONP-2030AS2, ONF-20303S. Previously used to fill gas into bags for packing of solar panels. Utilizes 3-1/4" wide web (split into 1-1/2" web) and 3/4" wide bag. All stainless steel construction. Includes controls for vertical end heater, central seal, film slitter, knife, pump, and gas valve. Serial numbers 87 and 209. New in 2010. Excellent condition.
  7. C739681_A

    Filler, Syringe, Cozzoli, 10-Fill, Hypak Stoppering,

    Stock Number: C739681

    Cozzoli Syringe Filler with Hypak stoppering Unit. Complete with (10) fill stations. Includes stainless steel contacts parts. Containers handled: B-D Hypak syringes, Speed: 1 tub at 35 seconds, Accuracy: +\- 1/2 of 1% of fill volume 9 x 1cc pistons. Plunger applicator for .5ml, 2ml, 5ml, and 1ml that is already loaded into the Hypak unit, 3 x nozzle holders, 8 x plunger plates, and various nozzles, missing nozzle holders. Serial number F329HA-10-1045.
  8. S731397

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Hayssen, AR-16, Single Tube,

    Stock Number: S731397

    Hayssen form, fill & seal machine, model AR-16, single tube filler, 4" diameter spout, vertical, stainless steel contact parts, last filling polyethylene bags with seeds, complete with 12" wide heat seal jaws. System also comes with "Hayssen poly bagger", 4-lane vibratory feeders with Eriez, model HHS20 vibrating mechanisms, which mounts above form, fill & seal. Complete with digital controls and appears to be in very good condition. 208 volt, hopper is electric.
  9. S738058_A

    Filler, Auger, AMS, A-100, S/st, 2" Auger, 1/2" Nozzle,

    Stock Number: S738058

    Auger filler, manufactured by AMS, Model number A-100, includes stainless steel, agitated hopper, internally coated, 2" diameter Auger, leading to 1/2" diameter fill nozzle, also includes pneumatically operated cutoff wire, mounted under nozzle. Complete with controls and foot pedal actuator. Controls can be set up for manual or automatic. Motor voltage - 220V/3/60Hz, control voltage - 110V/3/60Hz. Job#'s A-100735 & A-100730. New in 1999. Previously used to fill silicone for ear impression material. Very good condition.
  10. S739428_A

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, General Pkg, MAP Flush, Mdl 48WSLC,

    Stock Number: S739428

    General Packaging Equipment Model 48WSLC Vertical Form Fill and Seal Machine. Unit is capable of speeds from 8 to 16 bags per minute. Has a pouch size range of: 1-1/2" to 14" (wide) and 3" to 36" (length). Has a 15" (wide) hot knife seal jaw and a 22" (long) fin seal bar. Is currently set up with a forming horn measuring: 9-1/2" (long) 3-1/2" (wide) with a 3" (diameter) product feed tube. Features a powered auger product hopper and a Moyno pump for sauce/liquid type filling applications. System is controlled with an Allen Bradley SLC 5/05 CPU PLC, and a PanelView touch screen HMI controller. Previously used to fill soups, gravies and salads into 6 to 10 pound bags. 6 amp. 3/60/440V.
  11. S735132

    Filler, Vial, Filamatic, 50 CC, Mdl AB

    Stock Number: S735132

    Filamatic vial filler. Unit is model ab, capacity to fill 50 cc vials.
  12. S739413_A

    Filling Line, Bag, Chantland, Filler, Bag Sealer, Dust Coll,

    Stock Number: S739413

    Bag filling line, previously used to fill powdered chemicals into 25 lb. - 100 lb. bags. Includes Chantland Model 4234 filler, with digital load scales, stainless steel contacts, with 10" x 6" opening to fill bags. Includes mild steel pyramid shaped hopper to feed into filling head. Bags are conveyed on 15' long v-trough conveyor through filler to Bemis band sealer for bags. Also includes 24" x 8' long take away belt conveyor and stainless steel table. Complete with Torit model number 90-219-H dust collector, with envelope style bags, housing measures 36" x 40" x 13' high Includes controls and was in working condition when removed from service.
  13. C739269_A

    Filler, Bag, Weigh, Taylor Products, S/st,

    Stock Number: C739269

    Bag Filling Station, manufactured by Taylor Products, model number TOMP. Unit has a 6" wide fill head with Industrial Magnetics, Inc. Bag Clamp. Includes stainless steel controls.
  14. C732191

    Filler, Piston, 14-Head, Rotary, Elmar, Mdl RPE214ILH,

    Stock Number: C732191

    Elmar 14-head rotary piston filler, Model RPE214ILH, complete with infeed worm and star wheel, counter clockwise rotation. Maximum fill 56 oz. Pistons are 3.75" x 11" can size 401 to 404.
  15. S739249_A

    Pump, Peristaltic, 115V, S/st, SP&S, Mdl PDS505L120

    Stock Number: S739249

    SP&S high torque peristaltic pump, model PDS-505L-120, dual pumps, bench top design, 115 volt, single phase. Unit has fill volume up to 4375 ml/min, temp range of 2-50 deg C, mfg new 10/2005.
  16. S339025

    Filler, Piston, FMC, M&S, 12 Piston, Mdl C-120, S/st, (2)

    Stock Number: S339025

    (2) FMC Model C-120 rotary piston fillers, 12 pocket with all contact parts being sanitary stainless steel. They are equipped with no can no fill mechanism, seamer driven, serial numbers HR2797 and HA2874, condition good.
  17. Filler, Piston, FMC, M&S, 20 Piston, 32 Oz. Can,

    Filler, Piston, FMC, M&S, 20 Piston, 32 Oz. Can,

    Stock Number: C338507

    FMC Model M&S 20 pocket piston filler, with 2-3/4" diameter pistons, 1-1/2" filling valves, drop chute to star infeed, tangential discharge for hook up to seamer. Unit has all stainless steel product contact parts and a no-can / no-fill mechanism.
  18. S738557_A

    Elevator, Belt, 15' High, S/st, 12" Wide, Cleated Belt,

    Stock Number: S738557

    Vertical feed elevator, approx. 15' high discharge height, stainless steel housing, includes 12" wide cleated belt to convey product. Previously used to feed combination scale & form, fill & seal system. Less drive.
  19. C738312_A

    Scale, Platform, 30" X 30", Tank, Mettler Toledo Deckmat

    Stock Number: C738312

    Scale with a 30 gallon plastic tank that measures 18" diameter x 27" straight side. Sloped bottom unit with a center discharge. Scale has a digital control Model IQ plus 355 and also includes controls to fill and drain the tank.
  20. C731970

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Automatic Pkg, Mdl H, Scale,

    Stock Number: C731970

    Form fill and seal units, complete with scale mechanism, 4 lane feeding 2 heads each, manufactured by Automatic Packager (Mira-Pak Inc), Model H, Mirawrap series 10,000. Unit is Model H2 1100, serial number 10613 LH, with 2-3/4" filling heads.
  21. S738398_A

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Circle, Mdl V18H4D II, 4-up, Liquid,

    Stock Number: S739398

    Circle Model V18H4D-II Vertical Form, Fill, and Seal Pouch Machine. Unit is capable of speeds up to 60 cycles per minute. Has an 18" maximum web width and is currently set in a 4 up configuration with 4 x 5.8oz pistons. Has dual film web stands, PLS electro cam and integrated top mounted piston filler. Last used on icings and pastry fillings. 3/60/230V.
  22. C731971

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Bartlet, Mdl MO D, S/st, Auger,

    Stock Number: C731971

    Filler, Bartlet form fill and seal machine, Model MO D, stainless steel contact parts, unit last used on 8.5 gram bags of tea, complete with auger filler mounted above conveyor belt. Unit is 1 HP, 1725 RPM, 3 ph, 230/460V, has 1" filler nozzle.
  23. C737815_A

    Filler, Bottle, 5 Head, Pressure, S/st, 1" Dia. Nozzles

    Stock Number: C737815

    Filler, 5 head, pressure type, 1" diameter nozzles, stainless steel contacts, adjust height, set up to accommodate 4" wide conveyor, can by adjusted up to 9" stainless steel feed hopper, thru manifold to hoses for fill nozzles, less pump.
  24. S739402_A

    Filler, Rotary, 6 Head, Powder, S/st, Yu Hao

    Stock Number: S739402

    Yu Haw powder filling rotary filler with six stations, model P-206R, with vacuum system to fill loose powder and suitable for different bottle neck sizes. Unit is 220 volt single phase with cam table for production, bottle checking sensor, with capacity of 15-30 pcs/min. Serial number 9709-17A.
  25. C738275_A

    Filler, Auger, Mateer-Burt, S/st, Mdl 31-A,

    Stock Number: C738275

    Auger filler, manufactured by Mateer-Burt, Model number 31A 9-69, stainless steel contacts, includes 2 cu.ft. stainless steel hopper with internal agitator, complete with 1-1/2 HP electric motor drive @ 365 RPM. All mounted on adjustable height bench stand. Previously used to fill toner. Good condition.
  26. S738855_A

    Filler, Piston, 4-Head, S/st, Agitated Hopper, (2)

    Stock Number: S738855

    (2) Stainless steel 4-head piston filler, includes (2) split agitated hoppers, previously used to fill powders. Hoppers feed to 3" diameter outlet with funnel shaped attachment, tapering discharge to 1/2" diameter. Pistons are mechanically actuated and include independent drives. Offered with control panels.
  27. Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Triangle, Pulsamatic, Single Spout,

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Triangle, Pulsamatic, Single Spout,

    Stock Number: C336694

    Filler, form, fill & seal, triangle, pulsamatic, single spout, Model number S5C, serial number 14695, complete with (3) scales, Model number A3H2M, serial number 14695. Unit includes discharge conveyor to turntable station. Last running 10-1/2" wide web on nuts and candies.
  28. S734910

    Filler, Piston, 6-Head, S/st, Rationaton, DC Control

    Stock Number: S734910

    Rationator 6-head stainless steel piston filler. Unit is type MULT 4/6, with DC control panel. Manufactured in West Germany. Electricals are 208 volt 3-phase. The six pistons measure 3-3/4" diameter x 11" long for a maximum capacity of 110 cubic inches or about 60 fl oz per cylinder fill. Serial number 1185. And is complete with control panel, no conveyor. Last used on bottles for creams in cosmetics facility.
  29. D739375_A

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, LPMIE, S/st, 1-up, Powder,

    Stock Number: D739375

    Form, fill & seal machine, manufactured by Liaoyang Pharma Machinery, Model KVDF150II, "Powder Packaging Machine." Unit is all stainless steel construction and is 1-up machine with rollers for roll stock, set up for filling powder into pouches. Complete with digital controls and unitized on stainless steel frame with casters. New in 2010. Rated for 220V, 1-phase, 60Hz. Very good condition.
  30. S736393

    Filler, Piston, 2-Head, Filamatic, S/st, Tubes, Rotary

    Stock Number: S736393

    Filamatic twin head piston filler, model DAB-8-2. Filler is all stainless steel contact parts complete with National Instruments valves and fill cylinders for 85 cc capacity, (1. 25" diameter x 4.25" stroke). Unit last run filling tubes in semi-automatic rotary table with 12 stations, set for manual insert and removal of tubes. Unit is in excellent condition, last used filling dental epoxy into tubes.
  31. S735008

    Filler, Auger, All Fill, 2-head, 3-1/2", S/st, Powder

    Stock Number: S735008

    Powder filler, manufactured by All-Fill, dual head auger filler, 3-1/2" diameter discharge, 3-3/8" diameter auger, stainless steel contacts, includes stainless steel hopper. Unitized on common frame with all drives and electricals. Previously used to filler garlic and onion powder. Appears to be in good condition.
  32. C738274_A

    Filler, Auger, Mateer-burt, S/st, Mdl 31-A, Scale,

    Stock Number: C738274

    Auger filler, manufactured by Mateer-Burt, Model number 31A 9-69, stainless steel contacts, includes 2 cu.ft. stainless steel hopper with internal agitator, complete with 1-1/2 HP electric motor drive @ 365 RPM. Also includes Toledo Model 3185 platform scale for accurate filling, controls, all mounted on adjustable height bench stand. Previously used to fill toner. Serial 2702. Good condition.
  33. C738716_A

    Filler, Weigh, Sorter, S/St, A1 Automation, Action Pac, (3)

    Stock Number: C738716

    (3) Weigh filler & sorter, all stainless steel construction, Manufactured by Action Pac Scales & Automation, includes S/st spilt hopper, dropping to (4) 18" diameter A1 Automation sorters, feeding to weigh scale dimpled buckets for filling. Offered with feed elevator with cleated belt conveyor. Previously used to sort and fill celery into packages. Can be used on other small diameter, elongated products. Complete with digital controls. Very good condition.
  34. S738170_A

    Filler, Piston, 6-Head, S/st, Pfaudler, Rotary, 2"

    Stock Number: S738170

    Rotary piston filler, 6-head, manufactured by Pfaudler, model P206, stainless steel contacts, rotary filler, (6) 4" diameter X 10" high pistons, 2" diameter Fill head, product pushed through 1/2" diameter opening, currently set up for 24/26 oz. Containers, includes belt conveyor frame (less belting) and worm feed, guide rails. Complete with Reeves Ultima vari-speed drive. Pfaudler serial number R 571-0701. Good condition.
  35. Filler, Tube, Arenco, Gab, 24 Station, Piston Fill, S/st

    Filler, Tube, Arenco, Gab, 24 Station, Piston Fill, S/st

    Stock Number: S733303

    Arenco model GAB 24 tube filler. Unit designed for manual loading of tubes, automatic filling and sealing for both metal and plastic tubes. Capacity is up to 45 tubes per minute, includes rising tube/ bottom up fill capabilities, 6 station sealing/ crimping stainless piston filling head. Unit is in good condition, some spare parts included. Price is as is, in running condition. Reconditioned price available upon request.
  36. Filler, Tube, Kalix-dupuy, Mdl KX60, S/st, 4oz

    Filler, Tube, Kalix-dupuy, Mdl KX60, S/st, 4oz

    Stock Number: C732623

    Kalix-Dupuy Model KX60 rotary tube filler. Last running on 4oz of cream material @ 42 tubes/min. Unit is 16 station rotary filler complete with piston fill and crimping. Cylinder is 52mm dia, last filling 1-1/2" diameter x 5-1/4" l tubes. All stainless steel product contact parts, complete with heat crimp and coating capabilities, approx. 10 gal stainless steel hopper. Unit manufactured new 1982, very good condition. Serial number 3789. Have manual.
  37. C732677

    Caser, Packer, Hartness, Globalpack 3500, 60 CPM,

    Stock Number: C732677

    Hartness International high speed continuous rotary case packer, Model "Globalpack 3500," 6 station with 24 plastic packing fingers for each station. Rated speeds up to 60 CPM. Unit is capable of handling glass, plastic, round/non-round containers from 10 oz to 2-1/2 gallon, can fill numerous packages - corrugated, tab lock, rsc, or plastic. Electricals - 3/60 Hz 240/460V, 60/30-amp min. Electrical service recommended. With digital touch screen and Allen-Bradley PLC control box, change parts and all interconnecting conveyors. Welded on base with forklift slots. Excellent condition.
  38. S739414_A

    Filling Line, Bag, Filler, Bag Sealer, Controls,

    Stock Number: S739414

    Bag filling line, previously used to fill powdered chemicals into 25 lb. - 100 lb. bags. Includes Chantland model V-12 gravity filler with stainless steel contacts and digital load scales. Includes mild steel pyramid shaped hopper to feed into filling head. Bags are conveyed on v-trough conveyor through filler to Fischbein band sealers for bags. Includes updated controls and was in working condition when removed from service. Previously operated at approximately 100 bags/hr of free flowing powders.
  39. S738718

    Filler, Tote, Meyer, Mdl EDF-48, 24" x 48", S/St, Vibratory,

    Stock Number: S738718

    (2) Bulk Tote fill station, manufactured by Meyer, Model number EDF-48-2448-3HDS. Station includes 24" wide x 48" long stainless steel vibratory feeder with (3) vibratory mechanisms, rated for 115 volt. Offered complete with hydraulically operated lift for Totes to be raised to filling station, driven by 2 HP hydraulic power pack. Also offered with Meyer model VBD-1-4848 densifier with OLI, model MVE4620/8 vibratory mechanism, driven by 3 HP, 900 RPM motor. Stations are unused and in excellent condition.
  40. D737551

    Press, Tablet, 36-Station, Courtoy, R100

    Stock Number: D737551

    Tablet press, 36-station, manufactured by Courtoy, type R100/36, rotary, stainless steel contact parts. Has provision for (36) 24mm diameter x 22.22mm high dies with (36) 19mm diameter x 133.6mm long punches. Maximum 80kn compression force with 5kn precompression force. Will accomodate bb punch with maximum 13mm diameter tablet with 2mm to 12mm or 2mm to 16mm depth of fill. Production speed approximately 14,000 to 264,000 tablets per hour with turret speed 6.33 to 126.7 m/min turret speed. Includes courtoy memo control unit and various spare parts.
  41. S341581

    Filler, Piston, Filamatic, 4 Head, S/st,

    Stock Number: S341581

    Filamatic 4 head inline filler with provisions for up to 4 filling cylinders. With infeed and discharge conveyor, with Filamatic pneumatic vial cleaner. Filler model 120-4 with capacity of 4 x 520cc. Designed to run 220 volt 3-phase 60 cycle. Serial number 005210. Vial cleaner is model a-4 with 12" stroke, designed to run on 115 volt, 1 phase. Serial number 005212. Units are connected by 6" wide x 16' long stainless steel table top conveyor with adjustable side rails. Does not include fill cylinders.
  42. C739209_A

    Filler, Aseptic, Liqui-Box, Star Asept 1307, 100 GPM, (2)

    Stock Number: C739209

    (2) Liqui-Box Star Asept 1307AB Aseptic Filling System, previously filling juices into 55 gallon drums and 250 gallon totes. All stainless steel construction and all surfaces are CIP cleanable. Star Asept is capable of filling 6 gallons - 370 gallons. Rated for up to 100 gallons/minute depending on product, 3 - 14 PSI depending on product viscosity. Complete with stainless steel powered roller conveyors with load cells. Product is pumped from processing line and enters machine through a single filling valve, terminating at sterile chamber. Fill chamber is re-sterilized each time a new bag is inserted with steam sterilization. Capable of running low acid dairy homogeneous, high acid juice, puree, slurry, fruit puree, concentrates, pulps, soup bases, medical bulk fluids. Complete with controls and in very good condition.
  43. C738358_A

    Filler, Piston, 12-Head, Sidel, Monobloc, Zalkin Capper,

    Stock Number: C738358

    Monobloc filling & capping line with CIP system, set up to run numerous product viscosities with a wide range of particulate content. Sanitary construction and in like new condition. Complete system includes sidel, Model Hema EV12, 12-head rotary piston filler with sidel programmable "e-fill" independent servo controlled pistons with pneumatic actuators, includes change parts for 6, 12, 16, 32 & 48 ounce bottles; Zalkin 8-head capper with U750 cap hopper, elevator, sorter and feed chute, set up for 33 and 38 mm caps; jacketed product tank with agitation; CIP system, including 250 gallon tank, pumps, hopper, fan, spray ball and fixed jets; belt conveyor with vari-speed controls; Allen-Bradley touch screen controls; stainless steel nema 4 electrical enclosure; spare sidel rotary piston filler & capper monbloc, parts machine. Excellent condition.
  44. A739550_A

    Filler, Form, Fill & Seal, Tehnomatik, Fres-co, Coffee

    Stock Number: A739550

    Complete Coffee Packaging System for stand-up quad seal bags, form, fill & seal machine, set up for foil roll stock. Includes parts to run 12 oz, 16 oz (13" wide) and 32 oz - 2 lb (16" wide) bags. Includes gas flush system abd rated for up to 50 cycles/min. Ideally suited for coffee, individual quick frozen foods, cookie/nut, candy, specialty foods, pet foods, etc. System includes Quad seal bag assembly, Powered film unwind, End-seal cooling air, Photo eye, Encoder, Double guard door, Servo pull belts, Nitrogen Gas flush, Degassing valve applicator (Fresco), 2 forming tubes, In-feed and take-away conveyor, Loading Bucket Elevator (High Volume), Video Jet Thermo Printer, Pneumatic jaw drive actuation, Omron controls, Integration with a variety of fillers, printers, metal detectors, label applicators and check weigher’s. Features - Minimal maintenance requirements, Small machine footprint, Runs most film structures, EtherNet/IP (open-network) technology installed, Friendly user interface.

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