Mining Equipment Market Projected to Grow 8.6 Percent Annually through 2017

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According to a recent report by, the worldwide mining equipment market is expected to grow by a rate of 8.6 percent per year through the end of 2017. This incredible rate of growth is being spurred by a number of factors. Developing nations like China and India require larger quantities of mined materials than ever in order to keep pace with their incredible growth. In more developed areas, recovery in manufacturing output and construction spending is leading to increased demand for mining machinery as well.

Rising Global Energy Demand Increases Demand for New and Used Mining Equipment

As more nations become developed, demand for energy steadily increases. As a result, demand for coal is on the rise, and there is an ever-increasing need for the appropriate mining equipment. However, this trend is somewhat tempered by the shift away from using coal for electricity in many markets. Still, many nations continue to rely heavily on coal, so the associated mining equipment will continue to be in high demand.

Increased Metals Mining Spurs Demand

The metals mining market is expected to be the most quickly growing segment of the mining industry. This is primarily due to the increased production of aluminum and steel, which are relied on in the construction industry and other fields. There has also been a marked increase in the consumption of fertilizer minerals and construction aggregates, and this increase is also causing additional growth in the new and used mining equipment market.

Mined Materials in High Demand

Demand for mined materials has reached extreme levels in places like China, India and other developing nations. This is largely why the mining equipment market is expected to grow at such a phenomenal rate. It is projected that the market will total more than 135 billion by the end of 2017. Developing markets like Brazil, India and China continually need new or used mining equipment, so the mining equipment market should continue to grow and prosper for a long time to come. Unfortunately many of the world’s top manufactures of mining related equipment have production backlogs of 6-months to 3 years. This means the after-market is the only way to secure the necessary to supply the ongoing demand.

In countries that have large deposits of industrial materials, there will also be increased demand for mining machinery. This phenomenon is already underway in places like Chile, Australia, Peru and Indonesia. However, the strongest sales growth thus far has been in the Asia/Pacific region. Central and South America rank second due to large supplies of copper, iron ore and bauxite. Fortunately, copper prices have largely recovered, and this is also contributing to the increased demand for machinery. With construction spending on the rise as global populations continue to rise, it is widely expected that consumption of fertilizer minerals such as Phosphate Rock will also continue to be in high demand.

*Note the Phosphate Minerals Plant Liquidation Below:
Finally, it’s to be expected that there will continue to be increased demand for mining machinery as the world’s population grows. The population of the world shows no signs of slowing down, so it’s safe to say that demand for high-quality mining equipment will continue to be strong.

Machinery and Equipment is currently liquidating the 5,000 ton/day AGRIUM phosphate minerals processing plant.

Link to the Phosphate Minerals Plant Liquidation:

Phosphate Minerals Plant Liquidation

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Asset Management Strategies in an Economic Recession


While there are a few who still argue that we aren’t in a recession, economists like Paul Krugman aren’t bothering to quibble about it. “We’re in an economy with deteriorating employment and incomes, collapsing home prices, and business retrenchment. Is it also an economy in recession? Who cares?”

What’s in a name, right? What about these names: Corporate Downsizing, Reduction in Force, Restructuring, Reengineered, Right-Sizing—different names that all mean the same thing: cutting costs to remain profitable, typically by laying off workers and shutting down less-profitable operations.

In today’s economy, manufacturing has been particularly hard hit. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment in the manufacturing sector was over 7 percent in March 2013. In January of this year, over 50,000 workers filed for unemployment. And the commerce department reported that orders of durable goods—long-lasting pieces of equipment like airplanes or heavy machinery—fell 13.2% in August. Put more plainly, companies are closing down production facilities and manufacturing plants in an effort to remain competitive. But before you turn out the lights, what do you do with all that machinery and used equipment?

If you can’t repurpose your used equipment, the most common solution is to liquidate it. Fortunately, there are many companies who deal in used equipment and refurbished machinery, companies that will often purchase all your onsite equipment in one transaction. (And if you’re in a position to purchase used equipment, these dealers can offer very competitive prices.)

While liquidating part or all of your used equipment is a straightforward concept, the “how” isn’t always as easy. For smaller enterprises, the US Small Business Administration suggests the following steps:

  1. Talk to your lawyer and accountant. This step should be self-evident. You need to know about any legal ramifications and accounting requirements.
  2. Scrutinize your assets: inventory, assess, and prepare each item for sale. This would include creating detailed descriptions of each item and cleaning or repairing your used equipment. Keep in mind that you can also donate used equipment for a tax write-off. If you must dispose of your item, make sure you adhere to any legal requirements.
  3. Secure your merchandise. This might be seen as overly cautious, but industrial theft does happen. Make sure no one can steal or damage the equipment before you can sell it.
  4. Establish the liquidation value of your assets. For this step, you should hire a professional appraiser. Typically, you can expect roughly 20% less than the retail value of your used equipment. Many companies that deal in used equipment can provide appraisals for your equipment.
  5. Make certain that a sale is worthwhile. Going through with a liquidation is not always the best choice. There might be other things to consider. For instance, once you deduct all the expenses related to the sale of an item, you might find you’re not making any money at all. Talk to your accountant and lawyer to see if there are other options.
  6. Choose the best type of sale for your merchandise. There are various methods of selling your used equipment along with different buyers. You might prefer standard retail sales or find that an auction would suit you better. Similar companies or competitors are the most common choices for buyers, but there are also used machinery dealers who might offer you a better price. If time isn’t an issue, you might consider consignment sales. Internet sales are also a possibility.
  7. Select the best time for your sale. This simply means that you should know your prospective buyer and plan your sale accordingly. Put simply, don’t try to sell a snowblower in July. Similarly, don’t schedule a sale when your target audience can’t attend.
  8. Arrange to hold your sale at the most appropriate location. This step is closely related to step 7. To ensure success, you want your target buyer to be there. Consequently, you want to set up a time and location that are best suited to your potential buyer. You want to make it as easy as possible for your targeted buyer to purchase your used equipment. But don’t forget you can also reach people remotely through a website. Some buyers might be just as willing to bid on items online. Nevertheless, the SBA says it’s usually best to hold your sale on the premises and that most items look better in the context in which they are used.
  9. Hire an expert to conduct your sale. Don’t think that doing it yourself will save money. Hiring an expert will save you much more than trying to do it yourself. Whether you decide to hire an auctioneer, a dealer, or a broker, make sure you hire a professional.
  10. Use a non-recourse bill of sale. In addition to conducting the sales event, your sales professional will also manage the paperwork and legal transfer of ownership. However, it’s up to you to make sure everything is done correctly. Each item should be sold “As is, Where is.” You don’t want to get caught up in suits over implied warranties or something similar.

The fact is, regardless of what we call our present economy, budgets are tightening and companies can’t afford to mismanage their assets. Asset management strategies, including liquidating machinery and equipment that is no longer needed, can be the difference between gainful employment and another reported layoff on the BLS spreadsheet.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics (

“Are We Already in A Recession?” Christopher Matthews, Time, Inc. 2013 (

US Small Business Association (

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How the Largest Inventory of Used Machinery Equipment in the Western United States Can Benefit Your Business

Machinery and Equipment Company Inc. is an undisputed leader in supplying high quality used machinery equipment to manufacturing businesses all over the continental United States. But did you know that we also carry the largest inventory of used equipment in the Western part of the U.S? In this case, size really does matter: here are some of the ways that our extensive selection can benefit your business right here and right now.

Reduce Down Time

When a critical piece of machinery stops working, it often creates a domino effect in your manufacturing process. No company can afford down time, especially not in this difficult economic climate: our large inventory means that you are more likely to find the used machinery equipment you need quickly without having to waste valuable time searching all over for it. Our user-friendly website makes it simple for you to view our inventory 24/7/365; most of our items are also pictured, so when you order you can be absolutely sure you are getting just what you are looking for.

Variety of Products to Choose From

Because we carry such a large inventory, we service many more industries than most of our competitors. Whether you need used mining equipment or machinery for a pharmaceutical company, we’ve got you covered. Our inventory geared toward the following industries:

  • Food/Beverage
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemicals
  • Cement and Lime
  • Fertilizer
  • Biotechnology
  • Waste Processing
  • Environmental
  • Forestry
  • Hi-Tech
  • Agricultural
  • And many more

No one in the West has such an amazing selection of excellent used products over such a broad range of industries.

Substantial Savings

It is our excellent industry reputation, longevity in the business, and impressive network of contacts that allow us to maintain the largest inventory of used machinery equipment in the Western United States. Chances are, if you are looking for it, we have it or can find it for you quickly. Because you are buying used machinery, you will be saving substantial sums of money over purchasing new: and you will be getting tried and true equipment that you know will get the job done.

M&A is committed to providing reliable used machinery at the lowest possible prices to help keep America building and growing: visit us today and see why our impressive inventory is setting the standard for excellence.

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3 Reasons Why Machinery & Equipment Company, Inc Should be Your Used Equipment Dealer

If you are in the food, chemical, mining or pharmaceutical processing industries, you know that finding reliable used equipment to replace your current supply can be difficult at best. It may also not be easy to liquidate your own holdings when necessary; and so you must have a reliable broker on your side to help you with both kinds of transactions and get you the best deals possible. Especially in this kind of economy, you never know who will be in business from one month to the next and whether you will actually get the service and equipment you’ve been promised. Where do you turn?

Here are 3 great reasons why Machinery & Equipment Company should be your used equipment dealer.

1. Longevity

M&E has been in business since 1938: that’s over 70 years of providing quality used equipment and service to loyal customers all over the United States. The company has weathered economic downturns before, and it will make it through this one; so you can be sure that they will be there to help you buy or sell your used equipment when you need it most.

2. Amazing Inventory

When it comes to used processing equipment, M&E has the biggest inventory in the Western United States; no doubt they have exactly what you are looking for. And if for some reason they don’t, you can fill out a request form right on the website, and their professionals will do everything they can and use their extensive network of contacts to locate the used equipment you need.

3. Full-Service Company

  • Machinery & Equipment Company is a full-service equipment brokerage that provides a wide range of services to its customers. Other than sales, use M & L for:
  • Conducting professional, experienced appraisals on your individual machines or entire facility
  • Selling your own used equipment: they will find a buyer for you or buy it from you themselves
  • Consulting: their experts can help you devise a confidential strategy for liquidating your assets or provide you with the expertise you need to start your own manufacturing company the right way

In these difficult times, M&E is a company you can trust. Their professional, experienced equipment brokers will be able to give you the service you deserve at a reasonable price.

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South of the Border: The New Hot Markets for Used Industrial Machinery Sales

According to the U.S Census Bureau, in the earliest years of this decade, food processing equipment as well as machinery used in the chemical and mineral fields accounted for 47% of all industrial machinery made and sold by United States manufacturing companies. Even way back in 2001, industry analysts were predicting that sales would fall flat by the end of the decade, and that statement turned out to be exactly true.

Because of the economic downturn in our country, those who seek to sell new and used machinery have been put in the position of seeking new markets for their goods since demand in the United States is low, if not downright anemic.

Head for the Border

In order to stay afloat by cutting costs, companies began heavily outsourcing its manufacturing endeavors back in the 1990’s, and this trend continues to this day. Exports of machinery, especially used industrial machinery, to foreign countries became a new and profitable source of income. Popular markets for exported used machinery are Canada, Mexico, South America, France, Germany, Asia, the UK, and Australia. Thanks to these foreign markets, sales within the industrial machinery industry increased by 8.5% in 2005 and those figures continue to climb.

Mexico and South America

Our neighbors to the South have been the hottest markets for equipment exports. They have rapidly growing populations and American companies have found it profitable to manufacture there. If you have used equipment you want to sell, or if you need to liquidate your plant altogether, Machinery & Equipment Co. can be your partner in finding a buyer. M&E has been in business for over 70 years and they have become experts in handling sales to foreign markets. Their particular emphasis is on Latin and South American countries, and their highly praised International Division will work with you to sell your machinery in these hot markets for as much as possible.

Despite the economic downturn, it is possible to find willing buyers for your used food service, minerals, and chemicals machinery: let M&E’s International Division make good things happen for you.

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5 Ways Companies Save Money by Buying Used Machinery Equipment

In today’s tough economic times, companies are always looking for ways to achieve that delicate balance: how to keep growing the business while keeping a close eye on cash flow and the bottom line. Companies in a number of different areas rely on good, solid, dependable equipment to do essential jobs and keep the ball rolling. If you work in the fields of construction, mining, pharmaceutical, or in the food industry, you know that one of your major ongoing expenses is the replacement of machinery equipment.

Buying new equipment is always an option, but many smart business owners who are experienced and knowledgeable know that buying used machinery equipment or used construction equipment is really the way to go. Here are 5 ways that you and your company can benefit from and save money by buying used machinery equipment.

1. You Can’t Beat That Price

Depending on the condition of the used equipment you are looking at purchasing, the savings over new usually ranges between 30-70%! This can translate into substantial amounts of money saved not just immediately, but also over time. Most used equipment is priced at about 50% below the cost of new. Not unlike a car, new machinery equipment starts to depreciate the moment it leaves the factory and starts its work. Buying even a gently used piece of used construction equipment can mean substantial savings over buying new.

2. Avoid Costly Loans

The lower cost of used machinery equipment may allow many businesses to avoid having to take out loans from the bank or other lender that are almost always a necessity when buying expensive new equipment. Even if a loan is still necessary, the amount of interest that has to be paid on the loan over time will be considerably less.

3. Save Money By Getting What You Need When You Need It

If you are interested in buying the very latest machinery, manufacturers may not be able to provide you with what you need for at least 6 months. New equipment is not always readily available on demand, and since time is money, this kind of delay is unacceptable for any kind of business. Used machinery equipment is ready when you are: when you visit a quality supplier like Machinery and Equipment, Inc. you can compare different makes and brands and find exactly what you are looking for right away with no delays, no lead times.

4. The Equipment Does What It Says It Does

When purchasing new equipment that isn’t tried and tested in real life situations, you are taking a considerable financial risk. You can never be sure whether or not it will perform as well as advertised or even if it will last as long as proven used equipment. Problems with new equipment can cost a company additional money since the machine will need to be replaced and production time will be lost.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Used machinery equipment has been proven to last as long as new models and even cost less to maintain than new machines. Used machinery liquidators often obtain equipment that has not even been removed from its crate or has only been in use for a year or two. Even if a used machine requires some modifications to be made, it will still cost less in the long run than buying it new.

It All Adds Up To A Smart Buy

Buying used construction equipment and other types of machinery adds up to a smart buy when you deal with Machinery and Equipment, Inc. With over 70 years of experience behind them, their experts are ready to help you save money by finding the perfect used equipment to suit your needs.

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The Cost of Heavy Machinery

The prices of heavy machinery can be incredibly expensive, running anywhere from a few thousand to a few million.  Cranes, excavators, loaders, crushers and various mining equipment can end up costing a huge chunk of money.  If your company can’t afford to take out such a substantial loan, then why not consider buying used machinery equipment instead?  Industrial companies can save a considerable amount of money by investing in used machinery equipment, opposed to new.  Investing in used heavy equipment is a wise idea, but you must make sure that the company you’re purchasing the equipment from is reliable and that it is in good condition and operates efficiently.

Machinery & Equipment Company, Inc, offers the largest inventory of used machinery equipment in the Western United States.  They have thousands of used heavy machinery in great condition set at affordable prices.  Browse through pages of heavy used machinery for a variety of industries to find the piece you’re looking for. Their machinery is easily categorized into 5 distinct industries:

  • construction equipment
  • food and beverage equipment
  • chemical equipment
  • mining equipment
  • pharmaceutical equipment

Once you’ve found the piece of equipment you’ve been looking for, then all you have to do is submit a request to receive a quote.  If you are unable to find a certain piece of equipment, then the experts at Machinery and Equipment will help find it for you.  Simply fill out the general request form and they will get back to you.  They make finding and purchasing used machinery equipment easy and stress-free.  Also, if you have equipment that you need dismantled and sold, then they can do this for you as well plus provide you with an appraisal.  Take the stress away from trying to find used heavy machinery equipment elsewhere.  Machinery and Equipment is the leader in providing the best selection of used heavy machinery equipment at the best prices.  Save time and a lot of money by having M&E help you with your equipment needs.

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Man vs. Machine

Machines are used every single day to aid in human effort. Think about where society would be if it weren’t for the help of machines. Living standards and levels of comfort are completely different now than they were in the past. We have come so far in regards to machinery and technology. Imagine how life used to be before: farming crops by hand and animals pulling plows, making products from scratch one at a time, creating tunnels so that humans could mine for gold etc…

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Used Mills

Used mills are available for all different types of industries, such as food, chemical, environmental, pharmaceutical, mining, milling and mineral processing. Milling is utilizing complex machinery to grind and shape solid materials into a different form. Some types of mills include roll mills, ball mills, SAG mills, hammer mills, pebble mills, rod mills and vibrating mills. One of the most popular used mills is the SAG mill.

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Machinery Equipment

The right machinery equipment is essential in promoting health and safety within various companies. Having the proper equipment not only personally protects employees, but it saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year by utilizing mass production and movement of goods. There are many types of industries that require the use of machinery equipment; mining, milling, agriculture, food, farms, construction, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc…

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